True Love..

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If riches could buy happiness,
If beauty could provide solace,
If perfection could achieve satisfaction,
There would be no soul deprived…

No riches,
No Rolex watches,
No swanky bungalows,
NoΒ  expensive Irish scotches..
Can get us what,
A warm hug,
A gentle smile,
A pat on the back,
A peck on the cheek, can..

A shoulder to cry on,
A hand to hold,
A mothers lap to lay our head on..
The freedom to make a mistake,
And carry on..
And the beautiful soul beside you, provides the space to move on..
This is true love and care πŸ’•


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All Rights Reserved

20 thoughts on “True Love..

    1. If riches could buy happiness……..
      You are right Deepika, riches can bring thrills, ego, pride, arrogance, and even a feeling of material fulfilment.
      But happiness comes from inside. It is a feeling any amount of wealth can’t buy.
      The truth in what you say makes one Happy.
      Beautifully expressed.

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