via Daily Prompt: Yellow


When it pours for days together,

It brings dull and gloomy weather,

Sends all chirpy birds helter skelter,

Cold, chill breeze makes you shiver.


A glimmer of hope comes by,

When we see a ray of yellow golden light,

Rising up nice and bright,

Bringing with it joy and delight.


A big golden ball of fire,

Positions itself higher and higher,

Bidding adieu to the rain,

Till it sets and rises again.


Salutations to the mighty sun,

The harbinger of life,

Creator of light, Energizer to stay bright,




19 thoughts on “Yellow

  1. gururaghavendrasevashrama

    yes, the sun plays a major part in our moods as you mention. We say “sunny and bright, ….and in the absence of light , “It becomes dark and gloomy” !!

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  2. Golden Yellow rays, of the Sun…without which I would be a “None”….Simple, bright and radiant poetry… just like the Sun…
    Also reminded of the famous line… Yellow Yellow…Dirty Fellow 😉

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