Tanka – Two Sisters

This is dedicated to my one and only ever caring, loving and affectionate sister. She’s been there for me, to pull me out of my blues, comfort me and love me unconditionally. To you dear sis 🙂




Two sisters are nice,

 Little sugar, little spice,

To quarrel and fight,

To share all that’s wrong and right,

Their bond of love, infinite.


PC : Pixabay.com

In response to Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge #40 – Sugar and Spice



Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 28 – HARD & SOFT



Childhood with teddies,

Soft hugs providing solace,

Comfort at hard times.




Tender and soft beat,

of rhythmic and musical heart,

radiating love,

Firmly gripping my fingers

Tiny hands to hold forever.