via Daily Prompt: Roots


When you spread your toes wide

And stand on the ground,

Imagine roots growing from your feet,

Deep into the earth around.

When your roots are strong,

Anything seldom goes wrong,

You are grounded firmly and benefits you reap,

With values and morals running deep.

When your roots are weak,

Your future is bleak,

A spectator you are, standing meek,

With no roots to nourish and seek.

Roots are existence, uprooted they die,

They strengthen and nourish,

Give life to cherish,

Without roots, we will all perish.


The journey continues..


A flurry of thoughts,

A scurry of emotions,

A hurry to reach your destination,

A blurry sight of vision,

A tussle between a confused mind and a demanding brain,

A reason, good enough for devastation…


It is then, you require,


A space for breathing,

A room for silence,

An ear to listen,

A hand to hold,

A shoulder to rest your head on,

Eyes to shed tears,

And just be…


And then you feel,


A shower of blessing,

A touch of warmth,

A kiss of love,

A hug with power…

From a parent, a loved one….

Which brings back the avid energy,

To control your emotions, and restore your connection,

And to walk the path of life to reach your destination….

The journey continues, as life is a series of such situations.


Being opaque.



Being opaque is –  holding oneself back,

Blocking our thoughts,

Suppressing oneself,

Constricting the flow of life,

Feeling suffocated….

All of this, to please someone, to keep relationships sane, to look good, to belong.

We all go through this in some form or other, and hence, we end up not living our life to the fullest, we are unable to enjoy life or allow life to happen to us.

If only, we could break free of these shackles….

If only, we could be like a prism to reflect all the colors of a rainbow…

If only, we could practice being transparent on a moment to moment basis, we could see the clear reflection of thoughts, feelings, colors and life.


Journey of the mind

via Daily Prompt: Cranky


The journey of a random thousand mayhem thoughts,

Up and down, round and round, till they form tiny clots,

Clots safely tucked up in the brain,

Fears, apprehensions forming a chain,

Unfair demands, dying passion causing pain,

Feeling suffocated and claustrophobic and in strain,

Stacking layers of unaccepted demands and tears and self refrain,

Maintaining composure and peace to keep relationships sane,

The clots hemorrhaging, to put us through agonizing pain,

Oh Mind !! You cranky little devil, cease to take me on a journey of a thousand mayhem thoughts in vain.

Timely Help

via Daily Prompt: Timely


A timely nudge from your friend, when you are busy playing mischief in class and the teacher has arrived,

A timely recollection of an answer, when time is ticking in an exam,

A timely wake up call to get ready for school/work,

A timely hug, by your loved one, when you are upset,

A timely help, when you are lost in a lonely unknown street,

A timely acknowledgement, when you are low,

A timely advice, which changes the course of your life,

A timely run into the metro, when the door closes shut behind you…

There are a number of instances or times in life, when we do get timely help, in different forms, which pulls us on to the right path at the right time, don’t you think so?

Do share any instances from your life, where you have received timely help…..would love to hear from you all.

On the cusp of life..

via Daily Prompt: Cusp


On the cusp of fear, emerges faith,

On the cusp of faith, emerges hope,

On the cusp of hope, emerges life,

On the cusp of life, emerges death.

It is a fraction of a moment,  when the two curves decide to meet at a point. It marks, the end of one and the beginning of the other.

Live every moment, for you know not, when the curves meet. Live like there’s no tomorrow. Live like you can make a difference today and now !!

Pause …

via Daily Prompt: Pause


Whenever, you are at a crossroad of life, you are hesitant and perplexed,

You know not, the path to follow, you are apprehensive of what lies ahead.

Your brain shoots questions, what if ??…

Then it is time you press the pause button of your life and take stock. Take a deep breath, stop all thoughts, all activities and relax.

Seek divine help and listen to your heart and follow the path. It will never mislead you, You will reach your right destination !!


via Daily Prompt: Fortune


When God looks at you,

And showers His grace on you,

You get the accreditation,

To design your own future. .

When God looks at you,

And showers His love on you,

You move from darkness to light,

And your life shines nice and bright.

When God looks at you,

And showers His blessings on you,

You tide over the misfortunes,

And spell your own fortune.

My dear friends,

God is omnipresent,

And is always showering His grace, love and blessings on you,

So, have faith, stay blessed and experience plenty of good fortune !!



Let’s Extend Our Territory

via Daily Prompt: Territory


PC :


Country, States, Cities, we mark our geographical boundaries.

I, me, mine, we mark our physical boundaries.

Each soul, encased in a body, marking it’s territory, protecting it, trying to keep it safe and secure…

But, there’s only one world, one universe, one globe, one power, one sun, one moon – No territories, No boundaries. We are all bound by all that is “ONE”, which proves that we are one species, the human species, with different souls and different bodies.

Let’s celebrate the “ONENESS” and be open to the gift of universal love and affection.

Let’s receive, let’s project and let’s give out love….beyond me and mine. Let’s extend our territory.

The elixir of Life..

via Daily Prompt: Elixir


Our life, can be compared to a comic book… which has a elixir of experiences, which is prescribed for us as per requirement…

Some sweet, some salty,

Some moderate, some naughty,

Some happy, some sad,

Some which drive us totally mad.

Each experience is a tonic,

Which is exclusive and exotic,

Required for our growth,the symptoms of which are chronic,

Customized and prescribed individually, at His clinic.

The doses of elixir may differ,

Some of which might be bitter,

With each dose we march ahead,

To experience the life spread !!