Ask vs Surrender.

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When we ask God, we limit ourselves and our possibilities,
When we surrender to HIM, we are, unlimited possibilities !
When we ask, we have one path,
When we surrender, we have multiple options and paths.
When we ask, we think we are asking for the best,
When we surrender, we get the best !
When we ask, we think we are asking in good faith and expect results,
When we surrender, we have all faith, no expectations and no doubts, and get the best results.
When we ask God, we trust only ‘US’, and try to control,
When we surrender, we trust HIM and know that HE will control.

When we board an aircraft, we surrender to the pilot, who is qualified to fly us safely to our destination , and ofcourse we know not, the controls in the cockpit.
But, when we board an aircraft called life, we fail to surrender to the pilot of the aircraft, who knows our destination, and has all controls of our life’s gambit !!


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19 thoughts on “Ask vs Surrender.

    1. Yes Pragalbha. I too, would often find myself asking I want this, give this for my children was very liberating to hit upon the option of surrender, which was always present in theory within, the practical experience was liberating.
      Thanks a lot Pragalbha πŸ™

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  1. .
    Most of us are familiar with the situation having read and seen the Epic Mahabharata serialised..We all are familiar with the situation of Draupathi being disrobed by public, the most humiliating experience of ones life for a lady.

    Draupathi asks her powerful husbands to save her. She requests the mighty assemblage of Bhishma, Drona, Vidura to stop the humility and the shame she is undergoing. Nobody reacts.

    Finally Draupathi remembers. She clutches the bit of the saree, that covers the part of her shame with one hand and raises the other hand imploring the divinity, Krishna to help her.
    .The surrender is not complete yet. Only when Draupadi raises both her hands in complete, unconditional surrender to Krishna and cries out to him, Krishna acts.The saree becomes endless in length.

    Deepika,, your flow of thought, is eternally true, timeless.and inspiring. .It is Godly, flowing from your heart. .

    I am going to carry this theme with me. It is sublime.

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    1. Yes, the mythological epic Mahabharata, and the lessons it conveys through different characters and tales is mind blowing, like you have rightly brought out the act of surrender in the above..
      Am so glad that you could relate to these simple lines of mine.
      Gratitude and heartfelt thanks πŸ™πŸ’“


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