Dear God

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Dear God,

I face an obstacle in life,

I pray unto you to resolve it,

I wish to have faith and

I wish to surrender.


I have a problem.

I have a monkey mind,

Which makes my thoughts jump from one tree to another,

From a higher branch to a lower one,

I wish to tame it,


I have a problem.

I get caught in the whirlwind of thoughts,

I get caught in the willy-nilly of life,

I get stressed by the umpteen chores,

I try to meditate to catch them all,


I have a problem.

I fail to silence them all,

I take a few steps forward and fall,

I determine to do it once more, I make a resolve,

I will pray unto you, for you are above all.

Please show me my path,

Don’t let it be a one-way street,

Please share a glimpse or a snippet from my life with me,

Give me an indication,

Show me that my obstacles and problems

Are ‘Work In Progress’ at your workshop,

And please tell me, that you are always with me !!


Fone Free Sunday # 9

Hi All,

Yesterday, being the last Sunday of the month, was the technology free Sunday. An initiative started by my blogger friend Pradita from The Pradita Chronicles and me. An initiative to look at something other than your phones, devices, gadgets, laptops.

Yesterday, as my kids had to catch up with their homework and studies, I found time to complete my zentangle art, which I had started a few weeks back.

Here’s how it came out to be.

thumbnail (1)

Had a good and satisfying time at the end of the day.

Do share your experiences if you did participate. Apologies, I couldn’t post a reminder, the day before.

Are you providing the right building blocks?

Every child is unique and so is the behavior  displayed by every child, based on the situation.

Every behavior, which a child displays moment by moment, is a result of the tiny brain processing a decision and behaving a certain way. Based on our percussive vibrations and repeated reactions, whether we make him/her right or wrong, the child realizes, what is acceptable and what is not acceptable and slowly the behavior becomes a habit and probably goes on to form the nature and personality of the child.

For instance, if a child has fallen down and hurt himself very badly, and the adult who is accompanying the child, yells at him for not being careful. This can and might happen over and over again during the growing up years of the child. When the child becomes old enough to understand, he makes a decision in his mind, it is bad to fall down or fail in any process.

In another instance, a child spills a glass of milk and is berated, shouted upon for not taking care and creating a mess, she decides involuntarily, if I make a mistake, I will be scolded. As she grows, she starts to feel bad and guilty about making mistakes.

Or maybe, the child is laughed at, for a mistake he has made innocently, and the incident is repeatedly told to every member of the house ( it might seem like a harmless joke to the adult members), but the child might develop a fear for a lifetime. He might decide, that if I make a mistake, people will laugh at me.

There could be many such instances, which form or shape the way a child behaves, and builds up his/her nature, and we the people at home are  the ones, who provide the building blocks to them.

So, next time you encounter a mistake of your child, be a responsible adult and choose the building block you wish to provide them.

Nest your thoughts

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It’s human tendency to look smart, by giving a witty reply, by being the first one to reply to a question posed to a huge audience, by posting a smart comment on a message. We all just want to talk, without even listening to the whole conversation, thus showing our knowledge about the topic. All of this makes us feel smart, important and probably gives us a chance to gain acceptance in our peer group or society.

I’m sure, all of us have been through these situations in the day to day life experiences. The urge to outsmart others, often lands us in embarrassing situations, or putting our foot in our own mouth.

We could overcome this, by becoming aware of this. As information in the form of spoken words, thoughts enter our mind, we try and nest the thoughts. We allow the information, thoughts to rest within, seep in and sit a while in our system. We think and ponder about it and then act on it, unless, it’s a quiz question on the buzzer round :).

I like to visually think of myself as a tree. Arms stretched out up in the air, receiving and accepting life’s experiences. Assimilating and physically experiencing it and letting go of all that is not required, into the earth through the strong roots growing from my feet !!

I have observed, when I practice this, I often avoid confrontation with family, domestic helps, at work…It gives me time to chew the cud and take the essence of the point. And when I do think about it for some time, often things get clear and sorted out on their own without having to show an extreme reaction, anger, irritation. And, things which do not actually matter, often dies down, on its own. Yes, there are things which happen, where I am still a sapling and I do sway with the goings on and react, but I am aware and do display “work in progress” in that zone.

It’s a long drawn process, which takes time, but do try it out and let me know if it works!!

Seven Days B & W Photos Challenge- Day 6

I was challenged by Beauty lies within yourself for a challenge of a ” Seven Days black and white photos of your life”. Thank you Tanvir for the nomination. Here is the picture for day 2 of the challenge.

No people.

No explanation

Just nominate new people every day


B&W 7

Today I nominate Shaloo from for this picture challenge.

Are we killing oxygen?

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barren trees


We better wake up to the atmospheric pollution we are causing. This is the state of a few  trees on a State Highway. I dread to imagine, what if most of the trees accept this attire down the line…Where and how would we live?? Delhi is one prime example of  chaos and destruction caused by our ascend towards development. What are we leaving behind for our future generations. How can we kill trees, who are the main source of our life? How can we harm our very own life service provider? We need to wake up, before the alarm rings…

Seven Days B & W Photos Challenge- Day 5

I was challenged by Beauty lies within yourself for a challenge of a ” Seven Days black and white photos of your life”. Thank you Tanvir for the nomination. Here is the picture for day 2 of the challenge.

No people.

No explanation

Just nominate new people every day

b&w 2

Today, I nominate Kamal from boundlessblessings for the Black and White photo challenge.