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There was a time, when sounds were simple and enjoyable :

Natures beauty, was the chirping of birds,

Oozing nectar, were a babies words,

Mama’s lullabies, were soothing balms,

Talking to friends made you calm,

Anger visited, once in a blue moon,

Parting goodbye to relatives, to come back soon.

When the postman, with a letter, would ring the bell ‘ding dong’,

The good old tape recorder, sang you a song,

Typewriters typed ‘clickety clack’,

And the alarm every morning, rang from the round old clock.

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These are the days, when,

Natures beauty, has become an update on social media,

Babies words are often considered cribbing,

Mama’s lullabies are far bygone,

Talking to friends is chatting via phone,

Anger pays a visit everyday,

Visitors are gone by end of day,

Postman’s ‘ding dong’, replaced by a ping,

MP3s and gadgets doing the sing,

Typewriters are now extinct,

World wide webs are now the new links,

Old grandma clocks, are things of the past,

“Smart” phones changing rules very fast.

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How I wish, somebody could gift me my good old days, those days filled with fun, joy and laughter. When distances and travel was huge, but people were connected from the heart. Unlike present days, when people live in the same house and do not connect with family or friends but prefer electronic media and gadgets for company. Different generations, different sounds.



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  1. When I go to my village home, after getting down from bus, I have to walk a short distance from the highway to my house. During that time I can hear my footsteps even during mid-day, something which never happens in a city like Kanpur or Ahmedabad. Then do I realize how much noise is present in our city lives.

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