A Bouquet of thoughts..


A bouquet of flowers, you would receive many,

I present you with a bouquet of memories and thoughts,

Where we were tied with different emotions,

Some easy to untie, some difficult knots.

I bring the “roses”…of thoughts for you..

A bunch of our memories for you,

Drizzled with all our love,

A hint of naughtiness and teasing,

The sharing, caring, warmth and affection,

The giggles and laughter, still tickle my imagination,

I bring you the colorful carnations..of our bonding emotions..

Whenever some pricks brought tears to my eyes,

I could always count on your shoulders to cry,

I hope I was there for you in your days of gloom,

I hope I was caring enough to provide you space to bloom.

You blossomed into a beautiful “Dahlia”,

I may be a glowing “Marigold”

In growing up with you, I reminisce beautiful moments of nostalgia,

Today, I write in BOLD, To be your sister and have you as mine, makes me very proud !!

Happy Birthday dear sister