Birthday Blues ??

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No more colour clothes,
For birthdays in school,
For we have graduated from primary to middle school,
No more pretty dresses and open tresses,
Only chocolates in the box.
In between the book stocks.
The thrill of feeling special,
And receiving umpteen wishes,
Are a thing of the past,
Having grown up to be a big girl,
Have to study a lot..
Gone are the days of enjoyment,
Having fun ?? I guess it’s lost,
For growing up comes with a bag full of responsibilities on all fronts,
For the little freebies and fun,we need to go on a little hunt 😊😊

As my little girl celebrates her birthday today, she had a mixed bag of emotions this morning. She was happy it was her birthday, but sad as her school has a no colour dress policy, for birthdays from middle school… Just penned down a few thoughts based on my interaction with my her.


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When we pose for the camera, we don our best smile,
To look good for eternity, we smile for a while,
The picture finds its place in the album,
Neatly stacked, put away for times to come,
Back then to the grind of life, we tuck our smiles somewhere within,
Deep slumber, encompassing the smiles…
Awakened, once again, when it’s time to run the next mile,
To pose for the camera, we smile for a while ….
Little do we realise, the world is a camera, we need to smile all the while πŸ™‚

What you possess, you display,
What you sow, is what you reap,
what you give is what you get,
So, smile, and the world smiles back at you !!


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Happy New Year 2020

As you bid farewell to the bygone year,
I send warm wishes, specially for you, in the coming year,
Hope you have an amazing life,
And many more reasons to cheer.
May all that you wish and desire come true,
May you go past all your fears,
Wish you find peace and calmness,
With umpteen blessings to cleanse your self and keep your path clear,
Hope to see you smile and grow, as you bask in the numerous wishes,
you receive from people far and near !!

Little Things….

Little things.jpg

Simple things in life are free,

A hug, laughter and a smile,

A pat on the back, wouldn’t hurt, once in a while.

A word of praise, a compliment,

A simple appreciation,

Could add to one’s emotional achievement.

A thank you note, a caring stroke,

A kind gesture to light up fellow folks,

A little practice of gratitude, wouldn’t hurt, to bring about a change in attitude.

It’s never too late to begin our journey,

To enjoy the little things in life,

Let’s extend a helping hand of kindness and laughter to someone, today,

As we spread our wings, to reach towards the sky !!


Multitasking Moms….

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For a baby, who comes without a user manual,
Born to an inexperienced mom, whose learning is gradual,
From soothing the tiny tot from her random sobs,
In between the various and numerous other jobs.
‘The Mother’ dons the hat of multiple professionals,
A mom, a teacher, a mentor and caretaker,
A chef, a nurse, a doctor, counsellor and a driver,
The list could be never ending,
Depending on which need of the baby, she is attending. πŸ˜„
Need to mention the assistance from dad, the real superhero,
Who provides the right advice and becomes a pro,
Needless to say, bringing up baby doesn’t come easy,
It definitely takes a toll on parents, and at times, does make them uneasy !!😁


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Happy Diwali..

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Deepawali, a festival of lights,
Comes into your home, shining bright,
Ushers in with happiness and cheer,
Fills you life with goodness, in every sphere.
A wish, the festival brings in love and forgiveness,
Extinguishes hatred and dispels darkness,
Brings in prosperity, served on its plate,
Arrives with positivity at your gate.

Have a safe and colourful Diwali !!


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Tug of war..

Age insists, on calling me a grown-up, an adult,
Age warns me, that I am experienced and need to adjust,
But deep within, I want to be a child again,
I want another chance to experience childhood and learn again.

Motherly duties, familial requirements, expect me to conduct myself,
The little ‘me’ within, calls on to me, to be my tiny self,
How I miss my days of carefree childhood,
The present day, places demands, in my many phases of adulthood.

How I played many games as doctors, teachers, vegetable vendors and parents,
Little did I understand, what was it’s true essence,
Today, as I work and run numerous errands,

The little child in me,places a demand to recognize it’s presence.

As a little kid, I wanted to grow up and be mama,
As a grown up, I want to be a kid, so unfolds the cyclic drama,
I play the game of life, I ‘hide’, I ‘seek’,
Wherever, whatever,and who ever I am, I am what I speak and am truly unique !!


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Happy Navaratri..

It’s that time of the year, when the festivities and celebrations have begun with great fervour, and would continue for a while, with Diwali visiting us soon.

Navaratri is a period of nine days and nights, when Goddess Durga is worshipped in her different forms. The female form of energy is worshipped to protect us from evil, grant us our wishes and shower blessings for peace and prosperity. After the completion of nine days, is the celebration of Vijaya Dashami depicting victory of good over evil.

I take this opportunity, to wish all the readers a very happy Navaratri. May the Goddess shower health, wealth, peace and prosperity on one and all.

The seat of truth..

The noble seats of truth,
Lie vacant in heaven,
Who would occupy them,
For the Lord has found none, to beckon.

The pristine orange trees,
Creating a musical breeze,
A space so pure, and divine,
A journey to experience, a wish, it could be mine !

When the heavens are so inviting, mesmerizingly enthralling..
Who would want to be on earth,
Lo, we are all constantly bickering, to reserve the seat of truth…..
Perceiving the contention, The Lord decides to send us down to earth,
And Alas, the seats of truth, lie vacant in heaven,
The wish remains a wish,
Lies far in future, as we are left juggling in the midst of death and birth !!


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