Life’s Maze..

life's maze

Different paths of life,

Some circular, some curvy,

Some straight like a ramrod, some topsy-turvy,

Some pave our way and are arduous, some joyous, some unpleasant treacherous ones,

Unpredictable twists and turns,

Some bushy and thorny,

Sometimes a simple and plain journey,

We ought to find our ways,

Through life’s difficult maze !!


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‘YUM’or M

Today morning, I called up the report section of a hospital, to follow up on a health report and wanted them to email it to me. This is how the conversation went:

Customer Health Executive (C.H.E) : Thank you for calling xxxxxxx hospitals, how can I help you today?

Me : I had the test done on xxxx date. I wanted to check if the reports are ready?

C.H.E : Kindly be on line ma’am, while I check on the same.

Me : Sure, thanks.

C.H.E : Thank you for being on line Ma’am. Yes your reports are ready.

Me : Can you please email the reports to me ?

C.H.E : Sure ma’am. Can I have your email id please?

Me : It’s deepikaM xxxxxxx

C.H.E : Yes ma’am, I’ll email it.

Me : Could you please repeat the email id?

C.H.E : deepika N (N as in Nagaland) xxxxx @

Me : No,No, it’s deepika M, M as in Madras..

C.H.E : N as in Nagaland…?

Me : No, not Nagaland, It’s M as in Madras/ Mangalore

C.H.E : Oh, okay it is deepika ‘M’ (pronouncing it as ‘YUM’), Must be contemplating, hmmm.. I wonder why these people can’t get their pronunciations right 😦

Me : Yes please !! Thank You !!

I realized, I have learnt my alphabets and phonics all wrong 🙂 🙂

I need to be trained all over again to pronounce M as ‘YUM’ and also, to remember to complement my mom next time, on her dish, saying it’s really M


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Lying down on the vast green meadows,
Amused and joyful sighting their own cute shadows,
Under the expanse of the vast blue sky,
Waiting to watch a movie, to play by..

The screen, reflecting ones own thoughts and beauty,
Holding hands, with dear ones for eternity,
Imaging Clarity, purity and divinity,
Dancing and swaying in nature’s shrine,
Enjoying the golden light of the glowing sunshine.

Shades of pink, adding a dash of blush to these crowning glories,
Living a life time in a week, withering away, giving us beautiful memories,
Mesmerising one and all, with their blissful stories,
These are the pretty pinks, from potpourries !!


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The heavenly Creations

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Ah, what a creation,
So vibrant, so fragrant,
Healing and refreshing,
Calming, pleasing and soothing..

The creator would be proud of His creation,
Wrapping His blessings and best wishes, one for each emotion,
Happy or sad, love or hate,
Pouring out positive vibrations,
A heavenly creation, with love, for our mortal consumption !!💕💖💕


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The Ballet…

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A perfect blend from an artist’s pallete,
Colours, hues flowing freely performing a ballet,
A blank canvas, spotlighting the arena,
Shades of peach and raspberry showcasing the ballerina..
Beauty, elegance, elan and style,
Swirling and swiveling with a bewitching smile,
She held the audience in awe and admiration,
Inviting applauds to a standing ovation !!


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The heavenly gift…

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A flower from heaven, Exquisitely crafted with precision,
By the master craftsman,
Delicately woven satin ribbons…
For the millions of beings on earth,
To satiate their hunger for a taste of mirth,
A longing to belong and realize their worth,
Oh ! What a beauty to have taken birth,
And fallen directly into the lap of Mother Earth !!


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Beauty, as I see it..

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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,
That which transcends, beyond the external colour and splendour,
It’s the connect that surpasses the physical dimensions and barriers,
An expression of love that penetrates deep into the heart’s chambers,
Calls out to the beauty, within, and depicts the sign of a true warrior !!


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Sands of time..

A beautiful morning,
Where the clock is ticking,
And the roses are blooming…
The eternal beauty of the resplendent blooms,
Embosomed in the hands of time.
A beautiful morning,
Where the clock is ticking,
And life is occurring,
The essence of the varied memories,
Etched in the sands of time !!
A beautiful morning,
Where the clock is ticking,
And calmness is dawning,
The realisation of being mortal sets in,
Indicating the end of a lifetime !!

The emotional trip..

Cooling, soothing, balming, refreshing and pacifying,
Like a mothers lullaby,
Caring, affectionate, compassionate and caressing,
Feeling an amalgamation of a father’s love personify,
Ardent, doting, enamored and fervent,
A love struck beholder, identifies,
Love, emotions, feelings surge and intensify,
As we relate to the magnificent flowers, the beauty of which magnifies !!


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