Daily Prompt: Hopeful

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The clock of life ticks on hope. Hope that we will have one more second, one more minute, one more hour, one more day, one more month, one more and one more. One more chance, one more prospect, one more opportunity. The very fact that we set the alarm for the next morning, depicts, we are hopeful of one more morning in life.

We are always hopeful, that we’ll have the best of everything life has to offer and why not, we are all children of almighty and we all deserve the best.

But, as the proposition of life goes, life is a mixed bag of presents and emotions. This concept, is what inspires us to be hopeful, be alive, hoping something better might be in store for me tomorrow.

So, if something is not going right today & you are facing a rough patch today, do not lose hope, it’s only an indication from the almighty, be hopeful my child…tomorrow is a new day, a new beginning..


Daily Prompt: Mope

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No use, moping around,

When nothing really is stable and sound,

If time today was not productive,

Tomorrow shall not be unconducive.

Live life, as it comes by,

The unpleasant days are sure to go by,

Count every blessing that comes by,

Tomorrow you’ll surely fly high.

Amidst nature, amidst house,

Under the vast blanket of clouds,

Find that one zeal in life,

That’ll surely direct your circuitous life.

Amid all the problems that you may face,

Be sure, of His master plan,

The Divine intervention and grace,

Will see you through your lifespan.

Daily Prompt: Renewal

via Daily Prompt: Renewal

Some irresistible and exciting offers on renewing your life time membership of your life!! A host of renewable items, available totally free, to improve your life dramatically.

I’m sure you are all eager to know, what they are, aren’t you? Please read on, every single one of you has it in plenty, it’s neatly tucked away somewhere deep inside. Get them out, dust them off and relive the small joys of life, they are all yours, see the change, feel the change 🙂

Renew your smiles – they lighten the mood,

Renew your hugs and kisses – spread love,

Renew your old friends – new friendships,

Renew your old fond memories – relive life,

Renew your laughter – relax,

Renew the joy of waking up to a hot cup of filter coffee – enjoy the fragrance of life,

Renew giving a helping hand to the old and needy – feel kindness,

Renew reading a book- not on kindle, feel the hold and smell of the book,

Renew your playtime with kids – create bonding,

Renew your family ties – enjoy family time,

Renew your childhood- become an innocent child again,

Renew the oxygen you breathe- take a deep breath,

The list of freebies is not exhaustive. Choose yours, to suit your life. Just a gentle reminder, of the forgotten joys of life. A little time away from the mad rush, hurry burry of work and addiction to gadgets. A little closer, to renewing your lifetime membership to live life fully and reconnect to the lost connectivity.

Make a beginning today.


Daily Prompt: Pillage

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Our house, our Earth,

Of resources, there is no dearth,

Plentiful, perennial and bountiful,

Oh ! my house, so beautiful.


Seas, oceans and mountains,

Deserts, forests and terrains,

Nature, flora fauna and all,

The sun and the moon, you have it all.


Cries and pleads, our mother earth,

Take care of me, for I’m the only one,

Pillage, destruction and devastation are not worth,

Oh, humans, put down your guns, or soon I will be gone .



Best Mama Ovation

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The incident occurred a couple of years ago..

I had read some time ago, about a mother playing a fun game with her children. I was intrigued by the game and decided to carry it out in my home. It goes thus..

I asked my little one, to describe mama in three words. (I should admit, I was a bit nervous –it was nothing less than putting my hands into a lions mouth) expecting a barrage of words, which may not be soothing to my ears. But the words she said provided the much needed solace to my heart – Mama is cute, mama is sweet and mama is kind. These words spoken by an innocent 6 year old, came right from the heart and I was thrilled about it.

All is well, so far so good. The real test was to play the game with my elder daughter, a good 14 years old. With bated breath, I asked her, If you had to describe mama in three words, what would they be? Waiting for her response was tough, with all the word battles going on in my little head, the combinations she could use, especially after going through the recent teenage troubles of verbal duels, squabbles, the latest being – don’t lecture me  or give me a break L What if she labels me.???. Putting the little fella inside my brain in silent mode, I waited, and the wait was worth it. Her words tasted like nectar to me. She said, I was caring, loving and cute. She continued doing her work, unaware of the difference she created for me. My hard work of being Mama, for all these years of selfless service, day in and day out had paid off.mother2

My little audience of my two daughters gave me an ovation, which filled my heart.

I would like to give a STANDING OVATION to all mothers in the world, for their tireless, selfless, thankless and whole hearted devotion to their children and family.


Daily Prompt: Retreat

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The essence of any relationship, is the feeling of mutual love, respect, trust and the like. In case of a heated argument between two or more members of a family, a row, a squabble, the base foundation is that of love and concern. Come to think of it, will you ever pick up a squabble with a Tom, Dick or Harry? No bonding, no love, no squabbles. It’s only when the thread of love is sewing the relationship, there is wear and tear in the fabric.

We could apply the old adage which goes, a stitch in time saves nine, to a relationship. So to say, whenever there’s a verbal row, a temper tantrum from a family member, just lie low and retreat. Allow the storm to pass by, sew a stitch, and see a wonderful new apparel called  relationship  blossom at the other end.

Just a little attempt to sum it up ;


In a relationship,

There is concern, there is love

There is a battle and a row,

When you begin to feel it grow,

Just let it go, and lie low.


In a relationship,

There is truth and there is trust,

There is a squabble and an outburst,

When you feel the strain,

Just lie low, and let it drain.


In a relationship,

There is respect and there is comfort,

There is hardship,wrong and right,

When you see it and feel it,

Just step back, retract and retreat.


In a relationship,

There is a temptation to speak, which you shall resist,

Develop patience with retreat,

Love, respect and silence will then grow,

With time, your relationship shall glow.





Image courtesy : Pixabay


Until I was blessed with my first child, I always thought that parenting is very rosy. I barely had an idea that a tiny, chubby, cuddly little bundle could score over you and leave you clueless, confused and perplexed all night.

What I realized, is that parenting is the only subject where you are directly put into the practical lab sessions, without conducting any theory sessions 🙂 Before you realize, you have a bundle, who grows into a mischievous lad, and a troubled teenager, who leaves you at the mercy of google, doctors and advice from family and friends. No manual, no guide. Only trial and error, talks, temper tantrums, cajoling, cuddling, googling – choose your pick, to suit your need 🙂

As we raise kids, we enable them to become independent, self reliant and able youths for the future generations. Don’t you think it’s a big bounty we pay ourselves, for all the struggle, for capturing the goodness in the kids, and making them good citizens who can shoulder the responsibility of themselves and the nation.



From a tiny little infant, to a naughty mischievous child, to a mature grown up individual, you are well aware of your worldly commitments, purpose and journey of life.


Let us undertake a journey, a little different, a journey that takes you inward, deep within to interact with the real you. A journey which awakens you from the deep hypnotic slumber of life,

To discover, the purpose of your soul and your life,

To discover, the treasure of inner beauty that lies untapped within you,

To discover, the joy and peace buried within you,

To discover, the hope, faith and belief embedded in you,

To discover, the quiet warrior in you,who helps you conquer your own limitations,

To discover, and connect with your own higher self, the silence, the creator

To discover and experience the mystery, magic, ecstasy, bliss and

Discover the NEW YOU.





Image Courtesy : Pixabay