The Bride..

She wakes up with a golden hue, as the sun rays first kisses the demure blue sky,

With a blush of orange and a shade of red, perfectly donned to be a newly wed bride,

Displaying the fresh green leafy springy attire, swaying and dancing to the numbers of  the beloved breeze through the day,

Luminous, magnificent, mesmerizing flowers adding beauty to natures play.

Metamorphosing into a tangerine glow for the evening show,

Undulating balmy waves adding to capture her beautiful glow,

Changing hues, changing attires, changing appearances that please the eye,

From dawn to dusk, the bride gets into a somber slumber, bidding goodbye,

To the fierce golden  star, deep in thought, laying on the pillow of twinkling stars,

Waiting for the break of dawn, to brighten her day, and don a new avatar !!



Mama’s delicacies..

No brand, no hype,

Pure love in every bite,

Sweets and savories,

Lip smacking delicacies,

Yummy bakes, hot from the oven,

Diving right into our wide open mouths, entering by the dozen,

Bigger bite up for grabs, siblings ready to lay the snare,

The last bit of crumbs from the tray, we wouldn’t want to share.

I’m sure you had magic flowing in your hands,

For it looked as simple as waving a magic wand,

 Mom, I guess, our crunchy bites were music to your ears,

I’m sure, for once, looking at us fighting for our share, you would smile ear to ear,

For no money can buy the pleasure and satisfaction derived thus,

Today, I confer upon you, the title  of “COOKING GENIUS”.



Dedicated to my lovely mom ❤



Change in perception..

There is a huge blank wall of a new house. Freshly painted, the aroma of paint still lingering in the room. Everything is perfect, the interiors, the lighting, the furniture and fixtures, the drapes, the blinds. Reema is on top of the world and feeling  joyous.

After Reema and her hubby Vinod move in and are in the process of settling down, Reema notices a small patch or to say an oily blotch on the wall. Her heart is in her mouth and she gives out a loud screech….how did this happen? She frantically calls for the painter to fix it, but as luck would have it, the painter announces, it can not be fixed. If we try to patch up that part, it will stand out, else you’ll have to do the entire wall – not worth the trouble after all. Let it remain.

The perfectionist in Reema, is totally unsettled, feeling restless, irritable, snapping, shouting.. Her hubby is totally relaxed, going about his work. Isn’t this blotch bothering you? How can you be so calm? It is our dream house, we took so much care of every detail…don’t you feel bad?

Vinod takes Reema to the wall and says, darling, look at the huge wall. It’s such a beautiful wall. The painting made by you, is adorning the wall and adding volume to it. The plant adding to the decor of this room. Why are you holding on to that tiny blotch in the huge wall. Look at the other parts of the wall, and the house, expand your outlook, change your perception of seeing things, look at the larger picture. Will that blotch come in the way of our leading a happy life? Will it take away your right to go about your work? It will remain a silent spectator, let it be …

It is a light bulb moment for Reema, who realizes, problems are always there and remain as they are. It is our outlook or attitude of moving on powerfully and finding a solution to it, instead of holding on to it. “It is in us to think practically and change our perception to focus on the larger framework of life”, she said. She placed a huge plant to camouflage the blotch on the wall. She slowly realized the futility of her being a perfectionist. She became aware of herself, caught herself in the act of being perfect and is still practicing the art of letting go…  🙂

Does this story ring a bell for you? How many times do you try to achieve perfection in anything that you take up? Would love to hear from you.


Life’s journey..


Lovely pink blossoming mommies,
Carrying  their  cute budding babies,
Teaching them about their life’s journey.
Marching ahead to adorn bouquets and decorations,
Soaking the appreciative peeps and caresses from the fellow carnations.
Walking with a hint of pride along the boulevard,
The budding beauty, oblivious of the blemish arising from its own yard…
The prick  that ‘stemmed’from the thorn,
Changed the budding babies perception,
Oh, the budding baby cried ! It’s not roses all the way,
Mamma, I come with my limitations,…
Softness and delicateness packed in my appearance,
I am much required for people to exhibit their exuberance, 
I make sure, I’m accepted with thorny interiors,
Pricks and hurts are part of my beautiful demeanor,
My entire life span of just two days,
Before I realize, ends swiftly in a haze,
Now, in my return journey before my end,
I notice, my soul is bruised and scarred,
As I walk through the rusted boulevard !!
A striking similarity between life of a rose and that of a man..We could all very well relate to the life journey of a rose with it’s limitations to our own lives, and before we realize it’s futility, it’s time to depart.
.. Any thoughts?

Beauties from junk..

Beauties created from throwaway junk,

Finds a home in my living room front,

Each time I pass by it and look at it,

A sense of satisfaction prevails,

For breathing life to unusable plastic clump,

Else, they would be lying in a garbage dump.

Upcycled to form a beautiful creation,

Fueled to life by my varied imagination !!


Materials used in the above creation are all waste materials like old shower curtains,cans,newspapers,card boards, pen refills etc.


My own life theories..

