ज़िन्दगी का सफर


एक अजनबी के संग ,

निकल पड़ी मै , देखने ज़िन्दगी के रंग ,

उस  अजनबी का साथ छूटा , बात छूटी, वह परछाई बनी रही ,

खो गयी मैं यहाँ परिवार और लोगो के संग


नन्ही सी जान किलकारियां भरती हुई,

नन्हे नन्हे कदमों से चलकर आगे बढ़ती हुई ,

प्यार, अपनापन ढूंढने चली थी इस दुनिया में,

नफरत, द्वेष के बीच पाया खुद को, आहे भरती  हुई


भीड़ भाड़  भरी दुनिया में ,

कभी डर  के, कभी मर के, गिर पड़ के,

खुद को मुश्किल से  खड़ा किया,

इंसानो की इस भीड़ में , खुद को धुंदला किया


आज ज़िन्दगी ने उस अजनबी से फिर मिलवा दिया,

जिसने मुझे अपने जीवन के उद्देश्य से पुनः मिलवाया ,

कौन हो तुम, क्यों साथ चली हो मेरे? पूछने पर बताया :

अन्तः मन हूँ तुम्हारी, ज़िन्दगी का अनुभव आज मैंने तुम्हे कराया


मोह माया, बंधन, क्रोध, द्वेष सब त्याग,

प्यार, शान्ति , भाईचारे को गले लगा,

चल, ज़िन्दगी के उस पार की सफर तय करा दूँ ,

आज दिखा दू  तुझे मैं प्रभु की लीला अपरम्पार


I began my life with an unknown stranger

To discover the different colors in the journey of my life,

I lost touch with the unknown stranger who remained like a shadow with me,

I Got busy with my family and people around me.


I was so tiny, bubbling around,

Started my journey taking small steps with my tiny feet,

To find love,and acceptance, from the world around,

Found myself surrounded by anger hatred and jealousy, which are doing the rounds.


In this crowded world filled with people,

I learnt to stand on my feet ,

By sometimes being scared, sometimes falling down,

I got all hazy, with so much happening around.


Today, life happened to bring me, face to face with that unknown stranger,

Who reminded me of my goal in life,

Who are you and why are you always with me, I inquired?

I am your soul, and today I have bestowed on you the experience of life.


Let go of the worldly attatchments, illusory needs of life,

Hold on to love and peace,

Let me take you on a journey to the other world,

Let me introduce you to the love of God which is infinite.


This is my first attempt in writing a blog in Hindi. Please bear with me for any mistakes in writing and the translation. 🙂



Fone Free Sunday #3


Well, It’s really not that difficult after all. An entire sunday without the phone, I actually, have started enjoying..

I started off, by cooking a chinese meal, which was relished by all.

Played/made a jigsaw puzzle with my daughter

And was just to myself and chitchatting with my family.

I feel relaxed and rejuvenated, feeling good, at peace with myself. Probably, being by myself, in silence, without the phone, did the trick.

Thanks to all who joined. Please do post about your day.

Pradita, waiting for your post.


Knowing not..

via Daily Prompt: Radiate


The sun shines on, for all, knowing not, who is basking in it’s shining glory,

The moon scatters calmness, for all, knowing not, who will derive it’s serenity,

The rain showers, for all, knowing not, who will soak in the abundant shower,

The river flows on, for all, knowing not, who will quench their thirst from it’s pristine waters,

The tree bears fruits, for all, knowing not, who will satiate their hunger from the juicy fruits..

Only man, does not shower, shine, and radiate love for his own people. He’s so caught up in his own life, knowing not, he’s sowing the seeds of misery and pain for his loved ones.

If only one could shine, shower radiate and pour out love, for one and all, the seeds we sow today, will bear fruits for the world, tomorrow.

The connect

via Daily Prompt: Survive


Soft, unfulfilled dreams and desires survive in our deep subconscious mind, floating, trying to reach out and fulfill themselves.

