Happy Mother’s Day 24*7*365


“Matru Devo Bhava” is a well known and well practiced custom in our Indian culture. The phrase literally means, The mother is given the place of God, for the child bearing, child birthing, child development, undergoing tremendous hardships, sacrifices, discomforts and pain in the process. As we (me and my siblings) grew up, we very well adhered to this and used to seek her blessings before any exam or any important activity or event in our life. Her best wishes would mean a lot to us and we found immense solace in her words of comfort and advice. And for all that our dear mother has done for us, I think, we don’t need a separate special day of the year to wish her “A Happy Mother’s Day. ” For me, personally, I would wish for my mothers happiness, peace, respect and self satisfaction all through the year, and I’m sure, my siblings would agree wholeheartedly with me.

While, that was about me and my siblings, I could not be sure if the current generation kids feel the same way. They seek a world of bounties and goodies from their moms. Therefore, the current generation of moms don multiple hats and are often seen multitasking. If I could write from what I hear from moms and kids of today, I would classify her to be :

The bread winner and bread maker

Mom sure is a very good baker,

She wins the master chef of our home year on year,

Deals with our attention syndromes and our fears.

She’s our biggest motivator and counselor,

She is deemed to be the house “chancellor”

She magically finds things which are missing from right under our nose,

When we put our heart and soul into finding it, through all our piles of clothes.

She cleans up behind us and yells at us for messing the house,

She makes it seem so simple, multitasking between work and house.

She is the in house nurse, and the in house doctor,

She is the person who sets the clock faster,

In a bid to help us get to the school bus quicker.

She is the project researcher,

And a 24/7 , all subjects, in house teacher !!

Most of these skills are present in most ladies and moms of all generations, but have become more prominent with the fast paced life of the current generation.

While, I don’t in anyway, deny the role of a father’s contribution in child upbringing in the current scenario, today being mother’s day, just calls for highlighting a mother’s relentless, painstaking, and thankless job, 24*7*365 !!

Wishing all my dear blogger friends a Happy Mother’s Day, 24*7* 365 days !!


The Beauty Pageant..

A bunch of beauties,
From around the world,
Posing for the judges scores,
Waiting for the most coveted title
Of being adjudged the “Miss World”.

A pageant of grit, courage, valour and wit,
Battling the fellow contestants for every bit,
Smile, splendor, glamour and fancy gowns,
Waiting to adorn the final crown !!


Copyright : DeepikasRamblings

All rights reserved

The Family Tree

The family tree, standing tall,
To take a peep, at the latest entrant of them all,
Chubby, cute, innocent and divine,
Soft, tender, and born to shine !!
Blessed by the ancestral lineage,
Offshoots blossoming with beautiful parentage,
Blessing the new blooms at every stage,
Feeling proud on representing such a great heritage.!!

– Deepika

Copyright : DeepikasRamblings

All rights reserved.

Fire crackers…

A golden yellow fire cracker, ready for a cruise,
Flying high, to the sky splashing different hues,
The rich bright vibrant sky, waving her veil of blues,
Inviting and welcoming a burst of colours to ooze.

Adding to her beauty, the crystal golden crown,
Though short-lived, she could showcase her rainbow coloured gown,
All eyes looked up to her beauty, as twinkling stars came shimmering down,
To catch a glimpse of the one and only spectacular show in town !!

A tribute..

Standing tall like our soldiers, Guarding the fence with a smile.
They don’t, instigate war,
But bring peace and semblance of love,
And yet they don’t ask for anything in return.

Oh yes, they do shed many silent tears,
They still spread joy, happiness and cheer,
Who keep us united at times of fear.
A bouquet of flowers wishing you the best,
A prayer from my heart for you to stay blessed,
A salute to the great bravehearts,
And gutsy heroes, our dear soldier escorts !!




Innocent like a little baby,

Attractive like a little sequin,

Resplendent like a magnificent ruby,

Elegant like a beautiful queen.

Oh roses ! You match the traits of a majestic warrior,

Bunched together, you are an ambassador of best wishes and peace,

You transcend all religions and cross barriers with ease,

You are sublimity personified at His feet !!






Beauties from junk..

Beauties created from throwaway junk,

Finds a home in my living room front,

Each time I pass by it and look at it,

A sense of satisfaction prevails,

For breathing life to unusable plastic clump,

Else, they would be lying in a garbage dump.

Upcycled to form a beautiful creation,

Fueled to life by my varied imagination !!


Materials used in the above creation are all waste materials like old shower curtains,cans,newspapers,card boards, pen refills etc.


My own life theories..

  1. You wear whites/light colored clothes, like it or not, you will have to sit some where, where it is dusty or it would rain, or your kid would shower extra love by hugging you after play time with her soiled hands.
  2.  One day, just one day, you feel too tired and don’t clean up your kitchen or the house, you are bound to have guests, making you feel totally embarrassed.
  3. You are in one of your oldest set of clothes, the doorbell rings, you open the door expecting the maid, but turns out to be a guest/neighbor, you are caught off guard.
  4. You try to take a power nap in the afternoon, there will be a call on your phone – which happens  to be the wrong number.
  5. You have a lot of work to be taken care of, you somehow mange to complete it, before you can breathe a sigh of relief, coffee/milk spills and you have the additional work to clean up – Aaagghh..it’s just not fair….
  6. You are busy with work everyday, unable to partake in your children’s day to day activities, so you promise them that the coming weekend is totally dedicated to them, but alas, an emergency comes up, and rest is history..
  7. You decide to indulge in a beauty treatment/spa for relaxation and you get a call from your kids school – your kid has thrown up and you need to pick him/her up…
  8. The best cake you can bake, kind of goes wrong, when you need to bake it for a special occasion.
  9. You are always on time to board a bus, but the bus is late. One fine day when you are late, the bus is before time and gone.

Do you come across any such situations in your day to day life? Would love to hear about your life theories.