via Daily Prompt: Overworked

All over the world today, people seem to be stressed out, overworked, overburdened, overloaded or if I could say, the world is overworked.

The Antarctica, is overburdened with melting glaciers, the environment is overburdened with global warming, the water bodies getting depleted with water shortage, the concrete jungles replacing the ‘green ‘jungles, the cities overworked with pollution and traffic woes. The terror attacks world over, not to be forgotten.


Mom is stressed as she’s handling far too many things – inside the house and outside the house (working). Dad is burnt out because he’s working outside and he does manage to bring the work in (to the house). The people are in a mad rush and are always overpowered by the work to be accomplished.

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The mobiles are running out of charge before the end of the day as they are overworked with the umpteen whatsapp messages, videos and emails. The idiot box, as it is rightly named, is a 24 hour monster, occupying prime space and time in the home.

The very common language which percolates among households today are : I am completely stressed out, overloaded, I’m dealing with a lot of things on my plate, I’m frustrated, agitated, angry, oh, and the list could go on 😦  .Somewhere, somehow, we are all trapped in the “overworked” syndrome.


Oh ! How I sometimes wish, that life was simple and relaxed. There was no rush to go about ticking off the “to do” list.

How I wish, time spent was just sitting and chatting time and not fighting for TV time.

How I wish, children would actually and physically go out and play in the open and not at home with gadgets.

How I wish, we had not messed up with the resources we were blessed with.

Oh ! I could go on and on with my wishes, but sometimes I wish, my wishes do come true.

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via Daily Prompt: Aesthetic

I could probably link any prompt, any topic, to nature, as I feel truly inspired by it. There’s so much for us all to pick and choose, starting  from the earth to the limitless sky.

But today’s prompt, takes me down the memory lane a few months back, when I had the chance to visit the Belur and Halebidu temples in Hassan district of Karnataka, which are amongst the world heritage sites. The temples at Belur and Halebidu are one of the finest examples of the Hoysala architecture which took more than a hundred years to be completed, in the 12 -13th century.

The intricate carvings on the walls, through and through and on the ceilings is out of this world. The facade of the temples comprises of sculpture, carvings, pillars depicting life, dancing beauties, elephants, Nandi the bull, chariots, serpents….you name it, and you can find it. I could do nothing, but marvel at the amazing and astounding work of aesthetic beauty created by the artisans, a good ten centuries back in time.


via Daily Prompt: Invitation


We are born into nature, and we will merge into nature. This is the rule of the world. As we belong to nature, why not acquire and gain from nature. We could all :

Gaze at the sun and derive positivity,

Look at the moon and derive calmness and serenity.

Observe the twinkling stars and obtain sheen and light,

Take a lesson from the tall trees to get shelter and respite.

Stare at the huge mountains to gain courage and stability,

Feel the magnanimous waterfall to derive flow and vivacity.

Look at the oceans and derive open vastness,

Look at the beautiful flowers to feel peace and freshness.

tulips-1261142__340             img_0293

We all have an open invitation to indulge, to see, feel and obtain in plenty from the abundant mother nature and the universe. It’s all lying out there, we just need to tune in and be :

Receptive to receive,

Borrow from nature to weave,

The qualities, we believe,

Can unlock and retrieve,

Our potential to achieve.

So, we could all renew and relive our life to the maximum…

An open invitation to all, Please do accept.   🙂


via Daily Prompt: Exquisite


As  my newborn baby lay fast asleep, I watched her with all my attention.

Two beautiful little eyes set deep within,

A tiny nose breathing life in,

Two lips – tender and soft,

The palm sized small head – with tiny veins visible and working in perfect coordination,

The wobbly neck,

The small hands and the tiny winy fingers, which I could hold forever,

The rhythmic soft beat of the heart – so pure, so musical, so alive and ticking,

The tiny feet,oh.. so small and kicking.

fingers         baby-feet-1025398__340

I marvelled, at this magnificent engineering,

All the internal mechanics precisely functioning,

I wondered, would there be a blueprint of this wonderful design called the human being….


Oh !! What a masterpiece of a construction,

Is this wonderful formation,

O God, I bow down to Thee,

For there is nothing in this world,

Which could compare to your exquisite creation.




