Let go : Release


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Fist, Liberate, Change, Freedom

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To release, is something, which does not come naturally to us humans. We have the tendency to hold on to things, people, wealth, thoughts, life & so on..

I guess, this tendency stems from the fact that if we release the hold, we lose control.

The fear of losing something, makes us hold on to, and we get entwined and entangled in life, like the roots of a tree.

If only, we could all,

Release the aches and pains,

Release the thoughts that refrain,

Release the unexpressed emotions,

Release and let go of the pent up frustration,

Break open the shackles and chains,

Tied up, within, to hold us back in vain,

Release the fears and unwanted self imposed restrictions,

To liberate the stress and accumulated apprehensions.

To free up and create space within,

And release the dormant energy within,

Let go of the unfulfilled incompletions,

Scan ourselves, to release the unwanted,

Detox our mind, and achieve all that we wanted.

Let us release, when we still have energy and Life.

We do not have another chance,

For, when we let go of our breath, we release our life.





Do you Believe

via Daily Prompt: Believe

Board, Believe, Not, Speechless, Marvel

I don’t believe it !! is the most commonly used phrase in the negative sense.
It’s like, there is something good happening to you, and you are not deserving enough to accept it. The universe is giving you goodies, imagine, you have just won a game show, or a lottery, and all you are saying is –

“I DON’T BELIEVE, I’ve just won a lottery “. And you keep repeating the phrase over and over again.

And when you don’t believe it, nobody believes it, the universe does not believe it.

Whatever you pay attention to, grows. So stop concentrating on your negatives and pour your energies to believe in yourself and be grateful for all you’ve got in life, let it grow !!

Changing scales

via Daily Prompt: Deny

To accept, is to be responsible, to deny, is to blame.

We oscillate like a pendulum, between the two, with varying degrees of acceptance or denial.

It is human tendency, to deny responsibility in a given situation, to avoid insult, fear of being berated, punishment or the like. We often see this attribute in children, where they pass the buck – she did this, it’s his fault and so on..As we grow, we realize the futility of the blame game and start to behave maturely and responsibly.

To accept a given problematic situation, to assess it, to let it sink in and act responsibly and move ahead from that point, requires awareness and practice. In my opinion, we as adults continuously move up from a scale of 1 to 10 as we grow up and outgrow the habit and need to deny.

Do share your thoughts on where you stand on this scale  🙂

Bygone Era

via Daily Prompt: Glorious

The glorious era,

Of my childhood, bygone,

Memories etched in sands of time,

And I have simply moved on.

A time when,

Houses were small,

Families were big,

Space was a constraint,

But there were no complaints.

A time when,

We believed in sharing,

A single room with siblings,

A wall for each one of us in the room we shared,

Our favourite posters, creative work on the wall, gladly we would add.

A time when,

There were no birthday parties,

And no friends for sleepovers,

A birthday wish could walk in, uninvited,

A friendship didn’t need to develop under covers.

A time when,

Photography was for special occasions,

Weddings, functions and vacations,

Thirty six clicks in a roll we had,

And we did the job to near perfection.

A time of,

No social networking, and no facebook likes,

A tweet would take a verbal flight,

A like would be a personal face-look like,

And any appreciation truly belonged and was a personal right.

A time of, circulating libraries,

We were enticed by books to run the odd jobs and be the emissaries,

Postman, letters, cards did the communication rounds,

The thrill of receiving it, knew no bounds.

The advent of a computer still unknown,

Apps, games, gadgets all belonged to a future zone,

A lone doll/teddy and board games we had for company,

Street plays and friends we had so many.

Time, we needed to spend or use,

To inspect broken clocks, or things unused,

The current day kids ask, “what did you do to kill time”?

I say, “we never had the instruments or language to commit the crime.”

I could go on and on, about the era so dear to me,

I can recollect the fine memories, etched somewhere in me,

I can’t fathom living, without these occurrences,

I can’t reminisce my life without my childhood experiences.



What’s on your platter

via Daily Prompt: Recreate


We are living in the times, when stressful living is everybody’s cup of tea. Anger, annoyance, irritation, anxiety are on everyone’s platter. Where children are pushed beyond their limits to pop like a  soda, by excelling in all activities. Where competition is a complementary starter, in all spheres of life. Come what may, the emotional disturbances we are going through, cannot be done with, given our current lifestyle.

So, then, the above being constant, lets recreate our desserts. Lets recreate the magic of a smile, lets recreate and enjoy the joy in small things, lets recreate the power of a loving hug, a caring touch and be there for each other.

Yes, it sounds like a situation right out of a very idealistic world. But to start with, lets take baby steps by recreating our fun and magic moments within our family 🙂

A small beginning !!

