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You are the center

via Daily Prompt: Center


Center is the life meridian. The center point is the culmination from up and down and left and right. At the center of our body is the navel ,which is also known as the energy center, the seat of ones will power.

From the center of the circle comes the radius and the diameter and all important angles. The equator is the line which divides the earth in the center. The most important Sun, is in the center around which revolve the different planets. From the center emerges life force.

You are amidst your family and loved ones. You are the center of your family.It matters to some soul in the world that you exist. So rise up, my dear friends – you are the star and you are unique. So stay connected to yourself and be your own center of attraction !!


via Daily Prompt: Jiggle


We human beings, could be compared to a jelly. We jiggle a bit here, wiggle a bit there and find a cozy spot to snuggle ourselves, into our comfort zone.

We do not want to budge from there, even though we get a nudge to try out new opportunities, in the apprehension and anticipation of being privy to a judge. We latch on to our” good girl/good boy” image, and we look for a hundred reasons to catch on to the wedge of our comfort zone.

We are a unique lot. We would jiggle and wiggle at our current bevel, but would not climb up to notch, the next level.


Image courtesy : Pixabay.com



via Daily Prompt: Arid


Life is a mix of people and people are a mix of emotions. Happy, sad, bubbly, angry, selfish…

There are a few people though, who are emotionless – arid..People who are  in a vacuum of positive emotions – they are drained out. Drained out of love, happiness, cheer and joy. They only harness emotions of negativity like anger, hatred, jealousy and selfishness. They fail to enjoy the small joys of life around them. They are in a cocoon and that’s their life. In a world full of bright light, they know not, what sunshine is 😦




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Daily Picture Prompt 76


Under the vast blue sky, on the road of life,

Treading step by step, completing every lap,

Today, I stand alone.


A few companions came by, who walked along my way,

For a while I was happy and found myself sway,

Today, I stand alone.


I look ahead of me, a barren road,

A long rove, to my final abode,

Today, I stand alone.


In the lonesome journey of life,

Chasing peace and truth of rife,

In the middle of the road of life,

Today, I stand alone.




In response to All About Writing and more daily picture prompt 76



via Daily Prompt: Rhythmic



Rhythmic music and rhythmic dance,

Oh ! what a nice sight to glance.

Rhythmic wind and rhythmic breeze,

Rhythmic sound of swaying leaves.

Rhythmic raindrops and rhythmic thunder,

The rhythm it follows, make me wonder.

Rhythmic cymbals, rhythmic gong,

In tandem sing a melodious song.

Rhythmic pulse and a rhythmic heart beat,

The pulsating beats, are sure a life treat.

Rhythmic sound of words and rhythmic chirping of birds,

Melodious sounds can be forever heard.

Feelings of a desolate woman

via Daily Prompt: Blur


Somewhere deep within

Carrying deep hurt..

Not visible to the naked eye,

A feeling of sadness and hurt,

Deep emotions surging high..

Eyes, blur and filled with tears,

Forcing out a flurry of fears…

Holding hands, thinking it was love,

Was a mistake, which you could never appreciate.

Suffocation resides within,

Cannot share where the thoughts have been…

No true companion, waiting for things to happen,

Slowly turning hollow, with no dreams to follow,

With lost love, and days to shove…

The love of the children, keeps the anchor strong,

If not for their love, life would have been long bygone.


Pic courtesy : Pixabay.com