‘YUM’or M

Today morning, I called up the report section of a hospital, to follow up on a health report and wanted them to email it to me. This is how the conversation went:

Customer Health Executive (C.H.E) : Thank you for calling xxxxxxx hospitals, how can I help you today?

Me : I had the test done on xxxx date. I wanted to check if the reports are ready?

C.H.E : Kindly be on line ma’am, while I check on the same.

Me : Sure, thanks.

C.H.E : Thank you for being on line Ma’am. Yes your reports are ready.

Me : Can you please email the reports to me ?

C.H.E : Sure ma’am. Can I have your email id please?

Me : It’s deepikaM xxxxxxx @XXXXX.com

C.H.E : Yes ma’am, I’ll email it.

Me : Could you please repeat the email id?

C.H.E : deepika N (N as in Nagaland) xxxxx @ XXXXX.com

Me : No,No, it’s deepika M, M as in Madras..

C.H.E : N as in Nagaland…?

Me : No, not Nagaland, It’s M as in Madras/ Mangalore

C.H.E : Oh, okay it is deepika ‘M’ (pronouncing it as ‘YUM’), Must be contemplating, hmmm.. I wonder why these people can’t get their pronunciations right 😦

Me : Yes please !! Thank You !!

I realized, I have learnt my alphabets and phonics all wrong 🙂 🙂

I need to be trained all over again to pronounce M as ‘YUM’ and also, to remember to complement my mom next time, on her dish, saying it’s really M


Smart phone to the ‘rescue’


For once, I happen to be on the other side of the grass.  After coming across various posts, articles and many write ups on the downside of smart phones, having promoted a year long initiative of being ‘hands free’, & ‘phone free’ on  Sundays, trying to convey to people, how phones actually disrupts our lives, gets us addicted, I did actually see a ‘smart’ positive side to the smart phone.

It’s a given that we all own a smart phone and it has become an integral part of our lives. It’s something like quick sand and like it or not, we are stuck half way down there getting pulled by apps for everything. Can’t live with it, and can’t live without it either.

The other day, when I was conversing with my teenage daughter, who was under the pressure of various examinations, she just flared up like a volcano for no obvious reason. Of course, I felt bad, but luckily, I walked out of the room without confronting her.

With a little contemplative, heavy and thought laden brain, I just picked up my ‘smart’ phone, texted to her what I actually wanted to converse with her. Chatted through the ‘smart guy’ mediating our talks, resolved the issue and had a peaceful night sleep.

I couldn’t thank the smart fella enough for coming to my rescue and easing out the situation.

Any such experiences with you guys? Do text them !!

A tribute ..


You showed up every day,

You lingered in my thoughts,

You walked me through the memory lanes,

You helped me pick my thoughts,

You chose an assorted bouquet of smiles and experiences for me, from my past,

You took me on a journey of ups and downs, tiny and vast,

You were the trigger for my writing,

You were the one to take my posts globe trotting,

Now, I go down the memory lane on my own accord,

And I realize, in the absence of your hand holding,

That I miss you and the ‘word prompt’ meetings with you,

Oh ! DAILY POST, I enjoyed my amazing journey with you,

And wish and hope to see you soon and begin a new journey with you !!

Being Childlike..


IC : Pixabay.com

Observing my little one for a few minutes, just set the thinking bells ringing in me…

How simple would it be, for an adult to be like a child bubbling with energy? Even though, we’ve all been through the stage of childhood, I guess, it would be next to impossible (exceptions prevail). And you would all agree with me if I describe her actions.

Watching the television, suddenly standing up, bending forward and bringing her head close to her thighs, standing, running from one end of the room to the other, dancing for a good 10-15 minutes, repeating the sequences. Phew, who needs aerobics or a zumba for a workout?!! 🙂

And of course, if we ever did manage to do some such sequences, people around us are bound to label us as crazy. It’s the thought free and innocent mind of kids which allows them the freedom to perform sans inhibition !!!