You are worth it !!

via daily prompt :overcome


When a needle pricks you, only you feel the pain. Others can only sympathize with you. When you bruise yourself in the process of your day to day work, only you can feel the pain. Others can only comfort you. When you feel hurt, something pricks you deep within the heart.  This pain deep within, is solely yours. Nobody can help you in carrying that load of pain.


When something deeply hurts you, you feel very small, insignificant and worthless. Everything around you starts to feel hollow and worthless. People, relationships, feelings, emotions, values everything goes for a toss. In this whole process, the pain is only and only caused to you. It is you, who has allowed the other person to empty out his/her garbage onto you-Sometimes, you don’t have a choice, especially, if it’s your boss at the other end. You have been the recipient of the flurry of harsh words meted out at you or you are feeling the pain of a loved one not inquiring about you, or your teacher rebuking you. You are feeling awful about this. I’m sure, most of us have been here, gone through this at some point in life.


Sometimes, such things happen, and you do feel the pain and burden deep within. You cannot control the words and action of another person who has treated you thus, but you and only you can control the way you want to feel about and after this experience and here, you have a choice..

The only way to heal the scar on your heart or overcome this, is to let go. By letting go here, I mean, let go off that frustration, that pain, that anger, that the particular interaction has caused within you. You can let go by following what you love to do. Follow your passion/hobby. You can write, sing, draw, shout your lungs out, box a pillow, write about your feelings on a piece of paper and shred it into pieces. Choose, what feels good for you, but have it flushed out of your system. Unburden and clean your heart. After all, it’s the most important organ you have. Send out love  to your heart. If you keep dumping load on it, it’s bound to fail, and you cannot afford that, for you are important and you are worth it !!


Priceless Gems.

via Daily Prompt: Priceless



As a kid, mom and dad, you had laid a foundation of priceless gems in me and my siblings. Gems in the form of moral and ethical values, humility, being grateful, faith, adjustments, courage and the like.

Whenever, the wall of my being, cracked in doubt, about  truth or lie, mom and dad, you filled my cracks with the right bit of advice in the form of anecdotes, stories which I could follow and made me strong.

Whenever I cracked  with arrogance and anger you educated me the values of being humble and patient.

When I felt low, you taught me the virtue of being grateful.

When I buckled under pressure and fell, you were there to hold my hand and support me and  get me back on my feet.

Even today, when I falter between right and wrong, I am able to reap the values and benefits of the priceless gems you imbibed in me.

No doubt, I have added a lot to my collection of gems, in the form of different experiences and have learnt a lot in and from life. I am able to add levels very easily, without worrying about a collapse and I can do this as the foundation is strong.

Thank you dear parents, for the strong foundation you laid years ago to help me deal with different load bearing structures in life.

This post is dedicated to my dear parents, with all my love 🙂

The Connect.

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I thought, I lost my source file,

My connect to the power that governs the universe, until,

Someone asked me,

What do you do for a living ?

I realized, I breathe to live and I connected to my breath.

An old lady once told me, I like you. I remember you because of your smile and I connected to my smile.

My children tell me, you are the best mother in the whole world and we love you, I connect to the love within me.

I feed a hungry person with some food, I connect to the humanity within me.

I take care of my family and home, I connect to the divinity within me.

I enjoy the sounds  of nature and connect to the music within me.

I rhyme and echo with who I am and what I am, I connect with the silence within me, I connect with the power, I connect with the source to live !!

Writers Block.


From the days of writing posts in a jiffy, to today, where I have grainy thoughts on what to write…There is a prickle, in my thought process.Willy-nilly, I just open my wordpress interface to unfurl my thoughts on to the canvas of writing my post, and lo, the solitary thought disowns me. I’m in a trance staring at my screen, leaving me in a lurch to write a good post, which I haven’t done in a while. I am forced to recite – I am facing the Writers Block.

I have written this post using the prompts for the past week !!

Little one !!

via Daily Prompt: Delivery


PC : Pixabay.com

In the good old days, the common usage for the term delivery would generally be restricted to child birth, the postman delivering a letter, a telegram or a parcel by post or delivery of the ball in games.

With the advent of the couriers and e commerce platform, there are various attributes which get prefixed to delivery. Standard or express delivery, free home delivery, cash on delivery and the likes.

I recollect, my friend once telling me, her 4 year old son was insisting on having  a sibling, a little sister. He was constantly pestering her for one. She finally asked him, okay, tell me, from where do we get one? His reply stumped her, when he matter of factly stated, we will order my little sister from Amazon. They’ll deliver her home.

Maybe, the day is not far, when an e commerce platform would allow us to place an order for a “little one”, and deliver it at our doorstep 🙂