Twittering Tales #103 – 25 September 2018

shoe tree.jpg

A crowd gathered at the dilapidated hut in the village. Worried, they were all busy discussing about the otherwise barren tree which had grown “shoes”.
The villagers decided to offer one of their shoe to the “shoe tree” as an oblation, lest some tragedy befell on them..


269 characters



Twittering Tale #63 – 19 December 2017

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IC: Kat Myrman

“When confessions of the mind happen, under duress, and you are surrounded by darkness, &  feel totally lost – delve deep within to find that tiny spark to dispel the darkness, and enlighten your path, to show you the way to emerge from the shackles of constraints and obstacles”.


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Twittering Tales #61 – 5 December 2017

The challenge :

This week…a twist. The photo below by MorningbirdPhoto at features someone holding a stack of books. Now, you can write a tale about this book lover…or if you’re up for a challenge, pick one of the books and write your tale based on the title.And let’s take it up a notch if you’re really up for a challenge…choose several titles and incorporate them into your story! The possibilities are endless!

Here’s my take on the challenge.

In the ‘Far North” was ‘The Maze‘. The ‘All of a kind family‘,of the ‘Maffots‘, headed there, as they believed they were ‘Called to Die’, by the ‘Monster in the hollows’. Those who survived, should head straight ‘For the Temple‘. So was the belief of ‘The Moffats‘.


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