Life is an illusion…

Life is often an illusion….
A probable chance or situation,
Diverse aspirations, varied dreams,
Different trajectories, different visions….
The distant version seems most inviting,
Chasing the multiple options,
Running after the myriad ambitions,
We come to a standstill,
Only to realize,
It is only an illusion..
A probable chance or situation…


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True Love..

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If riches could buy happiness,
If beauty could provide solace,
If perfection could achieve satisfaction,
There would be no soul deprived…

No riches,
No Rolex watches,
No swanky bungalows,
No  expensive Irish scotches..
Can get us what,
A warm hug,
A gentle smile,
A pat on the back,
A peck on the cheek, can..

A shoulder to cry on,
A hand to hold,
A mothers lap to lay our head on..
The freedom to make a mistake,
And carry on..
And the beautiful soul beside you, provides the space to move on..
This is true love and care 💕


Copyright :DeepikasRamblings

All Rights Reserved