Sunrise at a beach..

via Daily Prompt: Astral


Golden rays of the rising sun,

Kissing the now dark horizon,

The sky glowing in a golden hue,

Dressing up in the early morning gown of blue.

Golden stars dancing in the serene waters,

As though adorning the astral couture,

Oh ! what a beautiful sight to behold,

A work of beauty from natures abode.

Golden sparkly waves beginning their new day,

Bringing positive vibes along the way,

Waves gently tossing, spreading, and reaching the shore,

Waiting to narrate the tales of their glorious journey and more !!


On the run..

via Daily Prompt: Assay


We are running, running, running and always on the run, till we are done, but, alas, we are never done. Running after fame, money, success, achievements, goals…and the series could go on and on…

We are always on the go, running late, running after time, running on the dot, the hourglass is always on. But we never take off some time, to rest a while, be silent, relax a while, watch ourselves, assay our internal system, unclog the internal mental blocks and try and become sublime, in what we are and where we are.

If we take stock of what we have, once in a while, I’m sure we’ll get and achieve what we are set to achieve, much faster and at a much relaxed pace and manner. So, please stop your clock for a while, assess yourself and then move on !!


Encrusted with negative thoughts?

via Daily Prompt: Encrusted


We are all on a beautiful journey out here on this beautiful planet. We’ve got our family, friends, well wishers and we are all walking along. On the way, we encounter certain beings or people who are on the same journey, but in an opposite direction. Or there may be certain people branching off from us, for obvious reasons, each bearing fruits of his or her journey experiencing their share of life.

Often times, during such a journey, we encounter hardships, face struggles and difficulties. We enter into squabbles, fights, disagreements and feed our mind and ego with the negative and “I am right” emotions. Our mind, our thoughts get encrusted with layers and layers of such emotions which we hold on to and refuse to let it go.

At the end of the road, we realize the futility of such feeds. It’s too late to go back and make amends. It is wise to work while we still have time. As a departed soul, we may be around our loved ones, but may be unable to communicate or show them our love. So love, while we can. Spread love and share love !!

Constant : change

via Daily Prompt: Constant


The only thing that remains constant in our everyday fast moving life is Change.

Everyday is a new change from the previous day and we have no say.

Changes keep happening, all the while. There is a change in the surroundings, environment, conditions of life, changes in the world and of course in the way we look, the way people around us look. Change is a constant phenomenon.

We can believe in ourselves, our value systems,  our faith and be ready to face the challenges and changes that life has to offer.

Be positive & stay positive !!

Different forms of courage

via Daily Prompt: Courage


Courage comes in different forms and different sizes at various stages in life. Probably, courage is inbuilt in the human wiring. It’s just about when we choose to use it.

A baby taking his first steps, shows resolve,

A toddler crying his lungs out on the first day at school, is a a huge problem to solve,

Taking a giant wheel ride, swimming against the tide,

A walk back at night in a lonely street, or a presentation in an official meet,

The decision to take the plunge and tie the knot,

Or the process of giving birth, which can never be taught,

Delving into the unknown territory, is it worth a slot?

Sending your child away from home for further studies,

Or sending your kid to an excursion with his buddies..

Fear factor and associated courage comes as a package,

The challenge is to let go of the fear and opt for courage.



External & Internal Costume

via Daily Prompt: Costume

There are typically two kinds of costumes, which we all adorn. External costume is visible to all, praised for its beauty, style, flair and feel.

Internal costumes comes along, at the time of our birth. It is very personal, can be felt within and we can constantly work on its betterment. It is one costume which develops sheen and quality and gets better with time.

My first attempt at Acrostic poetry to describe the same :

External Costume :

C – Custom made

O – Outfit

S – Stylishly sewn

T – Tailored to precision, with

U – Undue attention to

M – Mask and cover up flaws &

E – Enhance external beauty.

Internal Costume :

CCosmically made

O – Outfit

S – Skilfully stitched with

T – Threads of love with

U – Universally accepted experiences to

M – Mould and maintain itself and

E – Embroidered to elevate internal beauty.

