Daily Prompt: Retreat

via Daily Prompt: Retreat

The essence of any relationship, is the feeling of mutual love, respect, trust and the like. In case of a heated argument between two or more members of a family, a row, a squabble, the base foundation is that of love and concern. Come to think of it, will you ever pick up a squabble with a Tom, Dick or Harry? No bonding, no love, no squabbles. It’s only when the thread of love is sewing the relationship, there is wear and tear in the fabric.

We could apply the old adage which goes, a stitch in time saves nine, to a relationship. So to say, whenever there’s a verbal row, a temper tantrum from a family member, just lie low and retreat. Allow the storm to pass by, sew a stitch, and see a wonderful new apparel called  relationship  blossom at the other end.

Just a little attempt to sum it up ;


In a relationship,

There is concern, there is love

There is a battle and a row,

When you begin to feel it grow,

Just let it go, and lie low.


In a relationship,

There is truth and there is trust,

There is a squabble and an outburst,

When you feel the strain,

Just lie low, and let it drain.


In a relationship,

There is respect and there is comfort,

There is hardship,wrong and right,

When you see it and feel it,

Just step back, retract and retreat.


In a relationship,

There is a temptation to speak, which you shall resist,

Develop patience with retreat,

Love, respect and silence will then grow,

With time, your relationship shall glow.





Image courtesy : Pixabay