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If Not..


If not, for the genuine tears that flow, who would care for the emotions,

If not, for the melancholy of grief, who would appreciate happiness,

If not, for the baffling complexities, who would recognize simplicity,

If not, for the hunger of needs, who would enjoy the cuisines of existence,

If not, for the bitter hatred, who would cherish the unconditional love,

If not, for death, who would care for the gift of invaluable life,

If not, for the deep desire of the soul within, who would care for the experiences !!


If everything we got or had would last forever, how would the quality of life be?

We enjoy life, because of the polarities that exist, which makes us strive for and also appreciate our blessings.

The above written post is one of my random ramblings, do feel free to share your thoughts..

A tribute ..


You showed up every day,

You lingered in my thoughts,

You walked me through the memory lanes,

You helped me pick my thoughts,

You chose an assorted bouquet of smiles and experiences for me, from my past,

You took me on a journey of ups and downs, tiny and vast,

You were the trigger for my writing,

You were the one to take my posts globe trotting,

Now, I go down the memory lane on my own accord,

And I realize, in the absence of your hand holding,

That I miss you and the ‘word prompt’ meetings with you,

Oh ! DAILY POST, I enjoyed my amazing journey with you,

And wish and hope to see you soon and begin a new journey with you !!