  1. You wear whites/light colored clothes, like it or not, you will have to sit some where, where it is dusty or it would rain, or your kid would shower extra love by hugging you after play time with her soiled hands.
  2.  One day, just one day, you feel too tired and don’t clean up your kitchen or the house, you are bound to have guests, making you feel totally embarrassed.
  3. You are in one of your oldest set of clothes, the doorbell rings, you open the door expecting the maid, but turns out to be a guest/neighbor, you are caught off guard.
  4. You try to take a power nap in the afternoon, there will be a call on your phone – which happens  to be the wrong number.
  5. You have a lot of work to be taken care of, you somehow mange to complete it, before you can breathe a sigh of relief, coffee/milk spills and you have the additional work to clean up –’s just not fair….
  6. You are busy with work everyday, unable to partake in your children’s day to day activities, so you promise them that the coming weekend is totally dedicated to them, but alas, an emergency comes up, and rest is history..
  7. You decide to indulge in a beauty treatment/spa for relaxation and you get a call from your kids school – your kid has thrown up and you need to pick him/her up…
  8. The best cake you can bake, kind of goes wrong, when you need to bake it for a special occasion.
  9. You are always on time to board a bus, but the bus is late. One fine day when you are late, the bus is before time and gone.

Do you come across any such situations in your day to day life? Would love to hear about your life theories.



When Mother Earth said # Me Too..


When the Axes started swinging and made contact with innocent,all caring, all providing trees, When there was massive deforestation world wide in the name of development, the homes of many living creatures were destroyed. They all cried and said # Me Too.., but we didn’t listen..we continued with our “progress”.

When the Glaciers started to melt for more than half a century due to rising temperatures, there was a loud shout out, #Me Too.., we didn’t pay heed.

When the rivers, seas and oceans were polluted with plastic and garbage, the water bodies, the marine creatures cried foul and said # Me Too..,we were too busy to hear their pleads for mercy.

The assault on the gigantic high mountain ranges are no exception to the cries of # Me Too..we ignored..

The water tables are continually depleting, and the water sources drying up, droughts hitting nations, crops failing, cries of # Me Too..playing loud, but we are all in the non audible zone to hear the cries of Mother Earth..

When the going became tough and beyond tolerance, the Mother took charge to unleash her fury in the form of devastating Tsunamis, cyclones, incessant rains in retaliation to the brutal assaults and abuses meted out to her by the human species in the name of constant development..but, when such natural calamities happen, we plead helplessness and become humble, and then they just become memories, till the next one happens…

I do hope the human “beings” wake up from the deep slumber to listen to the cries of Mother Earth and bring about an awakening within each individual and create a revolution to save our Mother.



Keep Moving On..

Hi All,

A few days back, my daughter, comes to me and hands over this sheet, with her nuggets of wisdom.

A little girl just of 10 has penned words, which we as adults often struggle to follow and keep up with. Am sharing below, her work. I have typed the entire writing below for ease in going through. Please feel free to share your thoughts !

Keep Moving on..

“We Must not unlock the future with what we HAD in the past, but what we HAVE in the present. “

Keep moving on…keep moving on…

Life is like a swan,

Keeps flying/swimming with ups and downs,

We must not hide from problems, cry, crib or frown.


We must take it like a challenge,

That’s how we will get used to life’s balance,

We need to see it as an opportunity,

And use it to get respect and dignity (but not pride!)


For ex : I had a dog and entered her in a dog show,

She died a month ago:(,

I was in sorrow !

But that was not going to stop me from swimming in life’s flow.

Now I didn’t have a dog show to go or my loyal pet,

But life gave me so many opportunities yet !

That’s why I said…all along,

Keep moving on…Keep moving on…


Blocks to thoughts…


A writer I am, I failed to blog,

Wanting to write, I have been agog,

 Putting pen to paper was tough,

As my thoughts were covered with fog.

Perhaps, a writers block, I thought..

An artiste, I am, I failed to create,

Paints, colors and hues failed to permeate,

For hours, mentally, I would just debate,

Putting the brush on the canvas, my flow couldn’t relate.

Perhaps, a creative block, I thought.

Have been riding on waves of highs and lows,

Surfing between life’s roughs and troughs,

With some situations, I could courageously deal,

Some happenings, were not in my control.

Perhaps, a mental block, I thought.

Today, I became my own tutor,

I taught myself that experiences are life’s biggest teachers,

Lessons, in schools, we  have learnt many,

To live with life and march forward, are moments of life’s epiphany !!

Perhaps,an enlightening discovery, I thought !!

A Bouquet of thoughts..


A bouquet of flowers, you would receive many,

I present you with a bouquet of memories and thoughts,

Where we were tied with different emotions,

Some easy to untie, some difficult knots.

I bring the “roses”…of thoughts for you..

A bunch of our memories for you,

Drizzled with all our love,

A hint of naughtiness and teasing,

The sharing, caring, warmth and affection,

The giggles and laughter, still tickle my imagination,

I bring you the colorful carnations..of our bonding emotions..

Whenever some pricks brought tears to my eyes,

I could always count on your shoulders to cry,

I hope I was there for you in your days of gloom,

I hope I was caring enough to provide you space to bloom.

You blossomed into a beautiful “Dahlia”,

I may be a glowing “Marigold”

In growing up with you, I reminisce beautiful moments of nostalgia,

Today, I write in BOLD, To be your sister and have you as mine, makes me very proud !!

Happy Birthday dear sister