When Mother Earth said # Me Too..


When the Axes started swinging and made contact with innocent,all caring, all providing trees, When there was massive deforestation world wide in the name of development, the homes of many living creatures were destroyed. They all cried and said # Me Too.., but we didn’t listen..we continued with our “progress”.

When the Glaciers started to melt for more than half a century due to rising temperatures, there was a loud shout out, #Me Too.., we didn’t pay heed.

When the rivers, seas and oceans were polluted with plastic and garbage, the water bodies, the marine creatures cried foul and said # Me Too..,we were too busy to hear their pleads for mercy.

The assault on the gigantic high mountain ranges are no exception to the cries of # Me Too..we ignored..

The water tables are continually depleting, and the water sources drying up, droughts hitting nations, crops failing, cries of # Me Too..playing loud, but we are all in the non audible zone to hear the cries of Mother Earth..

When the going became tough and beyond tolerance, the Mother took charge to unleash her fury in the form of devastating Tsunamis, cyclones, incessant rains in retaliation to the brutal assaults and abuses meted out to her by the human species in the name of constant development..but, when such natural calamities happen, we plead helplessness and become humble, and then they just become memories, till the next one happens…

I do hope the human “beings” wake up from the deep slumber to listen to the cries of Mother Earth and bring about an awakening within each individual and create a revolution to save our Mother.




Keep Moving On..

Hi All,

A few days back, my daughter, comes to me and hands over this sheet, with her nuggets of wisdom.

A little girl just of 10 has penned words, which we as adults often struggle to follow and keep up with. Am sharing below, her work. I have typed the entire writing below for ease in going through. Please feel free to share your thoughts !

Keep Moving on..

“We Must not unlock the future with what we HAD in the past, but what we HAVE in the present. “

Keep moving on…keep moving on…

Life is like a swan,

Keeps flying/swimming with ups and downs,

We must not hide from problems, cry, crib or frown.


We must take it like a challenge,

That’s how we will get used to life’s balance,

We need to see it as an opportunity,

And use it to get respect and dignity (but not pride!)


For ex : I had a dog and entered her in a dog show,

She died a month ago:(,

I was in sorrow !

But that was not going to stop me from swimming in life’s flow.

Now I didn’t have a dog show to go or my loyal pet,

But life gave me so many opportunities yet !

That’s why I said…all along,

Keep moving on…Keep moving on…


Blocks to thoughts…


A writer I am, I failed to blog,

Wanting to write, I have been agog,

 Putting pen to paper was tough,

As my thoughts were covered with fog.

Perhaps, a writers block, I thought..

An artiste, I am, I failed to create,

Paints, colors and hues failed to permeate,

For hours, mentally, I would just debate,

Putting the brush on the canvas, my flow couldn’t relate.

Perhaps, a creative block, I thought.

Have been riding on waves of highs and lows,

Surfing between life’s roughs and troughs,

With some situations, I could courageously deal,

Some happenings, were not in my control.

Perhaps, a mental block, I thought.

Today, I became my own tutor,

I taught myself that experiences are life’s biggest teachers,

Lessons, in schools, we  have learnt many,

To live with life and march forward, are moments of life’s epiphany !!

Perhaps,an enlightening discovery, I thought !!