Constantly cutting through the layers of thoughts, emotions and fears. they try to surface up to reality from the subconscious level. Sometimes successful, they give you that connect with the real you, they spell bliss or they give you that tingly butterfly feeling within, when you connect, with your deep fears or dreams. That’s the connect we need to connect to, more often. But most of the times, they are snubbed, nipped, pushed down to be deeply embedded, floating at the subconscious level.

We should allow those dreams and desires to float upwards and anchor them, so we can connect with it more frequently and survive into reality.


via Daily Prompt: Descend


Without experiencing descend, one cannot appreciate ascend,

Without meeting sorrow, one cannot experience joy,

Without exposure to sadness, one cannot value happiness,

Without sobs and cries, one cannot venerate smile and laughter,

Without coming in contact with pain, one cannot acknowledge well being,

Without contracting an illness, one cannot treasure good health.

Life is a series of experiences, which are sent to us on a need to know and need to grow basis. I see experiences as branches of trees, growing in different directions, shaping our beliefs, our mind and our psyche.

Welcome each one of the experience by seeing it, feeling it and experiencing it because, your experience is solely yours, nurture it and grow with it !!

A bagful of love.

via Daily Prompt: Precipice


When you are at the fag end of life,

Looking back at your life, when you realize,

Oh ! I had a bag, full of love, Which I could have showered on my loved ones,

I had a bag, full of happiness, which I could have shared with people,

I had a bag, full of kindness and compassion, which I could have given to the needy,

I had a bag, full of gratitude, which I could have been grateful for.

These were the qualities which were packed within me, and which got buried deep within my heart forever…

Instead, what I chose to use was, all those qualities, which I picked up during the course of my life. Now I remember, my creator had forbidden me from using them – anger, hatred, jealousy. I got so carried away, I became greedy, wanted more money, got attached to things and ignored people.

I always had ample of love, kindness, compassion…I could have.. If only I had some time to live, I would shower it on the people who loved me and cared for me…

If you are reading this and  have a bagful of love, please shower it, before it’s too late, before you are hanging from the  precipice of life…

The Soul Spa..

via Daily Prompt: Collaboration


Collaboration of mind, body and soul massages your soul. Gives you inner peace, invigorates your soul spirit and takes your life to a new dimension of living and being.

If your mind, body and soul are at peace, you have learnt the art of living. So indulge in the soul spa and bring integration, amalgamation and collaboration in them and to refresh rejuvenate !!

Pass or fail ?

via Daily Prompt: Final

If we presume our life to be an examination. The situations we face are the set of questions. We are prepared for some, while some pulls the carpet from beneath our legs, some are open book tests, some out of syllabus. Some makes us emotional, some makes us stronger to take on newer challenges, we emerge happy facing some, while we are upset with some. Life is a continuous ongoing exam…

The much awaited result..the marks, pass or fail..corrections are going on. We have to surrender and wait for the final call !!


To err is human, to forgive is divine !!

To all the parents out there, I’m sure, you all have been kindly forgiving your children for all the misdoings, for all the pricky talks, for the internal bruises, for the heart rending – “in the passing” comments, for the unnecessary blames, for anything and everything that’s not going their way.

How many times, have you swallowed the words, you so much wanted to speak out, when you felt your parents were being unreasonable? How many times, have you held back your quiver of words, you wanted to hurl at your spouse, teachers, helpers, subordinates, bosses? Let  that anger melt and flow out. Be divine, for forgiving is divine.

A request to all of you who are reading this, to connect within, deep within and realize and feel the divine, that is present within each one of you. Connect with the numerous times you have been forgiving, and have been divine !!

Life’s Canvas

via Daily Prompt: Pink


Our life is a canvas,

We create our own pictures,

Choosing varying hues and shades,

Black, whites, purples and grays.


Mix and Match, colors we spread,

Shades and colors, depicting our mind,

Vibrant red, golden hues,

Bright colors with some blues.


Black and white, contrasting strikes,

Attracts many with its vibes,

It’s inviting beauty, offering bribes,

Abstractness of life, that it describes.


Should it be blue, should it be pink,

The mind often, puts us on to think,

When we call for the Divine intervention,

Colors, create our life’s canvas to near perfection.