We are often in a hurry, running around, looking to get hold of something….At such times, PAUSE for a while, and we shall FIND.

We are so caught up in the to do’s, chatter of the little hero in our head, gossip, arguments and the like, in the process we forget to listen to that little voice within us. We do not listen to our heart. At such times, we need to stop TALKING and we will LISTEN.

We are stressed at times, not knowing what to do, how to proceed, at the verge of a break down, such times are meant to pull us UP, so stop CRIBBING and we shall SMILE.

Stressful lives, throws all the requisites of politeness, gratitude, simplicity out of the window. A smile, a mindful prayer, a positive thought, a deep breath can all be at our doorstep. STOP YELLING and we will meet SILENCE. 

We need to leave the comforts of a mothers womb to ARRIVE in this world, and we need to LET GO of the world, to arrive and go beyond.


My random ramblings..Some feelings, some thoughts. Please share to let me know what you feel and what are your thoughts.



If Not..


If not, for the genuine tears that flow, who would care for the emotions,

If not, for the melancholy of grief, who would appreciate happiness,

If not, for the baffling complexities, who would recognize simplicity,

If not, for the hunger of needs, who would enjoy the cuisines of existence,

If not, for the bitter hatred, who would cherish the unconditional love,

If not, for death, who would care for the gift of invaluable life,

If not, for the deep desire of the soul within, who would care for the experiences !!


If everything we got or had would last forever, how would the quality of life be?

We enjoy life, because of the polarities that exist, which makes us strive for and also appreciate our blessings.

The above written post is one of my random ramblings, do feel free to share your thoughts..

Daily Prompt: Hopeful

via Daily Prompt: Hopeful


The clock of life ticks on hope. Hope that we will have one more second, one more minute, one more hour, one more day, one more month, one more and one more. One more chance, one more prospect, one more opportunity. The very fact that we set the alarm for the next morning, depicts, we are hopeful of one more morning in life.

We are always hopeful, that we’ll have the best of everything life has to offer and why not, we are all children of almighty and we all deserve the best.

But, as the proposition of life goes, life is a mixed bag of presents and emotions. This concept, is what inspires us to be hopeful, be alive, hoping something better might be in store for me tomorrow.

So, if something is not going right today & you are facing a rough patch today, do not lose hope, it’s only an indication from the almighty, be hopeful my child…tomorrow is a new day, a new beginning..


You feel something, you are touched by something, you experience something and you become aware of something. Our life is about different feelings, experiences, sensations, opinions and impressions.Feelings go on to make you the person you are, in a way, it shapes your life. I just felt these feelings flowing through me, a mix of positive and negative, which is required in life. It’s not exhaustive; you might have felt some of these. Do let me know what you FEEL.

Feel the laughter,

Feel the tear,

Feel the joy and

Feel the fear.



Feel the pain,

Feel the emotion,

Feel the love and

Feel the compassion.


Feel the anger,

Feel the calmness,

Feel the loneliness,

Feel the caress and togetherness.


Feel the meditation,

Feel the silence,

Feel the awakening and

Feel the bliss.


Feel the breath,

Feel the energy,

Feel the vibrations and

Feel the synergy.


Feel the pulse,

Feel the heartbeat,

Feel the rhythm of your body and

Feel the dance of happy feet.


Feel the music,

Feel the song,

Feel the beats of the drums and

Feel the melody from the gong.


Feel the breeze,

Feel the sun and the rain,

Feel the fury and pain,

When Mother Nature complains.


Feel the positive,

Feel the negative,

Feel the combination of both to

Feel the creator and His creation.






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Fragile, handle with care..


This side up, handle with care.We often see this marked on boxes with fragile items.

Ladies do not want too many glass jars in the kitchen for the fear of breaking the jars, and cleaning up after the job is done.

I often think to myself, glass jars broken can be thrown, replaced, what about a breaking heart of a little child, or a fellow being?

I wonder, would our interaction with other fellow beings been different, had our creator marked us with fragile, handle with care!!!

When we step into this world, our mind – our thoughts are programmed by our creator to be pure, innocent and fragile. It is to be handled with care, and it is, till such time when we start to understand the ways of the people around us, and the ways of the world. We shape the fragile child’s innocence to the hard ways of the world. The raw material, the clean slate of the child starts getting filled up. It is put through the mill. It goes through the grind, the cycles of emotions, the ups and downs of becoming a finished product – getting ready to face the world, preparing to take on any sort of rough and crude handling, for the label of fragile, handle with care is missing …

Not to say, that these emotions, these processes that the child begins to go through could be done with, but,

If only, we could be a little more gentle, loving and caring with our children,

If only, we could treat every human being with compassion …

If only, we could treat every living being on the earth with love and affection..

If only, we could embrace mother earth with peace and prosperity…

If only, we could work with a SMILE..

If only, we could have the tags or labels of FRAGILE, HANDLE WITH CARE…

The world would have been a much better place to live in!!


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