Who stays within you?

via Daily Prompt: Shock

You will be in for a shock, as you enter in to the dark cave within the temple of your thoughts. Layers of dust gathered, cobwebs dangling, a musty stale odor within. The little trinkets and collections you so carefully picked up and decorated the walls of the temple with so much care, is now in shambles. I guess, you are sad looking at this state of your collections. Rightly so, you had taken care to nurture each one of them and give them an important place within your inner temple.

You carefully start to clean up the cobwebs, remove the layers of dust and let the light beam within. With the ray of light coming in, you are able to see and feel thoughts of anger you felt, hurt someone had caused years ago, frustration with yourself for not measuring to your own standards, cozily tucked, cushioned and nested under the blankets of your thoughts.

You feel so foolish, for nurturing and carrying the thoughts of hurt, anger, frustration within.  You decide, to clean up. You spray a freshener of love and peace into the space, by letting go of all those unwanted burdens.

After all, life is not worth being weighed down under the weight of unwanted baggages. !!


The beautiful maiden..

via Daily Prompt: Brilliant


A beautiful maiden, strolling in the garden,

Amid the creators brilliant creations,

Admiring the beauty of dahlias and carnations,

Amid humming insects and chirping birds,

Lying on the lap of Mother Earth,

Under the vast expanse of the calm blue sky,

Covered with a blanket of soft white floating clouds.

Drifting in  pure natural bliss, she had to let go of her short lived blissful elation,

Slipping in a chain of thoughts funneling  down into the dark abyss of her mind,

As she recalled the pain and agony of losing someone she really loved,

Her big grey eyes, forlorn with unfathomable emotion,

Continuing with the turmoil of life, which was far from a peaceful completion,

Her spirit and soul had been tattered,

The inner peace was all that mattered,

She prayed to Mother Earth, to embrace her with open arms,

As it would put an end to all her uneasy qualms !!




Do we actually converse ??

via Daily Prompt: Conversation


IC : Pixabay.com


We are in the “e generation” where most of our conversations happen the “e” way.

We converse, with our many counterparts, all around the world, using the various electronic gadgets, we have access to. Phones, which were once meant only as a means of communication, have today become a “smart phone”, in the real sense, as it has made us “dumb”slaves and almost taken control of our lives.

“Tablets”, which were once meant to be medicinal tablets, have now become a gadget, one for each member of the family, which takes care of entire entertainment needs of the family from games to movies to epics to serials.. I could go on about the various gadgets available today and write more about it.

The point of irony is,

Conversations happen today, when you are driving down alone in a car. Hands free, wireless bluetooth headphones, and you are on. When I look at people talking thus, I really find it funny. No one by your side, you are bringing out all expressions of anger, frustration…trying to convince or prove a point to the person at the other end.  Or you are smiling to yourself. When you do actually have a person sitting beside you on a drive, the drive is pretty much silent with a backgound music score for company, and a few statements around that.


Conversations happen today, on various chats and applications. There is no open communication. The FYIs, LOLs ,ROFLs, Tc, TTYLs, have hijacked our language at the EOD. The youngsters of today, talk in such lingo, even at home. Mom, you know what, A big LOL happened in school today !!

The meaning of having a decent communication with your neighbor or a meaningful conversation with family, visiting family and friends, has got washed away in the wave of the “e generation”.



Walk a while…

via Daily Prompt: Confess and Cozy


Walk a mile, for a while,

With your pain, with your anger,

With your mental hurt, which makes you ponder,

Do not carry them for long,

For they are not meant to come along,

As you climb the rungs of the ladder,

To reach your destination for this life.

Confess to your own inner self,

Get cozy and friendly with your own higher self,

Let go of the hurt, pain anger and angst,

Which lays buried deep within the dungeon of the mind and soul,

Release the toxic thoughts and let them roll,

Trick them and get them out for a walk,

In the bright sunshine and fresh air,

Let them blow and burn down,

Be free, and walk a mile for a while,

For it will do good for your heart and soul !!


Twittering Tale #63 – 19 December 2017

twittering tales.jpeg

IC: Kat Myrman

“When confessions of the mind happen, under duress, and you are surrounded by darkness, &  feel totally lost – delve deep within to find that tiny spark to dispel the darkness, and enlighten your path, to show you the way to emerge from the shackles of constraints and obstacles”.


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Where does your compass point?

via Daily Prompt: Compass

The degree of the mind being jolly, lies in  maintaining meager silence  for a while everyday. The victory over the commotion of emotional thoughts, brings you the elegance to pass on the inheritance of bliss to the younger generations.

If your compass is pointing elsewhere, varnish your thoughts, shift to being silent and over a period of time you will become a legend in the theory of bliss and happiness !!


Last time around, I used a weeks prompts in one post, as I faced a  writers block. This time around it’s been the ‘time’ block 🙂 Just couldn’t get to posting for more than a week. So this is my attempt to weave a blanket from the daily prompts for a week. Hope you all like it !

What is your pain measurement?

via Daily Prompt: Varnish


Sugar coat the harsh words,

Cover all the aches and pains hiding in the dark dungeon of your heart with a coat of varnish,

Plaster the anger and jealousy and put up your best self forward,

Hide all negative and suppressed  emotions, unexpressed  and unspoken words in the underground prison of your mind, project a smiling face,

And present the perfect, unblemished facade to mask the internal anguish !!

How many of us are guilty of presenting ourselves, thus, with somebody or the other, due to some compulsion?

The uninvited visitor..

via Daily Prompt: Gorge



Deep within the gorges of the sub conscious mind, reside the most dormant thoughts,fears and untapped power.

Monstrous thoughts and fears which have buried themselves in the darkest nook of the mind and are covered with layers and layers of  critical thoughts which we use in our day to day life. Such dormant thoughts and fears may be  memories related to childhood incidents, past life memories or incidents which occur, events we read about, which create an impact deep within, but are temporarily forgotten. Such memories are awakened by a trigger of certain events happening  later in life.

One such trigger which happened in my life was inside a cave temple, which marked the entry of the claustrophobia in my life (fear of closed spaces). Though I don’ recollect the original incident which caused it to lay dormant within, the triggered phobia seems to play the fiddle regularly in my life. Though I try to fight it, it sort of compels me to give in to it, each time it pays me a visit. I end up getting acquainted with a visitor, totally unwelcome and uninvited 😦

Do you have any such uninvited visitors visiting you? And how did you deal with it? Do share your experiences..


Twittering Tales #61 – 5 December 2017

The challenge :

This week…a twist. The photo below by MorningbirdPhoto at Pixabay.com features someone holding a stack of books. Now, you can write a tale about this book lover…or if you’re up for a challenge, pick one of the books and write your tale based on the title.And let’s take it up a notch if you’re really up for a challenge…choose several titles and incorporate them into your story! The possibilities are endless!

Here’s my take on the challenge.

In the ‘Far North” was ‘The Maze‘. The ‘All of a kind family‘,of the ‘Maffots‘, headed there, as they believed they were ‘Called to Die’, by the ‘Monster in the hollows’. Those who survived, should head straight ‘For the Temple‘. So was the belief of ‘The Moffats‘.


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