Thank you !

via Daily Prompt: Gratitude

Pray, Hands, Grateful, Thankful

Today is a new day,

A fresh page, in my old book,

Today, I read the first page, of my remaining book of life,

A fresh day, to count my age, and look,

Look ahead and bury my sorrows,

Like there is no tomorrow,

Bow my head in gratitude,

For all people and things in life, I am blessed with today,

I am living today, and have scripted one more page of my book,

Tomorrow I shall ink a page more,

A new day tomorrow,  will open one more door.

I keep going, my dear friends,

I am grateful, till I reach my destination, for,that’s where my journey ends !!



Fone Free Sunday #8


Hi All,

A gentle reminder towards a technology free Sunday (last Sunday of the month) tomorrow. An initiative started by my blogger friend Pradita from The Pradita Chronicles and me. An initiative to look at something other than your phones, devices, gadgets, laptops. You can go through the rules here, no compulsions, no credits, just an initiative.

I generally prefer, doing some form of art on a fone free Sunday, but things I do varies, as per the whims and fancies of kids. Sometimes baking, chocolate making, elaborate cooking or just spending time with the children.

Come in, and join hands. More the merrier. And, yes, if you join in, please do share your experiences on your day and experience.

Let go : Release


via Daily Prompt: Release

Fist, Liberate, Change, Freedom

IC :

To release, is something, which does not come naturally to us humans. We have the tendency to hold on to things, people, wealth, thoughts, life & so on..

I guess, this tendency stems from the fact that if we release the hold, we lose control.

The fear of losing something, makes us hold on to, and we get entwined and entangled in life, like the roots of a tree.

If only, we could all,

Release the aches and pains,

Release the thoughts that refrain,

Release the unexpressed emotions,

Release and let go of the pent up frustration,

Break open the shackles and chains,

Tied up, within, to hold us back in vain,

Release the fears and unwanted self imposed restrictions,

To liberate the stress and accumulated apprehensions.

To free up and create space within,

And release the dormant energy within,

Let go of the unfulfilled incompletions,

Scan ourselves, to release the unwanted,

Detox our mind, and achieve all that we wanted.

Let us release, when we still have energy and Life.

We do not have another chance,

For, when we let go of our breath, we release our life.




How do you feel..

Emoticons, Smilies, Set, Smiley, Blue

How often do you come across situations, when you plan something and something totally different happens?

You plan to spend time with family/children and enjoy, but instead you end up arguing or disagreeing with one of the members and it upsets you.

You buy a surprise gift for your kids, and are all excited about it. When you give the gift to them, they are oh, I already have this/read this/ not interested 😦

You tend to just go for a stroll with friends and chat up with them, none of them turn up.

You’ve been on an outing with friends, one of them ends up having a difference of opinion with the other, a total misunderstanding, heavy and upsetting isn’t it?

You have just cleared up the table/kitchen counter after dinner, just ready to crash for a good night sleep, your kid comes running in and spills some water and there’s a huge puddle…

After winding up all work for the day, you have some time to yourself, to pick up a book and read, to sketch, paint or anything that YOU really enjoy doing.. and in comes a request for a small odd job or help with homework or a phone call…

You plan an outing, and have unexpected visitors….

I’m sure, the list is endless and each one of you would have definitely come across such situations. How do you deal with such disappointments? Would love to hear your opinions. Pour them in, I would love a spillage of thoughts here. 🙂

Do you Believe

via Daily Prompt: Believe

Board, Believe, Not, Speechless, Marvel

I don’t believe it !! is the most commonly used phrase in the negative sense.
It’s like, there is something good happening to you, and you are not deserving enough to accept it. The universe is giving you goodies, imagine, you have just won a game show, or a lottery, and all you are saying is –

“I DON’T BELIEVE, I’ve just won a lottery “. And you keep repeating the phrase over and over again.

And when you don’t believe it, nobody believes it, the universe does not believe it.

Whatever you pay attention to, grows. So stop concentrating on your negatives and pour your energies to believe in yourself and be grateful for all you’ve got in life, let it grow !!