Mind travel..

To ravel the mysteries unknown,. Myriad thoughts flow, out in the open,. Curing a restless mind, thawing it from frozen,. To cultivate fresh and positive thoughts, from the paths untrodden !!


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The Doormat : Partner in crime..

When the doormat lost its way
And in the middle of the floor it lay,
I was sure it had crossed it’s threshold,
Was it trying to enter my kitchen to gain a foothold?

Unhappy with the doormat,. I began to set my foot to find out the cause of the crime, For in the absence of the doormat in place, my floor was messed with grime.
So, I set foot in the kitchen…

I questioned the refrigerator, it was cold in response and it trembled..
I questioned the oven, it was hot, and it turned red, beeped & grumbled,
I looked at the mixer, it was unused and it simply slumbered,
I was at my wits end, to find out, how the doormat fumbled..

I saw the kitchen floor, smeared with flour,
A drizzle of butter, and some sugar to add to the score,
A bottle of oil, and some vanilla extract,
Were some of the ingredients that were ransacked..

The doormat was roped in to cover up the mess,
To clean up the spill, without spiking mama’s stress,
The operation ‘bake a pie and cake’, was in progress,
For a surprise birthday wish, they wanted to express !!

Lockdown kids humour..

Since domestic helps are off during the lockdown period..

The chore of drying the washed clothes and then picking them up after drying was assigned to my little one.

It’s just nearing three weeks now, and

when asked to perform her chore today, she comes to me, gives me a contemplative look and says,πŸ€”πŸ€”

“Mom, can I apply for leave today?”

Me : Leave from what?

Little one : My chores ….πŸ‡πŸ‡

Me : Yeah, you sure can. Next time give me a days advance notice πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

What do I write….

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For days and weeks, there are random thoughts,
I need to write, but on what?
Random flashes flickering in mind,
They fail to respond and go through the grind.
Topics, puzzles, pictures and figures,
Fail to set the neurons to trigger,
Trying to pen a few lines, to be poetic,
But alas, my writing seems so anemic …
Hope to thaw my thoughts out of its frozen state,
And have the verses flow out onto the poet’s slate !!


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Happy woman’s day…

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Is she pretty, or are the flowers adding to her beauty?
Is she hiding behind a veil of  red roses, or are they are covering up her sorrow ?
Is she enjoying their fragrance or are they providing solace to her troubled mind?
Is she adorning a beautiful ornament or are they adoring her beauty?
Either ways we look at it,
A woman is as beautiful as the flowers,
And the flowers only accentuate her beauty.

Kudos and respect to every woman, this woman’s day and everyday !!


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Stop, and find your way to Freedom


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Stop galloping, and you will breathe,

Stop going haywire and you will arrive at your destination,

Stop looking out, for you shall encounter ‘peace’ within,

Give a pause to talking, you will listen to the melody of life,

Stop crying and whining, to smile and enjoy the Creator’s Creation,

Stop yelling and you will connect with silence,

Stop holding on, and you will find freedom !!


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Selfish, Are you??

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The most selfish creature on earth,
The perpetrator, who extracts every pennies worth,
Love is scarce, there is evidence of dearth,
How could I benefit, what’s in it for me, a blooming mirth.

Stress, tension, worries galore,
Human kind, who longs for more,
Never satisfied, seeking some more,
A little more, a little more, until, one is no more.

Mirror, mirror on the wall,

Who is the most selfish of all, Without doubt, it is mankind,

To the needs of others, who is blind !!


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