Happy Diwali..

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Deepawali, a festival of lights,
Comes into your home, shining bright,
Ushers in with happiness and cheer,
Fills you life with goodness, in every sphere.
A wish, the festival brings in love and forgiveness,
Extinguishes hatred and dispels darkness,
Brings in prosperity, served on its plate,
Arrives with positivity at your gate.

Have a safe and colourful Diwali !!


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Tug of war..

Age insists, on calling me a grown-up, an adult,
Age warns me, that I am experienced and need to adjust,
But deep within, I want to be a child again,
I want another chance to experience childhood and learn again.

Motherly duties, familial requirements, expect me to conduct myself,
The little ‘me’ within, calls on to me, to be my tiny self,
How I miss my days of carefree childhood,
The present day, places demands, in my many phases of adulthood.

How I played many games as doctors, teachers, vegetable vendors and parents,
Little did I understand, what was it’s true essence,
Today, as I work and run numerous errands,

The little child in me,places a demand to recognize it’s presence.

As a little kid, I wanted to grow up and be mama,
As a grown up, I want to be a kid, so unfolds the cyclic drama,
I play the game of life, I ‘hide’, I ‘seek’,
Wherever, whatever,and who ever I am, I am what I speak and am truly unique !!


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Happy Navaratri..

It’s that time of the year, when the festivities and celebrations have begun with great fervour, and would continue for a while, with Diwali visiting us soon.

Navaratri is a period of nine days and nights, when Goddess Durga is worshipped in her different forms. The female form of energy is worshipped to protect us from evil, grant us our wishes and shower blessings for peace and prosperity. After the completion of nine days, is the celebration of Vijaya Dashami depicting victory of good over evil.

I take this opportunity, to wish all the readers a very happy Navaratri. May the Goddess shower health, wealth, peace and prosperity on one and all.

The seat of truth..

The noble seats of truth,
Lie vacant in heaven,
Who would occupy them,
For the Lord has found none, to beckon.

The pristine orange trees,
Creating a musical breeze,
A space so pure, and divine,
A journey to experience, a wish, it could be mine !

When the heavens are so inviting, mesmerizingly enthralling..
Who would want to be on earth,
Lo, we are all constantly bickering, to reserve the seat of truth…..
Perceiving the contention, The Lord decides to send us down to earth,
And Alas, the seats of truth, lie vacant in heaven,
The wish remains a wish,
Lies far in future, as we are left juggling in the midst of death and birth !!


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Lying down on the vast green meadows,
Amused and joyful sighting their own cute shadows,
Under the expanse of the vast blue sky,
Waiting to watch a movie, to play by..

The screen, reflecting ones own thoughts and beauty,
Holding hands, with dear ones for eternity,
Imaging Clarity, purity and divinity,
Dancing and swaying in nature’s shrine,
Enjoying the golden light of the glowing sunshine.

Shades of pink, adding a dash of blush to these crowning glories,
Living a life time in a week, withering away, giving us beautiful memories,
Mesmerising one and all, with their blissful stories,
These are the pretty pinks, from potpourries !!


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Sands of time..

A beautiful morning,
Where the clock is ticking,
And the roses are blooming…
The eternal beauty of the resplendent blooms,
Embosomed in the hands of time.
A beautiful morning,
Where the clock is ticking,
And life is occurring,
The essence of the varied memories,
Etched in the sands of time !!
A beautiful morning,
Where the clock is ticking,
And calmness is dawning,
The realisation of being mortal sets in,
Indicating the end of a lifetime !!

The emotional trip..

Cooling, soothing, balming, refreshing and pacifying,
Like a mothers lullaby,
Caring, affectionate, compassionate and caressing,
Feeling an amalgamation of a father’s love personify,
Ardent, doting, enamored and fervent,
A love struck beholder, identifies,
Love, emotions, feelings surge and intensify,
As we relate to the magnificent flowers, the beauty of which magnifies !!


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The Dance..

Kissing the mesmerizing white beauties,
Inviting them with a gentle murmur,
To dance and sway to the rhythm of the cool breeze,
Were, the cute little tiny butterflies..
Accepting and joining them by swaying on their tippy toes,
Resonating with a golden smile and glittery glows,
The white beauties swayed with the dancing butterflies,
Swerving and crooning to nature’s musical echoes.

Standing tall and bidding goodbye,
To their new found friends
who just flew by,
Enjoying their date with the cute tiny butterflies,
Standing tall, longingly, looking towards the blue skies !!


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Happy Mother’s Day 24*7*365


“Matru Devo Bhava” is a well known and well practiced custom in our Indian culture. The phrase literally means, The mother is given the place of God, for the child bearing, child birthing, child development, undergoing tremendous hardships, sacrifices, discomforts and pain in the process. As we (me and my siblings) grew up, we very well adhered to this and used to seek her blessings before any exam or any important activity or event in our life. Her best wishes would mean a lot to us and we found immense solace in her words of comfort and advice. And for all that our dear mother has done for us, I think, we don’t need a separate special day of the year to wish her “A Happy Mother’s Day. ” For me, personally, I would wish for my mothers happiness, peace, respect and self satisfaction all through the year, and I’m sure, my siblings would agree wholeheartedly with me.

While, that was about me and my siblings, I could not be sure if the current generation kids feel the same way. They seek a world of bounties and goodies from their moms. Therefore, the current generation of moms don multiple hats and are often seen multitasking. If I could write from what I hear from moms and kids of today, I would classify her to be :

The bread winner and bread maker

Mom sure is a very good baker,

She wins the master chef of our home year on year,

Deals with our attention syndromes and our fears.

She’s our biggest motivator and counselor,

She is deemed to be the house “chancellor”

She magically finds things which are missing from right under our nose,

When we put our heart and soul into finding it, through all our piles of clothes.

She cleans up behind us and yells at us for messing the house,

She makes it seem so simple, multitasking between work and house.

She is the in house nurse, and the in house doctor,

She is the person who sets the clock faster,

In a bid to help us get to the school bus quicker.

She is the project researcher,

And a 24/7 , all subjects, in house teacher !!

Most of these skills are present in most ladies and moms of all generations, but have become more prominent with the fast paced life of the current generation.

While, I don’t in anyway, deny the role of a father’s contribution in child upbringing in the current scenario, today being mother’s day, just calls for highlighting a mother’s relentless, painstaking, and thankless job, 24*7*365 !!

Wishing all my dear blogger friends a Happy Mother’s Day, 24*7* 365 days !!


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