via Daily Prompt: Jiggle


We human beings, could be compared to a jelly. We jiggle a bit here, wiggle a bit there and find a cozy spot to snuggle ourselves, into our comfort zone.

We do not want to budge from there, even though we get a nudge to try out new opportunities, in the apprehension and anticipation of being privy to a judge. We latch on to our” good girl/good boy” image, and we look for a hundred reasons to catch on to the wedge of our comfort zone.

We are a unique lot. We would jiggle and wiggle at our current bevel, but would not climb up to notch, the next level.


Image courtesy : Pixabay.com


14 thoughts on “Jiggle

  1. loved reading it..

    the comfort zone is a serious problem which everyone faces.. none of us want to do little hard work.. comfort is kind of a savior., hehehee… but said this there are people who can go miles leaving their comfort zone.. isn’t it..

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  2. Leaving your zone of comfort is difficult for most of us, change is intimidating and the thought of change leaves us snuggling into our comfort zones once again. But there are many who have moved on, daring to embrace the uncertainties of change and taken it in their stride and have prospered too!
    A thoughtful message, very well expressed with the ‘jelly’!

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