A letter to God


Dear God,

Many a times I fail to understand what is the purpose of my life. I feel, I discharge all my duties towards my family to my best and ofcourse, I am unable to satisfy everyone. All I am looking for is love and love from everybody. It hurts a lot when people so dear to me – a family member, or a friend, hurts me like there is nothing between us, prioritize their ego & needs above the relationships….. God, it is at times like these, as a human being, I  get suspicious of your plan, for me and my life. It is at such times, I feel low and drained out.

I know, dear God, if you have put me through this test, I must be capable of handling  it. I know, I need to treat each experience as a learning and move forward in life. There is no prescribed syllabus in the school called life. Every person goes through experiences and learns as per his/her need as per the law of Karma. So, if this is what I need to endear, I will do so. Please give me the courage to sail forward in life.


This is my way of communicating with my God, at times of distress and troubles. When I write down my troubles and communicate with Him, I often find a solution or I get the wisdom to look into myself or think from the other persons perspective. Believe me, it is easy and it works !!

I’m sure each and everyone of us go through ups and downs of life, be it in relationships, career, finance, health….What is your way to get out of situations like these? What do you do when you feel low? Do share your thoughts. Would love to hear from my fellow members 🙂

A lesson on Gender Discrimination

via Daily Prompt: Bewildered


” God feels no anger, no matter how many times we err. He is the fountainhead of limitless, unconditional love”.

The above quote, which I found in one of my surfing sprees, highly inspired, intrigued and moved me. I printed it and it found a place on my wardrobe, to serve me as a timely reminder. A reminder, to remind me, that when I err, my caretaker forgives me, showers His unconditional love on me and does not get angry at me. So following on His footsteps, when my little ones, do something, which I don’t approve of, I would glance at this message and it would serve me as a gentle reminder to calm down my disturbed nerves of anger. (It worked mostly and only when I was in my room, where I could look at it :(, sadly)

The other day, as I was busy in the kitchen, with my routine chores, my little one storms into the kitchen and tells me, “Mamma, I have made some changes to the message you have on your wardrobe”. I was obviously a bit bewildered, on how to react and what are the changes she could have possibly made, as that message was dear to my heart. Well anyways, keeping calm, I mustered courage to ask her, what changes have you made? “Mamma, there’s a lot of gender discrimination in that message”. Unable to follow, I probed further.  She said, “In school, they are teaching us about gender discrimination”. She explained a bit about the topic and then said, “so accordingly I have made changes to the quote”. I went along with her to take a look at the “appropriate” changes, which had changed “GOD” to “GODDESS”, “HE” to “SHE”. The  only place she got stuck and didn’t know how to proceed was, whether to change ‘fountainhead’ in the above quote to ‘fountaintail’ (The confusion was prevalent in her mind as, HE became SHE, God became Goddess, so, whether fountainhead should become fountaintail of love).

I couldn’t help, bursting out into laughter at the sheer innocence of my little darling and gave her  a BIG HUG !! My quote, my message actually worked as a reminder to me to shower unconditional love on my little one 🙂


Any Time Laughter Machine

via Daily Prompt: Profuse


It is said, “Laughter is the best medicine”, and I was for sure, one factory producing this medicine in bulk. Me paired with my little brother would drop a laughter bomb just about everywhere and our parents would be at their wits end trying to control the destruction, caused by our laughing riots.

Believe me, as I am writing this post, I already had a hearty laugh recollecting old fond memories of our laughing flicks together. I wonder how my parents would come up with witty remarks to get them out of the embarrassing situations I would put them in, more so, when me and my brother would burst into bouts of profuse laughter for no reason, just looking at each others face. In the Prayer room, at the doctors clinic, when we had guests over with funny accents, we could just carry it off anytime and anywhere 🙂

My mom, had a tough time handling our riots and finding a decent escape route from our laughing barrage. Now, that I am a mom, I realize, how I put her in so many awkward and embarrassing situations and what she must have gone through to get out of it. I suppose, I have a much better laughter control now, I could easily be named as the AT(L)M anytime laughter machine of the family 🙂