Zentangle Creations..

“Zen” in Japanese means meditation & tangle is to entangle. “Zentangle” is a form of meditative art in which, the various patterns are tangled to form a beautiful image. This art is very intuitive, abstract & fun to learn. It involves drawing structured repetitive patterns which leads to the formation of beautiful designs. It increases creativity, focus and brings in a sense of well being and calms down and relaxes the mind.

For me personally, the introduction to zentangle was a chance event. I was always interested in the traditional form of art – drawing, painting, craft and the like. I accidentally happened to come across a post on zentangle in one of the social networking sites, which immediately caught my attention. This led me to do some netsurfing to discover more about this art form. From then on, I have taken to it literally, like a fish to water.

I have since created a few patterns and it gives me a kind of deep relaxation & relieves me from any stress that I may be going through. It calms me down. The feeling, of putting pen on paper and creating something so wonderful is just exhilarating. This art form brings out the creative expression within me & also gives me tremendous satisfaction. On busy days, I literally have to steal time for my newly discovered passion.

I have gifted a few of my zentangle creations to my near and dear ones, and the pleasure I derive from gifting my very own creations, is indeed very satisfying.


Daily Prompt: Hopeful

via Daily Prompt: Hopeful


The clock of life ticks on hope. Hope that we will have one more second, one more minute, one more hour, one more day, one more month, one more and one more. One more chance, one more prospect, one more opportunity. The very fact that we set the alarm for the next morning, depicts, we are hopeful of one more morning in life.

We are always hopeful, that we’ll have the best of everything life has to offer and why not, we are all children of almighty and we all deserve the best.

But, as the proposition of life goes, life is a mixed bag of presents and emotions. This concept, is what inspires us to be hopeful, be alive, hoping something better might be in store for me tomorrow.

So, if something is not going right today & you are facing a rough patch today, do not lose hope, it’s only an indication from the almighty, be hopeful my child…tomorrow is a new day, a new beginning..

Daily Prompt: Pillage

via Daily Prompt: Pillage







Our house, our Earth,

Of resources, there is no dearth,

Plentiful, perennial and bountiful,

Oh ! my house, so beautiful.


Seas, oceans and mountains,

Deserts, forests and terrains,

Nature, flora fauna and all,

The sun and the moon, you have it all.


Cries and pleads, our mother earth,

Take care of me, for I’m the only one,

Pillage, destruction and devastation are not worth,

Oh, humans, put down your guns, or soon I will be gone .



My Impromptu Blog

Often, at meetings, schools, workplace, programs, debates etc. we are called to speak on a topic at a moment’s notice. No preparation, not much time to think, and there we are, amidst a hundred pair of eyes, waiting to hear and judge us. I’m sure, many of you reading this blog, would’ve been through this.

I thought of writing this blog on similar lines. No preparation, no correction, no editing etc. directly, my thoughts on your screen, hence the title – Impromptu Blog!!


It’s quite a task, to write without thinking through.  My brain is raking out thoughts to be put forth.  As I write this, I realize, how tough it is for us humans to do something different, something which is not planned, something for which we have not prepared, something just dropping into our arms, which requires our immediate attention.

There is only one situation though, where I feel we, as human beings, do not require much preparation to take an immediate action – when we are angry. Without any problem, without thinking, without waiting for things to settle down – we speak impromptu, and we manage to invoke all our hidden emotions and expressions, to bring out our ghastly image. And it’s a fact that, if someone shows us a mirror during the anger monster’s attack on us, we would be very unpleasant and would not like what we see. I wonder how little ones around us, put up with us .


An old adage goes “Think before you speak”. When we do so, we probably do all the cut, edit, copy & paste at the backyard of our brain, which helps us in controlling our impromptu devastating words of communication and bringing about the beautiful side in us, much to the happiness and relief of our close ones.

Image cortesy : 123rf.com & writingforward.com