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Versatile Blogger Award


I am thrilled on being nominated for my very first Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you for nominating me. https://crumpledpieceofpaper.wordpress.com/

1.You have to thank the person who nominated you for this award and provide a link to their blog.
2. Link the nominees and inform them about their nomination. (I skipped this as I wanted this to be a surprise.I’ll inform them in two days if they fail to read)
3. Nominate at least 15 bloggers of your choice.
4. Share 7 facts about yourself.

 Seven facts about me.

  1. A fun loving, sensitive and affectionate person, is who I am.
  2. Love art – painting and zentangling.
  3. My new found love – my blogs – my medium of communication and being united with people through the globe.
  4. I enjoy the small joys of life.
  5. I hate fights and violence.
  6. My daughters love to have me around and look for emotional support from me. This is the biggest award of my motherhood.
  7. Want people to be happy and have peace.

I would like to begin my nominations by thanking Radhika for being a motivator and inspiring me to take to blogging. This is my first award and my tribute to you, Radhika.

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Thank you Jeni, for my first nomination/award.


via Daily Prompt: Capable


Every person, Every creation, Every being on this earth is unique and capable in his or her own way. Each one of them encompassing his/her own inherent beauty and talent. I’m sure every being on this planet can say,

I am beautiful,

I am good,

I am caring,

I am loving,

I am affectionate,

I am fearless,

I am capable….

Then, how is it that each being, performs and does actions and thinks differently?

Well, as per my experience, here is where, the little fellow inside each one of us comes into play. Yes, the mind. It just sows a tiny winy seed of doubt…Am I really capable.? What if the other person is better off? Is the preparation that I have done, good enough?

The different levels at which the mind operates is what gives you courage or makes you nervous. Else, how and why do some people have nervous breakdowns, while some people soar high with confidence.

Capable, is every single being, capability depends on the process of thoughts !!






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via Daily Prompt: Someday

Sometimes, I feel I should be a child again. The toothless grins, the innocence, the smiles, the happy go attitude, the ability to throw a tantrum, the fun, the play,the no responsibility age of childhood. Sometimes, I feel…


Sometimes, I think about the future. I shall be doing this, I would have achieved that, the responsibilities, my children would’ve grown up and will be well settled in their chosen fields, their homes, their families. I think I should have achieved all of that and be free of responsibilities. Sometimes, I feel…

I am well sandwiched between the past and the future. The realization moment, then arrives, and I tell myself, this moment is what is yours – do what you can right now. Live it fully, enjoy the little moments with kids, be a kid along with your kids once more, and grow up with them once more. Look at your parents, hold their hands to make their journey comfortable, right now. Take moments and situations as they come, and things which are rough, shall soon settle down, and things which are favorable, enjoy them – fully.


Maybe, someday, I will not be sandwiched between past and the future, and  I will get the right balance, to be a kid, to be a parent, and be a daughter and wife with ease, and to enjoy every moment at present.





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via Daily Prompt: Cling


As an infant, I clung on to dear Mom for everything,

As a toddler, I clung to teddies for comfort,

As a child, I clung to siblings for fun,

As a teenager, I clung to friends for approval,

As a young adult, I clung to dear Dad for protection,

As an adult, I clung to my spouse for Love,

As a grown up adult, I cling to my children to provide,

Am at a stage in life, where I cling on to dear life…

Where nothing is permanent…

Only to realize, I cannot cling on to anything, or control anything.

Only to realize, to become aware and practice detached attachment.

Only to realize, the magic “mantra“, is to surrender to the faith, to the belief and to the Supreme.






mantra : is a statement or slogan or hymn repeated frequently.



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via Daily Prompt: Uneven


Life is a game,

Unevenly poised,

It is always, never the same,

With situations, you cannot avoid.

At times uneven at times odd,

At times, you are toatally stumped,

Googlys and sixers, goals and fouls,

Creating a path, to meet your soul.

Losing a game, you learn,

Winning a game, you yearn,

Either ways you go,

To reach new heights, you grow.

With each game, you come out wiser and strong,

Experience, is your teacher lifelong,

It’s all a game of life and mind,

You learn to move forward, never to look behind.