The Journey

via Daily Prompt: Filter


Life is a marathon, we keep running.

To achieve goals,

To follow dreams,

Innumerable and untold.


The path, inclined, pitfalls galore,

Ups and downs, bends and curves,

The sprint continues, along any shore.


Feeling depressed, feeling dejected,

In this pursuit, chasing the illusion..

Is this what life is about,

Arises the question.


For each step, towards the goal,

We retract ten back,

Fight back we must,

To continue this journey and reach our goal.


Filter out the depressions and dejections,

That cause you to fall, and fall you must,

But rise, and throw the emotional garbage out of your system,

To provide you the connect to stand tall and face the gust.


A series of rise and fall, is the process,

Pull yourself out of the emotional tussle,

Aim you must, to reach higher and higher,

For sky is the limit, if you can strengthen your emotional muscle.



14 thoughts on “The Journey

  1. Had a lovely read… Yup, everyone wants to reach their goal, swiftly… But the way to grab the goal which has so – so hurdles… It’s not that much easy to pass apiece of it…That may cause so many depressions and dejections as you said, But we should flush out these kind of things from our journey…
    Said it very perfectly!! 😊

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  2. gururaghavendrasevashrama

    “Oh b…….hell !” croaked the frog,”If life is so tough and rough for the humans, i would rather be a frog in the well” !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yes, Deepi, life is a see saw , when one looks back for oldies like me, Nothing like a long long happy Rip Van winkle nap for the “emotional muscles” as you have aptly put it.

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