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Multitasking Moms….

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For a baby, who comes without a user manual,
Born to an inexperienced mom, whose learning is gradual,
From soothing the tiny tot from her random sobs,
In between the various and numerous other jobs.
‘The Mother’ dons the hat of multiple professionals,
A mom, a teacher, a mentor and caretaker,
A chef, a nurse, a doctor, counsellor and a driver,
The list could be never ending,
Depending on which need of the baby, she is attending. 😄
Need to mention the assistance from dad, the real superhero,
Who provides the right advice and becomes a pro,
Needless to say, bringing up baby doesn’t come easy,
It definitely takes a toll on parents, and at times, does make them uneasy !!😁


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Growing Wings.. November Writing Prompt #4


Everyday, I am growing wings,

Little by little, when I fight my fears, and go beyond,

When I prod myself to lift my spirits, and move on.

Everyday, I am growing wings,

Little by little, when I become aware, of my limitations,

And work on burying them, to make a mark from there on.

Everyday, I am growing wings,

Little by little, when I learn, from my experiences and carry on,

Leaving the erroneous happenings behind, to make fresh beginnings, to live life full on !!

I am growing wings, to propel me a little higher,

From where I stand today,

To a newer, fresher and higher beginning,

To make a mark for each new day !

In response to  Free Verse Revolution Weekly Challenge.

Past vs Present…

For many past generations,

Life was simple, without many complications,

From milking the cows,

To farming with ploughs.

From rearing a family of eight to ten,

With meagre and minimum resources to sustain,

Providing decent education,

And simple dressing for occasions,

Hiding difficulties, strains, aches and pains,

Rightfully earning, every single grain,

Adorning a beautiful and loving smile,

Serving one and all, going that extra mile.

These are the memories, I have,

Which date back to to the time and lifestyle of my grandparents days,

The memories shine bright to date,

Unlike the days of the present.

Those days,

When there was no stress of obesity, fads of diets,

No frills and fancies of rice or millets.

No chronic lifestyle diseases to worry about,

Walking or maybe, cycling was the only means to move about.

No televisions, only conversations,

No Shopping complexes, malls or play stations,

No Patisseries, only small time bakeries,

When, life was simple and people were approachable.

I miss the fun games of teacher teacher, darkroom and cousins gathering,

I miss the days of simple, balanced and healthy living.

To end,

I would just quote, the famous Hindi Song,

‘Koi lauta de mere beete hue din,

beete hue din, woh mere pyaare palchin

Would love to hear from you all about your thoughts.

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Happy Diwali..

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Deepawali, a festival of lights,
Comes into your home, shining bright,
Ushers in with happiness and cheer,
Fills you life with goodness, in every sphere.
A wish, the festival brings in love and forgiveness,
Extinguishes hatred and dispels darkness,
Brings in prosperity, served on its plate,
Arrives with positivity at your gate.

Have a safe and colourful Diwali !!


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Tug of war..

Age insists, on calling me a grown-up, an adult,
Age warns me, that I am experienced and need to adjust,
But deep within, I want to be a child again,
I want another chance to experience childhood and learn again.

Motherly duties, familial requirements, expect me to conduct myself,
The little ‘me’ within, calls on to me, to be my tiny self,
How I miss my days of carefree childhood,
The present day, places demands, in my many phases of adulthood.

How I played many games as doctors, teachers, vegetable vendors and parents,
Little did I understand, what was it’s true essence,
Today, as I work and run numerous errands,

The little child in me,places a demand to recognize it’s presence.

As a little kid, I wanted to grow up and be mama,
As a grown up, I want to be a kid, so unfolds the cyclic drama,
I play the game of life, I ‘hide’, I ‘seek’,
Wherever, whatever,and who ever I am, I am what I speak and am truly unique !!


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Happy Navaratri..

It’s that time of the year, when the festivities and celebrations have begun with great fervour, and would continue for a while, with Diwali visiting us soon.

Navaratri is a period of nine days and nights, when Goddess Durga is worshipped in her different forms. The female form of energy is worshipped to protect us from evil, grant us our wishes and shower blessings for peace and prosperity. After the completion of nine days, is the celebration of Vijaya Dashami depicting victory of good over evil.

I take this opportunity, to wish all the readers a very happy Navaratri. May the Goddess shower health, wealth, peace and prosperity on one and all.

The seat of truth..

The noble seats of truth,
Lie vacant in heaven,
Who would occupy them,
For the Lord has found none, to beckon.

The pristine orange trees,
Creating a musical breeze,
A space so pure, and divine,
A journey to experience, a wish, it could be mine !

When the heavens are so inviting, mesmerizingly enthralling..
Who would want to be on earth,
Lo, we are all constantly bickering, to reserve the seat of truth…..
Perceiving the contention, The Lord decides to send us down to earth,
And Alas, the seats of truth, lie vacant in heaven,
The wish remains a wish,
Lies far in future, as we are left juggling in the midst of death and birth !!


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The Sun-Flowers

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Kissing the horizon, are the beaming sun rays,
Oh! What a beautiful sight, to gaze,
The gigantic and radiant sun, slowly rising up,
Cajoling and coaxing the sleepy world to wake up..

Announcing it’s arrival, at the break of dawn,
The sleepy sunflowers snuggling to each other, with a yawn,
The motherly sky, lighting up and changing into her morning attire,
When the little sunflower maidens, gently inquire..
Could we nap a little longer,
We are still very sleepy, and would cherish some more slumber,
Peeping through their little baby eyes,
They are in for a huge surprise,
Catching a glimpse of the sun in all its splendor,
The little sunflowers, meander, to salute the sun in majestic grandeur !!

Mother Earth…


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A cry from you mother, gone unheard…

A plea from you, we simply ignored,

We smothered you and butchered you, cluttered you and bothered you, and you quietly endured,

Oh mother, you must be bewildered,

To see, what kind of  children you have mothered,

Against generations and time, your beauty has withered,

It’s agonizing and painful to see how your natural resources suffered,

From a bounty of your gifts that we unearthed,

A handful is what remains with us, undisturbed,

Your might and fury we witness, shows that you are angered,

A few of your little ones, are trying to mend ways with pleas to make themselves heard,

Come one, come all, let’s save our precious and beautiful MOTHER EARTH !!


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