Best Mama Ovation

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The incident occurred a couple of years ago..

I had read some time ago, about a mother playing a fun game with her children. I was intrigued by the game and decided to carry it out in my home. It goes thus..

I asked my little one, to describe mama in three words. (I should admit, I was a bit nervous –it was nothing less than putting my hands into a lions mouth) expecting a barrage of words, which may not be soothing to my ears. But the words she said provided the much needed solace to my heart – Mama is cute, mama is sweet and mama is kind. These words spoken by an innocent 6 year old, came right from the heart and I was thrilled about it.

All is well, so far so good. The real test was to play the game with my elder daughter, a good 14 years old. With bated breath, I asked her, If you had to describe mama in three words, what would they be? Waiting for her response was tough, with all the word battles going on in my little head, the combinations she could use, especially after going through the recent teenage troubles of verbal duels, squabbles, the latest being – don’t lecture me  or give me a break L What if she labels me.???. Putting the little fella inside my brain in silent mode, I waited, and the wait was worth it. Her words tasted like nectar to me. She said, I was caring, loving and cute. She continued doing her work, unaware of the difference she created for me. My hard work of being Mama, for all these years of selfless service, day in and day out had paid off.mother2

My little audience of my two daughters gave me an ovation, which filled my heart.

I would like to give a STANDING OVATION to all mothers in the world, for their tireless, selfless, thankless and whole hearted devotion to their children and family.


10 thoughts on “Best Mama Ovation

  1. A standing ovation to the lovely mother on the other side too! You have such lovely daughters. Tantrums, anger, frustrations are just simply add-ons on to their childhood and our motherhood, I suppose, luckily we have the joys, selfless love and the simple pleasures to share that can make everything else look so trivial.

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