Emotional Roller Coaster

via Daily Prompt: Stifle

Some days, we ride high on our emotions,

We are on the verge of a euphoric intoxication,

Yet some other day, we are stifled,

By our very own thoughts and emotions,

Dragging us on to the point of asphyxiation.

Suffocating thoughts, contaminating the globe,

People suppressing emotions, choking and bringing life to a close,

It’s a violation of rules and almighty’s codes,

We are the ignorant beings, witness to the various fearful roles.

Let us all pledge to observe the basic dictum of humanity,

Let us not abuse or harm one another by acts of cruelty,

Practicing kindness, compassion, affection, warmth and benignity,

Will take us close to love, peace, and amiability !!


Small joys of life

via Daily Prompt: Inkling


Today, as I walk the path of life,

I have no inkling, about the inscrutable ways of life.

If only, I had known, I would have appreciated my life.

My plans didn’t materialize,

My past kept popping up, which I failed to recognize,

I was unable to let go of what had passed,

The bounty future was holding, I just bypassed,

When I reached the end of the road,

I realized what was amiss, and I just bowed,

To the omnipresent, almighty, and vowed,

If at all I have another Ulife,

I will surrender and abide by His plans,

I will hold not to the past, will not plan the future,

I will just live my life and savour the small joys of life.

What is your Silhouette?

via Daily Prompt: Silhouette

“The best and the most beautiful things cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” – Helen Keller

Our aura, our radiance, our energy and our vibrations are all a silhouette of who we are. They can not be seen or touched, but can only be felt by us and people around us. When the light of life experiences fall on our soul, we emerge , we depict an outline of our being, which goes on to form our aura.

I’m sure, each one of you would have felt a feeling of discomfort on meeting certain people, and are totally at peace with a person you meet for the very first time. These are the vibrations, the energy, which attract or repel us from certain type of people.

These are my random thoughts, my random ramblings, hope you enjoy !! Please do share your experiences and thoughts.


The referee

via Daily Prompt: Strategy


IC Pixabay.com


A strategy requires energy. Energy of the brain to think forward, to plan, to get the approach right, and a lot of people belong to this category, who plan out their strategy on a detailed and minute basis to optimize the game plan of life.

But, not to forget, there is a blueprint of our life with the Master Strategist. A plan for every one, and everyone with a plan. An approach and master plan to connect us to the game called life. So, whatever we plan and whatever strategies we make, the last and final call always is with HIM – the referee. No wonder then,  it is said, man proposes and GOD disposes !!

A Good Morning Message From Almighty !!

via Daily Prompt: Horizon

Re-posting from one of my older posts.



Golden rays of the morning sun,

Shimmering in the horizon,

Kissing the soft blue sky,

Inspiring you to rise high.


Spreading the rays of hope,

Despite despair and failures don’t mope,

Teaching you to get up after every fall,

Rising high again, to stand up tall.


My children, rise up like the big bright sun,

It’s My positive light for each and everyone,

Cleanse your soul and spirit with this light,

I will shine within you in the form of golden light.




Who stays within you?

via Daily Prompt: Shock

You will be in for a shock, as you enter in to the dark cave within the temple of your thoughts. Layers of dust gathered, cobwebs dangling, a musty stale odor within. The little trinkets and collections you so carefully picked up and decorated the walls of the temple with so much care, is now in shambles. I guess, you are sad looking at this state of your collections. Rightly so, you had taken care to nurture each one of them and give them an important place within your inner temple.

You carefully start to clean up the cobwebs, remove the layers of dust and let the light beam within. With the ray of light coming in, you are able to see and feel thoughts of anger you felt, hurt someone had caused years ago, frustration with yourself for not measuring to your own standards, cozily tucked, cushioned and nested under the blankets of your thoughts.

You feel so foolish, for nurturing and carrying the thoughts of hurt, anger, frustration within.  You decide, to clean up. You spray a freshener of love and peace into the space, by letting go of all those unwanted burdens.

After all, life is not worth being weighed down under the weight of unwanted baggages. !!

The beautiful maiden..

via Daily Prompt: Brilliant


A beautiful maiden, strolling in the garden,

Amid the creators brilliant creations,

Admiring the beauty of dahlias and carnations,

Amid humming insects and chirping birds,

Lying on the lap of Mother Earth,

Under the vast expanse of the calm blue sky,

Covered with a blanket of soft white floating clouds.

Drifting in  pure natural bliss, she had to let go of her short lived blissful elation,

Slipping in a chain of thoughts funneling  down into the dark abyss of her mind,

As she recalled the pain and agony of losing someone she really loved,

Her big grey eyes, forlorn with unfathomable emotion,

Continuing with the turmoil of life, which was far from a peaceful completion,

Her spirit and soul had been tattered,

The inner peace was all that mattered,

She prayed to Mother Earth, to embrace her with open arms,

As it would put an end to all her uneasy qualms !!




Do we actually converse ??

via Daily Prompt: Conversation


IC : Pixabay.com


We are in the “e generation” where most of our conversations happen the “e” way.

We converse, with our many counterparts, all around the world, using the various electronic gadgets, we have access to. Phones, which were once meant only as a means of communication, have today become a “smart phone”, in the real sense, as it has made us “dumb”slaves and almost taken control of our lives.

“Tablets”, which were once meant to be medicinal tablets, have now become a gadget, one for each member of the family, which takes care of entire entertainment needs of the family from games to movies to epics to serials.. I could go on about the various gadgets available today and write more about it.

The point of irony is,

Conversations happen today, when you are driving down alone in a car. Hands free, wireless bluetooth headphones, and you are on. When I look at people talking thus, I really find it funny. No one by your side, you are bringing out all expressions of anger, frustration…trying to convince or prove a point to the person at the other end.  Or you are smiling to yourself. When you do actually have a person sitting beside you on a drive, the drive is pretty much silent with a backgound music score for company, and a few statements around that.


Conversations happen today, on various chats and applications. There is no open communication. The FYIs, LOLs ,ROFLs, Tc, TTYLs, have hijacked our language at the EOD. The youngsters of today, talk in such lingo, even at home. Mom, you know what, A big LOL happened in school today !!

The meaning of having a decent communication with your neighbor or a meaningful conversation with family, visiting family and friends, has got washed away in the wave of the “e generation”.