via Daily Prompt: Oversight


I went on a long drive, thinking, I would find what I was longing for. I went to shops, went to malls, went far and near..

Went to beaches, went to oceans, covered every inch of land, tried aiming high to reach the sky to fly high, tried gazing at the star lit night sky, but soon figured out, what I got out of all this was short lived…my search continued…

Went to places of worships, went to friends, renewed friendships, the moment I got back to work, the overwork, the stress, the frustrations managed to  wash off, all that I had got…..

Oh, all of these were so temporary, getting a bit restless, I just sat disappointed, silent and all by myself..

As I took a few deep breaths, and waves of oxygen dashed in, calm and peaceful I felt. It was then that I realized, Oh !!  I  was looking for what I wanted, all around, in different places, where it was not.

All I needed, was all that I had. It was all within  – the happiness, peace, joy, contentment, all of them.

I thought to myself, oh ! what an oversight. I carried it within me, and looked for it everywhere !!


15 thoughts on “Oversight

  1. Hello Deepika,glad to meet you and thanks a lot for visiting my site and following.Your writings are simple and amazing though i have gone through only few of them.Looking forward to read more of them🙂

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