via Daily Prompt: Glitter



Sunshine, Kissing

The snow capped  rugged mountains,

Donning a  golden blanket, spreading glow and light,

Glitters like gold, nice and bright,

Spreading the message of warmth and delight,

Standing tall, with all its might,

Oh ! what a grand and beautiful sight !!


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8 thoughts on “Glitter

  1. gururaghavendrasevashrama

    The cold rugged mountains light up to the warmth of sunshine. So does the bright, brilliant sun, the giver of inner light and wisdom. He makes us all “Stand Tall” lighting up the dark cold crevices of the moods of mind.

    Deepika has “rambled” her thoughts through the scenic beauty of the mountains to the bright plains of the moods in a subtle, yet powerful way.

    Really, a thought provoking conformity.

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