Are you extra ordinary?

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As a matter of fact, we are all ordinary human beings. There are billions in the world, and we  are just a drop in the ocean, just one of them. We often take ourselves for granted and do not realize our true potential. We do the mundane jobs and tag ourselves with stress and modern lifestyle ailments.

To think of  all the extra ordinary feats, a Mahatma Gandhi, or a Mother Teresa or a Nelson Mandela  achieved, being ordinary human beings? Human beings are no ordinary beings, they are extra ordinary. If they operated at maximum efficiency, they could even pluck the stars, and the above names are an example of that.

Similarly, if you take the example of mother nature, we take it so much for granted, we consider it as ordinary..we don’t realize her value..mountains, trees, rivers..are all there.. But have you ever thought of the tree, which bears the fruit never consumes it, always gives it, the river which carries water, never drinks it, it always flows to serve others. How extra ordinary is that? If we could have a combination of an efficient human being and a forever giving nature inspired by Mother nature, the quality of life on this planet would be unimaginable…

If we could even, become aware of what we are capable of and live in harmony with nature, we can provide for the rest of the living species, and still have ample of it, then we could rename our earth as ‘heaven’, isn’t it?


via Daily Prompt: Minimal


Every person has a right,

To live life to the optimal,

Keeping pricks and hurtful

words to the minimal.

It’s one life,

Why live with a strife ?

Seek and give  forgiveness,

Seek and project  love,

Be aware, and reduce the hurtful words you send,

For it is very difficult to sew and mend,


A broken heart, which has to keep up till the very end.


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via Daily Prompt: Controversy


It’s the nature of some people,

To look and pick for controversies.

To satisfy their urge and need to argue and quarrel,

To satisfy their ego,

Why  pick and prick, dig and delve?

Why read into the untold.

When there is a lot to be heard and told?

I wish, such people learn,

To take people at their face value,

And not read in between the lines,

To unearth something controversial.



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The Massive Bugs

via Daily Prompt: Massive


Carrying anger, jealousy and hatred packed in a bag,

We are off to a journey of life with a swag,

Chasing the goodies of life, with a tag,

Leaving family, friends and love in a lag.


Struck by the massive emotional bug,

Has put a halt to the development of human chug,

Which is causing upheaval and turbulence,

Life is about neglect, irrational behavior, devoid of love and repentance.



There’s one other huge bug, called the electronic disorder,

In which you typically stare into a bright screen or monitor,

You commune with it all day and night,

Not caring to look at any picturesque sight.


There’s one for every family member,

To keep up with the mania and fad,

Recreations and breaks are on phones and ipads,

The affliction of this virus is a family malware.


Lets all get out of our systems, these massive bugs,

Lets practice silence and go hands free,

Where mind can hold kindness and compassion,

And hands can hold, hands of love and regain its lost attraction.




The story of a woman..

via Daily Prompt: Immerse


As a child, she is immersed in  playing,

As a student, she is busy studying & learning,

As a teenager, she  is busy  in seeing and experiencing,

As a young adult she believes in working and experiencing,

As a grown up, she experiences marriage and family.

And then, the tale continues. Once a family lady, she dons the hat of multitasking, that of a working woman, a wife, mother, daughter, daughter in law, teacher, nurse, chef, singer, writer, actor, caretaker – you name it and she has it. Today’s woman is fully immersed physically, mentally and emotionally in whatever she takes up and stands up tall  to take on the challenges of life.

Other than the compensation she draws for her professional work, all the other work or chores she does, are due to her love and involvement with the family. It is a thankless job and often taken for granted. Her only motivator would be a few loving words from family members, an acknowledgement, for the innumerable tasks performed day in and day out, a smile, a warm hug, an appreciation…. it does a lot good to her emotionally, to carry on..

This blog is a salute to all the WOMEN folk, around the globe for their relentless service to humanity.


PS : To all the men folk out there reading this blog, this is no way an underestimation of work  or contribution done by you guys. Men and women are two sides of the same coin. It’s just a heartfelt tribute to the ladies from another fellow lady.






Oh !! Mind..

via Daily Prompt: Murmuration


Clitter clatter, chitter chatter,

You have so many topics to offer,

Murmur, murmur, murmur, murmur,

You arrange everything on a platter.

You take me through  a thought of mirror maze,

Where I reflect on my own thoughts,

You take me on a giant wheel,

When life almost comes to a standstill !!

You take me through the past happenings,

You take me on a future date,

You make me all apprehensive,

With actually no reason to believe.

The only way I can put a cessation,

To your non stop murmuration,

Is placing you under observation,

Letting go of your thought projection,

And subjecting you to deep relaxation,

By following the process of meditation.

Oh, mind !! You are such a wonderful creation !!



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via Daily Prompt: Abstract


Abstract is undefined,

Abstract is beautiful and infinite,

Abstract is unfinished and unrefined,

Abstract is darkness and light.

Raw and unprocessed thoughts are abstract,

Fear and imagination, the mind and perception,

are all so fluid and abstract,

The flow of life and the science of creation,

Is a piece of  abstract art, by the divine artisan !!


via Daily Prompt: Nuance


Nuance, is the foundation stone,

In the misunderstanding zone,

You intend to convey with a particular tone,

The affected, has to put up all alone.

So begins the journey of false impressions,

Which is based on a misinterpretation,

Which causes a good amount of confusion,

And, of course, does not meet your expectations !!

Nuances of the statements, we miscalculate,

Small instances, inviting innumerable debates,

False judgements and misinterpretations,

Leading to many misconceptions.

Disagreements, squabbles, differences and fights,

It’s only about proving  a point to be right

Let go of your inherent instinct to jibe,

Let us all have a happy and positive vibe !!

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via Daily Prompt: Nervous


It was a few months back, when I was watching the movie “MS Dhoni – The untold story”, with my daughters. All going fine, a few comments, usual household scenes unfolding at home, while watching the movie, relaxed and easy.

There comes a scene in the movie where there’s an accident, car and a van collision. The sound projected in the scene almost makes your heart skip a beat, shaking you off the calm and sombre atmosphere of watching the movie. The sound hit us all of a sudden and my little daughter gave a nervous shriek.

A  few days later my husband was watching the same movie. Nearing the car accident scene, my little one said, ‘Papa, you are going to get a heart attack’. We were all puzzled at her statement and my elder one immediately got on to her job to say,  you are not to talk like that. It’s not done. To which, my little one blurted out, why? The other day while watching this scene, even I got a heart attack.

We all understood the intention of her statement and had a hearty laugh.


via Daily Prompt: Vivid


I have been to different places and have fond memories of those beautiful places. But the most vivid memories, are the ones which relate to nature, culture and people. Looking at nature, enthuses me and gives me varied lessons, one of them being, be it anywhere in the world, mother nature does not differentiate between her children.

Different time zones, different times, one sunrise – bright and radiant.

Different places, different plateaus and mountain peaks – mighty, encompassing  and powerful

Different continents, different seas and  vast oceans – lifelike and crystal clear.

Different planes, different deserts, huge forests –  Impressive, extensive and rich.

Different areas, different birds, different flowers – colorful, vibrant and realistic.

Different countries, different religions, different people – eye catching, warm and striking.

Different dialects, different origins, one language running deep all over the world – LOVE.