The pup, penguin and the bear,

All sitting on a chair,

Waiting to see their pals,

Who lived with them in the toy store of a mall.


Missing all the cuties and softies,

Who sat with them on the settees,

Back then in the good old days,

Before the trio were picked up by the girl who wanted them to play.


Hope she soon picks up some more cuddlies,

To add to her collection of soft toys and teddies,

Would love to be reunited with our little friends,

Longing to see them, and hold our hands.


In response to Tanya’s poetry challenge # 5



via Daily Prompt: Replacement

This is the age of replacing almost everything possible. We could talk of-

Replacement of all old with new,

Replacement of Leisure with work,

Replacement of chit chatting with texting,

Replacement of Cycling with bikes,

Replacement of walk with treadmill,

Replacement of fresh produce with packaged food,

Replacement of physical activity with gadgets,

Replacement of human memory with hard disk,

Replacement of green jungle with concrete jungles…

Oh..and I could go on and on with the list, else you might all decide to replace my blog with another one !! (On a lighter note !!)

Well, if you could compare the current times with one generation above you,  you’ll well realize the replacements that have taken place.Do you remember the joy of receiving a birthday card? Wouldn’t  you wait for the postman to arrive with your letters and cards on your special occasion? The number of phone calls you needed to answer on your special day from places far and wide. The happiness of opening a gift versus receiving an e voucher in your email..where have they disappeared?

gift-1196288__340     fax-1907154__340

My mom used to be called a computer for her agile memory in remembering birthdays, anniversary dates and many more. Today we have our calendars, to prompt us to send good wishes across. We have automated human efforts.

Though, fortunately, there are a few things which are still left untouched.

Parents Love – dated forever

Mamas Lap – can never be replaced with the best of cushions ,

Time – Fortunately, we have not come out with a mechanism for replacement of time !!








via Daily Prompt: Yellow


When it pours for days together,

It brings dull and gloomy weather,

Sends all chirpy birds helter skelter,

Cold, chill breeze makes you shiver.


A glimmer of hope comes by,

When we see a ray of yellow golden light,

Rising up nice and bright,

Bringing with it joy and delight.


A big golden ball of fire,

Positions itself higher and higher,

Bidding adieu to the rain,

Till it sets and rises again.


Salutations to the mighty sun,

The harbinger of life,

Creator of light, Energizer to stay bright,



The Journey

via Daily Prompt: Filter


Life is a marathon, we keep running.

To achieve goals,

To follow dreams,

Innumerable and untold.


The path, inclined, pitfalls galore,

Ups and downs, bends and curves,

The sprint continues, along any shore.


Feeling depressed, feeling dejected,

In this pursuit, chasing the illusion..

Is this what life is about,

Arises the question.


For each step, towards the goal,

We retract ten back,

Fight back we must,

To continue this journey and reach our goal.


Filter out the depressions and dejections,

That cause you to fall, and fall you must,

But rise, and throw the emotional garbage out of your system,

To provide you the connect to stand tall and face the gust.


A series of rise and fall, is the process,

Pull yourself out of the emotional tussle,

Aim you must, to reach higher and higher,

For sky is the limit, if you can strengthen your emotional muscle.



via Daily Prompt: Simple


Mathematics can be simple for some,

Simple sums can be fun,

Complex numbers, for sure,

Can make you run.


Simplification of equations,

Calculus and derivations,

Permutations and combinations,

Always tested my assimilation.


Algebra, sets and geometry,

Mensuration and trigonometry,

Limits tested my limits,

Would go over my head in minutes.


The number zero, the evergreen hero,

Was only constant in the denominator,

The variable being in the numerator,

Which would well depend on the evaluator.


Always a bugaboo for me,

Mathematics was never simple for me,

While people do have fun with math,

For me it was always an aftermath.



IC : Pixabay



via Daily Prompt: Ten


The first double digit number,

Which has under it’s belt, nine little numbers

Gives you the feel of achieving a milestone,

And often makes you wonder.


The number has a great significance,

Which gives you a decade of experience,

To handle events and occurrences,

With maturity and tolerance.


The abacus to every child,

The ten little fingers are your guide,

Counting from one to ten,

They have always been your friend.


The first ten makes a decade,

Ten decades makes a century,

Ten centuries makes a millennium,

Years of a wonderful compendium.




via Daily Prompt: Devastation

The world today is in utter chaos ,

Terrorism spreading its roots across,

People messing and taking nature for a big ride,

Unfurling devastation world wide.

war-1911177__340          desert-279862__340

Let’s send out a message of love to the world,

Let’s protect the universe from destruction,

Let’s join in prayer to maintain peace on Earth,

So there remains no suffering and devastation.




via Daily Prompt: Oversight


I went on a long drive, thinking, I would find what I was longing for. I went to shops, went to malls, went far and near..

Went to beaches, went to oceans, covered every inch of land, tried aiming high to reach the sky to fly high, tried gazing at the star lit night sky, but soon figured out, what I got out of all this was short lived…my search continued…

Went to places of worships, went to friends, renewed friendships, the moment I got back to work, the overwork, the stress, the frustrations managed to  wash off, all that I had got…..

Oh, all of these were so temporary, getting a bit restless, I just sat disappointed, silent and all by myself..

As I took a few deep breaths, and waves of oxygen dashed in, calm and peaceful I felt. It was then that I realized, Oh !!  I  was looking for what I wanted, all around, in different places, where it was not.

All I needed, was all that I had. It was all within  – the happiness, peace, joy, contentment, all of them.

I thought to myself, oh ! what an oversight. I carried it within me, and looked for it everywhere !!


via Daily Prompt: Exposure



Exposure to the suns rays in the dawn spreads golden light,

Exposure to the moon begins the journey towards night,

Exposure of the baby from the mother’s womb brings delight,

Exposure of the match to the wick, burns the lamp so bright.

Exposure to the morning dew,

Is always so different and new.

Exposure to the vast blue sky,

Gives the birds, freedom to fly.

Exposure gives you limitless chances,

To go through different experiences,

Embrace with love and patience,

Moments of life’s occurrences.