Twittering Tales #47 – 29 August 2017


We are similar to humans and come in different colors, sizes and textures, just like them. The difference being, we believe in transparency.

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The Connect.

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IC :


I thought, I lost my source file,

My connect to the power that governs the universe, until,

Someone asked me,

What do you do for a living ?

I realized, I breathe to live and I connected to my breath.

An old lady once told me, I like you. I remember you because of your smile and I connected to my smile.

My children tell me, you are the best mother in the whole world and we love you, I connect to the love within me.

I feed a hungry person with some food, I connect to the humanity within me.

I take care of my family and home, I connect to the divinity within me.

I enjoy the sounds  of nature and connect to the music within me.

I rhyme and echo with who I am and what I am, I connect with the silence within me, I connect with the power, I connect with the source to live !!

Writers Block.


From the days of writing posts in a jiffy, to today, where I have grainy thoughts on what to write…There is a prickle, in my thought process.Willy-nilly, I just open my wordpress interface to unfurl my thoughts on to the canvas of writing my post, and lo, the solitary thought disowns me. I’m in a trance staring at my screen, leaving me in a lurch to write a good post, which I haven’t done in a while. I am forced to recite – I am facing the Writers Block.

I have written this post using the prompts for the past week !!

Being Childlike..


IC :

Observing my little one for a few minutes, just set the thinking bells ringing in me…

How simple would it be, for an adult to be like a child bubbling with energy? Even though, we’ve all been through the stage of childhood, I guess, it would be next to impossible (exceptions prevail). And you would all agree with me if I describe her actions.

Watching the television, suddenly standing up, bending forward and bringing her head close to her thighs, standing, running from one end of the room to the other, dancing for a good 10-15 minutes, repeating the sequences. Phew, who needs aerobics or a zumba for a workout?!! 🙂

And of course, if we ever did manage to do some such sequences, people around us are bound to label us as crazy. It’s the thought free and innocent mind of kids which allows them the freedom to perform sans inhibition !!!

Little one !!

via Daily Prompt: Delivery


PC :

In the good old days, the common usage for the term delivery would generally be restricted to child birth, the postman delivering a letter, a telegram or a parcel by post or delivery of the ball in games.

With the advent of the couriers and e commerce platform, there are various attributes which get prefixed to delivery. Standard or express delivery, free home delivery, cash on delivery and the likes.

I recollect, my friend once telling me, her 4 year old son was insisting on having  a sibling, a little sister. He was constantly pestering her for one. She finally asked him, okay, tell me, from where do we get one? His reply stumped her, when he matter of factly stated, we will order my little sister from Amazon. They’ll deliver her home.

Maybe, the day is not far, when an e commerce platform would allow us to place an order for a “little one”, and deliver it at our doorstep 🙂

With Love..

via Daily Prompt: Partner


I couldn’t ask for a better time and a better prompt to open my heart to my partner while we celebrate our years of togetherness, love, craziness, fun, adventure, laughter and being there for each other through thick and thin of growing up in our marriage.

I remember the vows we exchanged on the day of our wedding and  how our love and bond grew deeper with every passing week, month and year. Together with love, we tendered and nurtured our marriage sapling and saw it grow into a beautiful tree. We saw it branch out in various directions as it allowed us to enjoy the little joys in life. We were together, as we were blessed with our wonderful bundles of joy and today we are nurturing and watching them grow as they are ready to leave our nest and spread their wings to fly high.

Together, we have crossed many hurdles, we have had our moments of arguments and misunderstandings, but the seeds of trust helped us overcome each barrier with grace and love. Together we’ve had our quiet moments, and times of fun and frolic. You’ve been a pillar of strength, when I felt low, you’ve held my hand to help me stand and gain courage when I faltered.

I want to thank you dear partner and wish to be with you and enjoy every moment of my life, today and forever !!


Where’s my path ?

via Daily Prompt: Foggy


Some days are dull days. Nothing seems to go right. I miss an alarm – wake up late, rush to finish the chores, pack off kids to school in time for the bus, rush to exercise, rush to everything to be done…

Finally, I catch a breath to sit and relax only to realize, I have messed up acting on a message which required action. Phew…Ups and downs, brain clogged, mind foggy, vision poor, nothing is clear on how and where to proceed. But, dear life has to go on and I have to move on..

Am here, starting off writing my post and releasing endorphins and trying to feel good. Hopefully, this works 🙂