Gist of life…

via Daily Prompt: Provoke


Creator creates creations,

Creation brings forth life,

Life rolls out situations,

Situations demand contemplation,

Contemplation awakens feelings,

Feelings instigate decisions,

Decisions provoke emotions,

Emotions necessitates action,

Action calls for reaction…

Thus, goes the order of day to day equations,

To sum up the gist of life’s transactions !!


Technology Brain drain?

via Daily Prompt: Suddenly

Until a few decades ago, life was simple and we thought :

Webs were for spiders,

Mouse was a rodent,

Windows were an opening in walls or vehicles.

Keyboards were for playing music,

Memory helped us retain stuff in the brain,

Chips were meant to be eaten,

Monitor would mind a class,

Boot was a shoe to be worn,

Bug was an insect,

Bite was small piece of food cut by our teeth,

Click was used for a click of a camera, and

Virus was an agent which we could not see through a naked eye.

Suddenly, there was a technology boom and all our little simple words, became tech savvy too…

From a simple life, we had to upgrade and hand over ourselves to the “little master”, who barged into every house, has changed the way we live life, and has modified our language and vocabulary to  to suit it’s needs…

We have all become like spiders, spreading our tentacles on the world wide ‘web’,

We hold the mouse to scroll up and down the ‘monitor’, operating on ‘windows’

We communicate endlessly by typing on a ‘keyboard’,

A ‘virus’ has become a piece of code which can be detrimental to the system,

‘Clicks’ have migrated to right, left or ‘double clicks’,

And we ‘boot’ the system to put it in to a state of readiness.

As a result, I see and experience a lot of “brain drain” in me and my counterparts all over the world today. We have all emigrated, our highly trained memory to the “little master”, entrusting it to secretly store our all important protected data.

We constantly give it shots of memory upgrade to retain it’s speed and take a back up of the “hard drive”, fearing a crash.

And then we often wonder, gosh, why is our memory failing us? Are there any exercises,  any medications to improve our fading memory ??



To the Wonderful Women Of the World…

Scattered like innumerable clouds all over the world,

Painting the beautiful sky with a different azure,

Blooming like beautiful flowers all over the world,

Creating the world with different roles & different hues,

Fighting different battles, losing some, defeated in some,

But I see you as the triumphant and victorious one,

Lessons to learn and courage to muster,

Playing varied roles of daughter, mother, wife & sister,

Oh ! Beautiful women around the world,

I salute you and to the joy of  womanhood !!



Fragile Friendship


“We are soul sisters”, Deepika, my close friend once told me. I was amazed at how two unknown people could become close and bond into a beautiful friendship. I was basking in the glory of the “soul sisters”.

We kept meeting often, sharing our thoughts, ups and downs and our journey from time to time. Our kids, her daughter and my little one, a few years apart, played together, off and on. My daughter, found it difficult to get along with her daughter, as her daughter was the more aggressive one. For some reason, her daughter, stopped coming to play and kids lost touch. My friend and I, met infrequently, as both our older kids were in higher grades..

Recently, my little one had her birthday party, in which she did not invite my friends daughter, as they were not playing together anymore.  It had been ages since they met, and also since they didn’t get along very well, I too didn’t insist that she invite her.

A few days back, my friend got to know about the party, and was quite upset with me for not inviting her daughter for the party. I tried to tell her, it’s better not to get involved in the matter of kids, as they have their own whims and fancies. It’s better we don’t involve ourselves and mar the bond of our friendship. I thought our friendship is sewn by a strong thread, which holds the fabric of our friendship in place. i was confident, it would not tear…

But it was not to be… My friend was unwilling to talk and settle things. Was feeling sad and was heartbroken for some time. Now slowly, I’m limping back to normal, getting present to the harsh realities of life ☹️

My Home..

via Daily Prompt: Messy

IC : My Home 🙂

My house may be messy at times,

Cushions strewn over, newspapers scattered,

Books lying on the sofas, milk spattered,

Bread crumbs lying on the floor,

Pencils in the sofa gaps and more,

Shoes lying outside the shoe rack,

School bags never kept back.

Might sound like mom is a bit lax,

But believe me, I have learnt to let go and relax,

For the cleanliness freak that I was,

I am surprised at myself that I have let go of my flaws,

I feel ever grateful to have kids around,

Who leave a mess around and on the ground,

At least, I know, the house is a home,

And not a spick and span hotel room.




Daily Prompt: Above

via Daily Prompt: Above

We sometimes, wake up to a bright morning,

And are left with a dry sunny afternoon,

We welcome the evening gather of rain clouds above us,

To join in for a jiggle with the cool breeze and dance in the rain.

Sometimes, we wake up to a dull morning,

And be with an equally lazy afternoon,

Evening too, decides to be in the cocoon,

We just need to take it easy,

Than moping around in vain.

Some days we wake up to a cheerful morning,

And a busy packed afternoon,

An evening leads to a sudden untoward strike from life,

We need to let the truth seep in and soak the pain.

As we undertake the journey to live life,

We may experience bit of sunshine and a bit of rain,

We need to learn to be alive, before we wait to die ,

We need to enjoy with family and friends,

Than to repent later and call life a bane !!

The next step….

via Daily Prompt: Restart


Whenever you feel stuck in life, step back a little, come out it and restart your life,

When you give in to your emotional outbursts, when your blood starts to boil, when your adrenaline is in a rush to soar, take a few deep breaths and restart your day,

When you make a mistake, take a pause, relax and learn what you can do better,

When nothing seems to work, you are totally out of gear, when circuits in your brain are dim and feel heated up, take it easy, relax, unwind and restart your system again..

Because, you have a long way to go, today is the first day, of the rest of your life..

So, it’s never too late to make a new beginning….restart and take the next step..


via Daily Prompt: Imagination

A mothers pure love, gives affection,

A writers novel thought, stems from imagination,

An artiste’s colorful palette, creates wonderful creations,

A participant’s grit and courage, gives fierce competition,

An actors evergreen talent, shows us varied expressions,

A musicians gifted skill, gives us soulful renditions,

Life saving surgeries, springs from a doctors tireless operations,

A teachers knowledgeable instruction, accords us with education.

All varied forms of human professions and positions,

Woven into one fabric of human transformation,

All interlinked and driven into one direction,

That of universal brotherhood and soul connection !!




An Amalgamation !

via Daily Prompt: Congregate

Like the roots of the tree congregate to give life to the tree,

Like the rivers amalgamate into the sea,

Like the forests, oceans, hills, mountains, flora and fauna merge into nature,

Like individuals come together to form  families,

Like families collectively make the world,

Like the world merges into the Universe…

Let’s all congregate to celebrate that power, energy and force which binds us to the Universe.

Let’s celebrate the power of being one with that power, of belonging to the Universe !!