The Calendar..

The most notorious year of the century, 2020 is being rusticated from the calendar today.

From now on, in its place,
We welcome the year 2021.
We expect the year 2021,
Will be well behaved, and bright,
Bringing in a lot of smiles, cheer and good health, world over.

We do hope the year 2021,
Will gel well with all,
And will make us proud
With its meritorious achievements !!


Copyright : Deepikasramblings
All Rights Reserved


24 thoughts on “The Calendar..

  1. The first day of 2021 brought bad news to us. I think we are still living in 2020. Every year I keep thinking that it is just another day after all, but I guess it is the newness of hope which we are so excited about. I think I started my newness from Feb 1st then. Hopefully, the year does change a few things.


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