via Daily Prompt: Replacement

This is the age of replacing almost everything possible. We could talk of-

Replacement of all old with new,

Replacement of Leisure with work,

Replacement of chit chatting with texting,

Replacement of Cycling with bikes,

Replacement of walk with treadmill,

Replacement of fresh produce with packaged food,

Replacement of physical activity with gadgets,

Replacement of human memory with hard disk,

Replacement of green jungle with concrete jungles…

Oh..and I could go on and on with the list, else you might all decide to replace my blog with another one !! (On a lighter note !!)

Well, if you could compare the current times with one generation above you,  you’ll well realize the replacements that have taken place.Do you remember the joy of receiving a birthday card? Wouldn’t  you wait for the postman to arrive with your letters and cards on your special occasion? The number of phone calls you needed to answer on your special day from places far and wide. The happiness of opening a gift versus receiving an e voucher in your email..where have they disappeared?

gift-1196288__340     fax-1907154__340

My mom used to be called a computer for her agile memory in remembering birthdays, anniversary dates and many more. Today we have our calendars, to prompt us to send good wishes across. We have automated human efforts.

Though, fortunately, there are a few things which are still left untouched.

Parents Love – dated forever

Mamas Lap – can never be replaced with the best of cushions ,

Time – Fortunately, we have not come out with a mechanism for replacement of time !!








16 thoughts on “Replacement

  1. gururaghavendrasevashrama

    memories, feelings, remain. The older they are more deep rooted they become. Some of them are beyond time, shall we call them “timeless?”

    You have strummed a soft chord.

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