Being Childlike..


IC :

Observing my little one for a few minutes, just set the thinking bells ringing in me…

How simple would it be, for an adult to be like a child bubbling with energy? Even though, we’ve all been through the stage of childhood, I guess, it would be next to impossible (exceptions prevail). And you would all agree with me if I describe her actions.

Watching the television, suddenly standing up, bending forward and bringing her head close to her thighs, standing, running from one end of the room to the other, dancing for a good 10-15 minutes, repeating the sequences. Phew, who needs aerobics or a zumba for a workout?!! 🙂

And of course, if we ever did manage to do some such sequences, people around us are bound to label us as crazy. It’s the thought free and innocent mind of kids which allows them the freedom to perform sans inhibition !!!

Little one !!

via Daily Prompt: Delivery


PC :

In the good old days, the common usage for the term delivery would generally be restricted to child birth, the postman delivering a letter, a telegram or a parcel by post or delivery of the ball in games.

With the advent of the couriers and e commerce platform, there are various attributes which get prefixed to delivery. Standard or express delivery, free home delivery, cash on delivery and the likes.

I recollect, my friend once telling me, her 4 year old son was insisting on having  a sibling, a little sister. He was constantly pestering her for one. She finally asked him, okay, tell me, from where do we get one? His reply stumped her, when he matter of factly stated, we will order my little sister from Amazon. They’ll deliver her home.

Maybe, the day is not far, when an e commerce platform would allow us to place an order for a “little one”, and deliver it at our doorstep 🙂

With Love..

via Daily Prompt: Partner


I couldn’t ask for a better time and a better prompt to open my heart to my partner while we celebrate our years of togetherness, love, craziness, fun, adventure, laughter and being there for each other through thick and thin of growing up in our marriage.

I remember the vows we exchanged on the day of our wedding and  how our love and bond grew deeper with every passing week, month and year. Together with love, we tendered and nurtured our marriage sapling and saw it grow into a beautiful tree. We saw it branch out in various directions as it allowed us to enjoy the little joys in life. We were together, as we were blessed with our wonderful bundles of joy and today we are nurturing and watching them grow as they are ready to leave our nest and spread their wings to fly high.

Together, we have crossed many hurdles, we have had our moments of arguments and misunderstandings, but the seeds of trust helped us overcome each barrier with grace and love. Together we’ve had our quiet moments, and times of fun and frolic. You’ve been a pillar of strength, when I felt low, you’ve held my hand to help me stand and gain courage when I faltered.

I want to thank you dear partner and wish to be with you and enjoy every moment of my life, today and forever !!


Where’s my path ?

via Daily Prompt: Foggy


Some days are dull days. Nothing seems to go right. I miss an alarm – wake up late, rush to finish the chores, pack off kids to school in time for the bus, rush to exercise, rush to everything to be done…

Finally, I catch a breath to sit and relax only to realize, I have messed up acting on a message which required action. Phew…Ups and downs, brain clogged, mind foggy, vision poor, nothing is clear on how and where to proceed. But, dear life has to go on and I have to move on..

Am here, starting off writing my post and releasing endorphins and trying to feel good. Hopefully, this works 🙂

In the court room

via Daily Prompt: Substandard

One day, in the court of God, a case was presented. A case where the entire human race was on a trial, because they were leading a substandard life. A life where there was a breach of contract, a contract with the Almighty, to live with love, peace, kindness and compassion.

The trial begun. The charges against the humans were many, serious and grave.

  • The human beings have no connect with the source, the power within and outside of them.
  • There is total disrespect for each other. Crimes against people, animals are on the rise.
  • The acts of selflessness, love, compassion are things of the past.
  • Life has become all about power, greed, hierarchy.
  • Work, stress, anxiety and tension are in the drivers seat and are steering their life.
  • The beautiful place called earth has been destroyed by causing serious damage to the environment. Melting glaciers, deforestation, pollution all in the name of advancement.
  • Dependency on technology has robbed human life of it’s charm. Heavy use of gadgets takes away valuable time meant for human welfare.
  • Families have been taken for granted. Dinner is in the presence of the huge “idiot box”, mobiles and other videos. Feeding kids is no longer a pleasurable activity for mothers. It is a task to be done for the day.
  • People have become judgemental, always judging and evaluating people and situations, finding faults, playing the blame game, holding on to things.

God was shocked. The humans were my creations. I created them with lot of creativity and passion for them to experience life. They seem to have forgotten that I had filled their heart with love. Their memory of being relaxed, practicing silence and communicating with me, has been erased. They are in a mad rush, caught in a melee and are disturbed. They have slipped to the lowest form of existence.

Being the fountainhead of love, God delivered his verdict, without prejudice. He appointed a jury (group of learned scholars, spiritually advanced souls) to guide the  human beings who have gone astray, to bring them back to the path of love, peace, kindness, moral philosophy, ethical value systems and virtues of fairness and integrity !!

We are all in the path of evolution again…and the journey continues.

Fone Free Sunday #5

Hi Guys,

A gentle reminder towards a technology free Sunday (last Sunday of the month) tomorrow. An initiative started by my blogger friend Pradita from The Pradita Chronicles and me. An initiative to look at something other than your devices. You can go through the rules here, no compulsions, no credits, just an initiative.

