Daily Prompt: Pillage

via Daily Prompt: Pillage







Our house, our Earth,

Of resources, there is no dearth,

Plentiful, perennial and bountiful,

Oh ! my house, so beautiful.


Seas, oceans and mountains,

Deserts, forests and terrains,

Nature, flora fauna and all,

The sun and the moon, you have it all.


Cries and pleads, our mother earth,

Take care of me, for I’m the only one,

Pillage, destruction and devastation are not worth,

Oh, humans, put down your guns, or soon I will be gone .




12 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Pillage

  1. My son sang the poem “Earth is our home what a beautiful home’ for Earth day. With the devastating climate changes adding to man’s increasing efforts to destroy and destruct, the future seems bleak. More prayers that we, as a generation, wake up and join in to together save the future of Humanity and our beautiful home.
    Lovely post, Deepika!

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