The Sun-Flowers

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Kissing the horizon, are the beaming sun rays,
Oh! What a beautiful sight, to gaze,
The gigantic and radiant sun, slowly rising up,
Cajoling and coaxing the sleepy world to wake up..

Announcing it’s arrival, at the break of dawn,
The sleepy sunflowers snuggling to each other, with a yawn,
The motherly sky, lighting up and changing into her morning attire,
When the little sunflower maidens, gently inquire..
Could we nap a little longer,
We are still very sleepy, and would cherish some more slumber,
Peeping through their little baby eyes,
They are in for a huge surprise,
Catching a glimpse of the sun in all its splendor,
The little sunflowers, meander, to salute the sun in majestic grandeur !!


Life’s Maze..

life's maze

Different paths of life,

Some circular, some curvy,

Some straight like a ramrod, some topsy-turvy,

Some pave our way and are arduous, some joyous, some unpleasant treacherous ones,

Unpredictable twists and turns,

Some bushy and thorny,

Sometimes a simple and plain journey,

We ought to find our ways,

Through life’s difficult maze !!


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The Ballet…

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A perfect blend from an artist’s pallete,
Colours, hues flowing freely performing a ballet,
A blank canvas, spotlighting the arena,
Shades of peach and raspberry showcasing the ballerina..
Beauty, elegance, elan and style,
Swirling and swiveling with a bewitching smile,
She held the audience in awe and admiration,
Inviting applauds to a standing ovation !!


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The heavenly gift…

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A flower from heaven, Exquisitely crafted with precision,
By the master craftsman,
Delicately woven satin ribbons…
For the millions of beings on earth,
To satiate their hunger for a taste of mirth,
A longing to belong and realize their worth,
Oh ! What a beauty to have taken birth,
And fallen directly into the lap of Mother Earth !!


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Beauty, as I see it..

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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,
That which transcends, beyond the external colour and splendour,
It’s the connect that surpasses the physical dimensions and barriers,
An expression of love that penetrates deep into the heart’s chambers,
Calls out to the beauty, within, and depicts the sign of a true warrior !!


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The pup, penguin and the bear,

All sitting on a chair,

Waiting to see their pals,

Who lived with them in the toy store of a mall.


Missing all the cuties and softies,

Who sat with them on the settees,

Back then in the good old days,

Before the trio were picked up by the girl who wanted them to play.


Hope she soon picks up some more cuddlies,

To add to her collection of soft toys and teddies,

Would love to be reunited with our little friends,

Longing to see them, and hold our hands.


In response to Tanya’s poetry challenge # 5