Little Minds.

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Every single day, parenting brings with it, it’s unique set of challenges. There is no set rule, if a child is behaving in manner ‘A’, then choose option ‘Z’. Each moment and each event is customized to suit your parenting style and depends on the behavior of your child.

The present day has so much stress circulating from all around – work, school, home. Each one passing the stress buck from one person to another, the child being the easiest target for most adults. Even playtime for kids has become stressful for children with the kind of bullies or bossy kids to deal with.

Competition, being so fierce, parents want kids to do well in all spheres, be it academics, sports, public speaking, art, music and what not..  At times, I dread to imagine, what must be going through their little minds, with so much pressure being applied on them. The curious little minds just cringe under the ever increasing constant pressure, to take shape of the parents requirements. You could well imagine your situation, when you are required to do something which you don’t want to do, but have to comply with it as it is an order from your boss, parents, in laws…We as adults, may have different mechanisms to deal with the same, but the dependent child, has to oblige, placing a stone on his/her heart..

I would like to hear from all parents, do you ever think or feel this way..

Dear Paper

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Paper, dear paper,

You are with us everywhere,

In different styles and different forms,

You serve us with your life anytime and anywhere.


You are the sole witness,

To peoples happiness and woes,

They confide deep secrets and sorrows,

You help them find solace and grow.


You bring the news from around the world,

Day in and day out, at the break of dawn,

You surrender to the press, to design your look and feel,

But, by the end of the day, you are gone.


You are there in our everyday life,

In different forms and styles,

We rip you, punch you burn you and crush you,

You never complain, even for a while.


You satiate our hunger and thirst,

By readily taking shape of a plate or a cup,

You offer yourself as a serviette,

To assist us with the clean ups.


If only, we were as palpable as you,

We would definitely be more adaptable,

If only, we could surrender and be as flexible as you,

The world would definitely be unrecognizable.




Break the loop..

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Stuck in the everyday melee,

We form loops about almost everything,

Loops of work, loops of stress,

Loops of thoughts, which have no address,

Loops of anxiousness which take us on a ride,

Loops of tension, then walk by our  side.

Loops of anger, loops of frustration,

Loops of jealousy which causes suffocation.

Lets get out of these loops,

Lets all delve into :

Loops of  smiles and loops of laughter,

Loops of spreading love and harmless banter,

Lets go easy in life and enjoy the new found joy,

And make happiness, our new toy.

It’s not that tough, it takes a little awareness,

It is bound to multiply and give us joy to harness.

Life is too short to live in the midst of complaints and grudges,

Make most of it, for YOU are responsible for shifting gears and releasing the clutches.

What a relief.

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Majestic and tall, she stands as a mountain,

Swaying and dancing, she positions herself as trees,

Vivacity and calmness, she brings as flowing oceans and rivers,

Vibrance and radiance she brings with blooming flowers,

A crisp nip, she has with the ice and snow,

The freshness in whiffs of breeze,

And  invigorating droplets of rain.

But alas, she has been subjected to various atrocities by man(un)kind – tampering with her nature, beauty, cluttering, dumping, polluting the air and water, to name a few…

But, Mother Earth, feels proud of the rising sun, every morning, and also stands relieved..thankfully and fortunately, the only one thing untouched and unharmed by mankind is my “SUN”.

Good Morning.

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The dark, velvety, silent night sky, appears in deep slumber. Cool breeze, swaying leaves, growls of animals, buzzing of insects its only companions.

Slowly and steadily, we witness rays of sunlight appearing and wrapping the night sky in a golden gown, swaying to the tunes of chirping birds. The night sky changing into the golden gown to blossom into a bright and beautiful morning. Making a style statement in it’s new golden attire, giving us a message, wake up world, you have been blessed with one more beautiful day !!


This is Life..

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I have often talked in my blogs about faith, surrender, flow of life and allowing life to happen to us.

In the past few days, I found myself floundering on following all of the above. The untimely demise of a young boy, in my extended family, left me shattered. My faith, belief, trust everything got punctured. I was totally deflated. In the moment of grief, I conferred God to be unkind, ruthless and cruel, to snatch a young and playful child from a mothers lap.

As I felt helpless, tears rolling down my cheeks, I told myself, that all of these are just philosophical “gyaan”, which is nice to talk and write about.

A few days of frustration, helplessness and war of random thoughts in my mind, brought me a wave of realization, that come what may, life WILL pull out the carpet from under my feet. Fall I will, and hurt  myself I will, – no escaping that. What distinguishes me, is my ability to get up and stand, after the fall. That is surrender, that is going with the flow. That is the only choice available to me, for if I were in control, I would have made sure that there would be no mishaps or unpleasant experiences. Life experiences are our curriculum in this school called life, which is customized and tailor made as per our requirements.

Today, I seem to have come to accept the situation life hurled at us, and I am making a conscious effort to get up and stand after the fall, it’s not easy by any stretch of imagination. The scar of the loss will remain, I try to apply a balm to cover it and ask the Almighty to give us the power to heal the scar. I am sure, God the fountainhead of love, will forgive me for my unmindful ranting during my days of ‘low’.


Practice to polish.

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I polish my language, so I do not hurt anyone by my words ,

I polish my tone, so I do not show irritation and anger to others,

I polish my actions, so I do not show hatred and jealousy to my fellow beings,

I polish my heart to receive love from others,

I polish my mind to silence, to receive energies from the universe,

I polish my thoughts to practice the art of forgiving,

I polish my being and life, to practice to flow with HIS flow and to surrender.

But then, I plunder, I fumble, I mumble, I grumble, I fail, because I am human…

And then I start over, again to polish my failures to move forward and continue to flow with the flow of life.




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My imaginary world

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One night, I had a dream. I found myself walking in a long pathway surrounded by dense trees on either side. Cold winds blowing. Not a soul to be seen. Walking along, petrified, I suddenly notice that I am surrounded by a stunning bright golden light, which inquired about me. I was shocked, I stammered to ask, who are you? How do you know me? Where am I? Tears rolling down my cheeks. Choking, sweating….

Do not worry my child.. I am the power which governs the universe, spoke a soft, soothing and calming voice. You have travelled down the path of your life. This is your inner journey. This is how you came into this world, and this is how you will be departing from the earth. Still crying, I managed to ask, but why have you brought me here? My child, I brought you along this path, so you could recognise your life. To recognise what you have, and where you are lacking. To identify the pitfalls (traits of jealousy and hatred and fill it up with love) and to identify the bumps and humps in your life (anger, ego, pride) and to scale them down. When you strike a perfect balance between them, you will experience peace and bliss.

This is how I read my inner journey. When I’m really upset or hurt and go through an upheaval of emotional turmoil, I sit by myself and get into one such mode, where I try to find the purpose of my life. This is how my imagination runs in my imaginary world and I try to get out of my lows.


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Traces and whiffs,

of unpleasant memories,

which you manage to sniff,

from your past,

will rock your skiff,

to make your future very stiff,

and hurl your relations from a cliff.

Before any of this happens, hit the delete button on the unwanted memories.

Recycle your PAST, to PRESENT you a FUTURE, that is bright and illuminated.