Dance of Death

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Do join me on this journey where I can enjoy the pleasure of your company while I can soak it all in. presents: Dance of Death, poetry written by Deepika, who is best described, as a simple, fun loving, caring person …

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Stop, and find your way to Freedom


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Stop galloping, and you will breathe,

Stop going haywire and you will arrive at your destination,

Stop looking out, for you shall encounter ‘peace’ within,

Give a pause to talking, you will listen to the melody of life,

Stop crying and whining, to smile and enjoy the Creator’s Creation,

Stop yelling and you will connect with silence,

Stop holding on, and you will find freedom !!


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Selfish, Are you??

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The most selfish creature on earth,
The perpetrator, who extracts every pennies worth,
Love is scarce, there is evidence of dearth,
How could I benefit, what’s in it for me, a blooming mirth.

Stress, tension, worries galore,
Human kind, who longs for more,
Never satisfied, seeking some more,
A little more, a little more, until, one is no more.

Mirror, mirror on the wall,

Who is the most selfish of all, Without doubt, it is mankind,

To the needs of others, who is blind !!


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Birthday Blues ??

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No more colour clothes,
For birthdays in school,
For we have graduated from primary to middle school,
No more pretty dresses and open tresses,
Only chocolates in the box.
In between the book stocks.
The thrill of feeling special,
And receiving umpteen wishes,
Are a thing of the past,
Having grown up to be a big girl,
Have to study a lot..
Gone are the days of enjoyment,
Having fun ?? I guess it’s lost,
For growing up comes with a bag full of responsibilities on all fronts,
For the little freebies and fun,we need to go on a little hunt 😊😊

As my little girl celebrates her birthday today, she had a mixed bag of emotions this morning. She was happy it was her birthday, but sad as her school has a no colour dress policy, for birthdays from middle school… Just penned down a few thoughts based on my interaction with my her.


Copyright : DeepikasRamblings

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