Daily Picture Prompt 76


Under the vast blue sky, on the road of life,

Treading step by step, completing every lap,

Today, I stand alone.


A few companions came by, who walked along my way,

For a while I was happy and found myself sway,

Today, I stand alone.


I look ahead of me, a barren road,

A long rove, to my final abode,

Today, I stand alone.


In the lonesome journey of life,

Chasing peace and truth of rife,

In the middle of the road of life,

Today, I stand alone.




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via Daily Prompt: Rhythmic



Rhythmic music and rhythmic dance,

Oh ! what a nice sight to glance.

Rhythmic wind and rhythmic breeze,

Rhythmic sound of swaying leaves.

Rhythmic raindrops and rhythmic thunder,

The rhythm it follows, make me wonder.

Rhythmic cymbals, rhythmic gong,

In tandem sing a melodious song.

Rhythmic pulse and a rhythmic heart beat,

The pulsating beats, are sure a life treat.

Rhythmic sound of words and rhythmic chirping of birds,

Melodious sounds can be forever heard.

Feelings of a desolate woman

via Daily Prompt: Blur


Somewhere deep within

Carrying deep hurt..

Not visible to the naked eye,

A feeling of sadness and hurt,

Deep emotions surging high..

Eyes, blur and filled with tears,

Forcing out a flurry of fears…

Holding hands, thinking it was love,

Was a mistake, which you could never appreciate.

Suffocation resides within,

Cannot share where the thoughts have been…

No true companion, waiting for things to happen,

Slowly turning hollow, with no dreams to follow,

With lost love, and days to shove…

The love of the children, keeps the anchor strong,

If not for their love, life would have been long bygone.


Pic courtesy : Pixabay.com



The diary of a newborn

via Daily Prompt: Translate


I come into this world, all by myself,

And then, I get to know my family.

I fend for myself, for food and love,

I cry  my  lungs out, to speak and reach out.


I get to hear odd sounds and voices,

Which to me is no less than noises,

I can see funny faces all around me,

And everyone seems to huddle around me.


I am a new born, I have a very few needs,

I need to feed, burp and sleep,

Language, I don’t know any,

People who understand me are not many.


There’s one angel though,

Who seems to know my needs,

Who takes care of me and my feeds,

I feel totally safe in her arms, indeed.


I need no language to talk to her,

Nor does she need any one to translate,

We speak the language of love,

She’s my mother, who understands me in any state.




Image courtesy  : Pixabay.com




A little red juicy fruit,

Tucked away in a corner,

Pouring sweet juicy love,

Ready to be a donor.

Give me more,

Give me some more,

Spouse, parents, children,

All seeking more.

Smiling and serving portions,

Squeezing and pouring every drop,

Secured in place, tied up in bonds,

Overused, and over worked.

But, re energizing and recaptulating ,

Always ready to serve more and more,

Is nothing but, THE MOTHER’S HEART.


A little tribute to all mothers, for their unrelenting, undaunting and ever smiling service.


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Pic Courtesy : Pixabay.com


The Sad Caterpillar



One night I had a dream…

I dreamed that I was in a beautiful farm, early in the morning. The cool breeze caressing my tresses. A sharp, biting nip in the air from the heavy, all night rains. A picture perfect, scenic beauty of nature.

A huge umbrella, lying unattended, caught my attention. Curious, I went to take a look. As I looked around, I spotted a tiny caterpillar, under the umbrella on the grass, sitting gloomy and dull. A butterfly flying past, inquired the reason for it being gloomy… The caterpillar said, I don’t have what I want. So, I am very sad. What is it that you want, asked the butterfly? I want to become a butterfly. I want to have colorful wings. I want children running around me and following me…..

Will all this make you happy, inquired the butterfly? Yes, of course, said the caterpillar, I’ll be very happy. The butterfly then told the caterpillar, that each stage in life is very important. You need to enjoy each and every stage of life. Enjoy your present form fully and thoroughly before your metamorphosis. When you enjoy and feel satisfied with the present, will you be able to form into the beautiful butterfly that you want to be. Are you sure, asked the caterpillar? Yes dear, a one hundred percent sure, replied the butterfly. And so, the caterpillar started munching on the leaf and felt very satisfied. It had grown fully and was ready for the next stage, to undergo the metamorphosis and turn into the beautiful butterfly, that it always wanted to be.

I wondered and wandered within my dream. I realized, we are almost very similar to the caterpillar. We have certain things, we are bestowed upon, we have certain desires, but we are all longing for what we do not have, rather than enjoying what we have. We are like the unsatisfied caterpillar.

As I woke up, I lay on bed, thinking about the lovely dream and the wonderful lesson it bestowed on me.