Came across a wonderful poem, which I feel is apt, as it talks about the times when they were no mobiles and how love was used as a means of communication.. A slightly long one, but do read..

चश्मा साफ़ करते हुए उस बुज़ुर्ग ने
अपनी पत्नी से कहा : हमारे ज़माने में
मोबाइल नहीं थे…

पत्नी :
पर ठीक 5 बजकर 55 मिनट पर
मैं पानी का ग्लास लेकर
दरवाज़े पे आती और
आप आ पहुँचते…

पति :
मैंने तीस साल नौकरी की
पर आज तक मैं ये नहीं समझ
पाया कि
मैं आता इसलिए तुम
पानी लाती थी
या तुम पानी लेकर आती थी
इसलिये मैं आता था…

पत्नी :
हाँ… और याद है…
तुम्हारे रिटायर होने से पहले
जब तुम्हें डायबीटीज़ नहीं थी
और मैं तुम्हारी मनपसन्द खीर बनाती
तब तुम कहते कि
आज दोपहर में ही ख़्याल आया
कि खीर खाने को मिल जाए
तो मज़ा आ जाए…

पति :
हाँ… सच में…
ऑफ़िस से निकलते वक़्त
जो भी सोचता,
घर पर आकर देखता
कि तुमने वही बनाया है…

पत्नी :
और तुम्हें याद है
जब पहली डिलीवरी के वक़्त
मैं मैके गई थी और
जब दर्द शुरु हुआ
मुझे लगा काश…
तुम मेरे पास होते…
और घंटे भर में तो…
जैसे कोई ख़्वाब हो…
तुम मेरे पास थे…

पति :
हाँ… उस दिन यूँ ही ख़्याल
कि ज़रा देख लूँ तुम्हें…

पत्नी :
और जब तुम
मेरी आँखों में आँखें डाल कर
कविता की दो लाइनें बोलते…

पति :
हाँ और तुम
शरमा के पलकें झुका देती
और मैं उसे
कविता की ‘लाइक’ समझता…

पत्नी :
और हाँ जब दोपहर को चाय
बनाते वक़्त
मैं थोड़ा जल गई थी और
उसी शाम तुम बर्नोल की ट्यूब
अपनी ज़ेब से निकाल कर बोले..
इसे अलमारी में रख दो…

पति :
हाँ… पिछले दिन ही मैंने देखा था
कि ट्यूब ख़त्म हो गई है…
पता नहीं कब ज़रूरत पड़ जाए..
यही सोच कर मैं ट्यूब ले आया था…

पत्नी :
तुम कहते …
आज ऑफ़िस के बाद
तुम वहीं आ जाना
सिनेमा देखेंगे और
खाना भी बाहर खा लेंगे…

पति :
और जब तुम आती तो
जो मैंने सोच रखा हो
तुम वही साड़ी पहन कर आती…


फिर नज़दीक जा कर
उसका हाथ थाम कर कहा :
हाँ, हमारे ज़माने में
मोबाइल नहीं थे…


हम दोनों थे!!!

पत्नी :
आज बेटा और उसकी बहू
साथ तो होते हैं पर…
बातें नहीं व्हाट्सएप होता है…
लगाव नहीं टैग होता है…
केमिस्ट्री नहीं कमेन्ट होता है…
लव नहीं लाइक होता है…
मीठी नोकझोंक नहीं
अनफ़्रेन्ड होता है…
उन्हें बच्चे नहीं कैन्डीक्रश सागा,
टैम्पल रन और सबवे सर्फ़र्स चाहिए…

पति :
छोड़ो ये सब बातें…
हम अब Vibrate Mode पर हैं…
हमारी Battery भी 1 लाइन पे है…

अरे!!! कहाँ चली?

पत्नी :
चाय बनाने…

पति :
अरे… मैं कहने ही वाला था
कि चाय बना दो ना…

पत्नी :
पता है…
मैं अभी भी कवरेज क्षेत्र में हूँ
और मैसेज भी आते हैं…

दोनों हँस पड़े…

पति :
हाँ, हमारे ज़माने में
मोबाइल नहीं थे…


वाक़ई बहुत कुछ छुट गया और बहुत कुछ छुट जायेगा,,, ,,शायद हम अंतिम पीढ़ी है जिसे प्रेम, स्नेह, अपनेपन ,सदाचार और सम्मान का प्रसाद वर्तमान पीढ़ी को बाटना पड़ेगा ।। जरूरी भी है
To every lovely couple.

A request, do jump on board and join hands. Lets fly and touch the skies with family and friends and enjoy the freedom.

Sailing Ships..

via Daily Prompt: Shallow

IC :


A ship sails through the ups and downs in the waters of nature.

When the water is still, the ship moves silently, requires no skill,

When the water is deep and rough, the sail is tough.

So, sails the ship through the ups and downs of waters, keeping it’s mast high.

Sailing through the waters of life is the “relation”ship, which goes through its share of ups and downs..

When the waters of life  is still and silent, all is well and the sail is reliant,

When the water is rough, the heart is scuffed and has to deal with stuff,

When the waters are shallow, the relationship has no depth and is all hollow,

When the waters are deep, the relationship stands the tests of time, with love present to seep,

So, sails the “relation”ship through the ups and downs of life, keeping its head high !!