Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who is the most beautiful of us all?
All you pink ones are beauties,
You are color of creativity.

You represent the epitome of affection,
You are the very essence of creation,
You are the source of inner peace and harmony,
You bring a source of joy, to girls so many !!

You represent health and happiness,
You are a color of love and tenderness,
You are the creators exceptional pride,
You are beauty and charm personified !!

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Says it beautifully, all in all,
Tune in and listen to your inner call,
You are all the most beautiful of them all !!

The Invitation…














A cluster of family members,
Standing tall, with head held high,
Their heart swells with joy and pride,
As they see their daughter dressed as a bride !!
The color of hope and sunshine,
Inviting love and blessings divine,
The bright fresh yellow roses, beckon,
Extending a warm and cordial welcome !!

What’s on your platter

via Daily Prompt: Recreate


We are living in the times, when stressful living is everybody’s cup of tea. Anger, annoyance, irritation, anxiety are on everyone’s platter. Where children are pushed beyond their limits to pop like a  soda, by excelling in all activities. Where competition is a complementary starter, in all spheres of life. Come what may, the emotional disturbances we are going through, cannot be done with, given our current lifestyle.

So, then, the above being constant, lets recreate our desserts. Lets recreate the magic of a smile, lets recreate and enjoy the joy in small things, lets recreate the power of a loving hug, a caring touch and be there for each other.

Yes, it sounds like a situation right out of a very idealistic world. But to start with, lets take baby steps by recreating our fun and magic moments within our family 🙂

A small beginning !!

With Love..

via Daily Prompt: Partner


I couldn’t ask for a better time and a better prompt to open my heart to my partner while we celebrate our years of togetherness, love, craziness, fun, adventure, laughter and being there for each other through thick and thin of growing up in our marriage.

I remember the vows we exchanged on the day of our wedding and  how our love and bond grew deeper with every passing week, month and year. Together with love, we tendered and nurtured our marriage sapling and saw it grow into a beautiful tree. We saw it branch out in various directions as it allowed us to enjoy the little joys in life. We were together, as we were blessed with our wonderful bundles of joy and today we are nurturing and watching them grow as they are ready to leave our nest and spread their wings to fly high.

Together, we have crossed many hurdles, we have had our moments of arguments and misunderstandings, but the seeds of trust helped us overcome each barrier with grace and love. Together we’ve had our quiet moments, and times of fun and frolic. You’ve been a pillar of strength, when I felt low, you’ve held my hand to help me stand and gain courage when I faltered.

I want to thank you dear partner and wish to be with you and enjoy every moment of my life, today and forever !!



via Daily Prompt: Descend


Without experiencing descend, one cannot appreciate ascend,

Without meeting sorrow, one cannot experience joy,

Without exposure to sadness, one cannot value happiness,

Without sobs and cries, one cannot venerate smile and laughter,

Without coming in contact with pain, one cannot acknowledge well being,

Without contracting an illness, one cannot treasure good health.

Life is a series of experiences, which are sent to us on a need to know and need to grow basis. I see experiences as branches of trees, growing in different directions, shaping our beliefs, our mind and our psyche.

Welcome each one of the experience by seeing it, feeling it and experiencing it because, your experience is solely yours, nurture it and grow with it !!


via Daily Prompt: Arid


Life is a mix of people and people are a mix of emotions. Happy, sad, bubbly, angry, selfish…

There are a few people though, who are emotionless – arid..People who are  in a vacuum of positive emotions – they are drained out. Drained out of love, happiness, cheer and joy. They only harness emotions of negativity like anger, hatred, jealousy and selfishness. They fail to enjoy the small joys of life around them. They are in a cocoon and that’s their life. In a world full of bright light, they know not, what sunshine is 😦




Image courtesy : pixabay.com


via Daily Prompt: Sound

bird-1911061__340   stock-photo-beautiful-smiling-cute-baby-115992457


There was a time, when sounds were simple and enjoyable :

Natures beauty, was the chirping of birds,

Oozing nectar, were a babies words,

Mama’s lullabies, were soothing balms,

Talking to friends made you calm,

Anger visited, once in a blue moon,

Parting goodbye to relatives, to come back soon.

When the postman, with a letter, would ring the bell ‘ding dong’,

The good old tape recorder, sang you a song,

Typewriters typed ‘clickety clack’,

And the alarm every morning, rang from the round old clock.

clock-1827745__340.jpg antique-1867444__340

These are the days, when,

Natures beauty, has become an update on social media,

Babies words are often considered cribbing,

Mama’s lullabies are far bygone,

Talking to friends is chatting via phone,

Anger pays a visit everyday,

Visitors are gone by end of day,

Postman’s ‘ding dong’, replaced by a ping,

MP3s and gadgets doing the sing,

Typewriters are now extinct,

World wide webs are now the new links,

Old grandma clocks, are things of the past,

“Smart” phones changing rules very fast.

internet-42583__340  iphone-37856__340.png


How I wish, somebody could gift me my good old days, those days filled with fun, joy and laughter. When distances and travel was huge, but people were connected from the heart. Unlike present days, when people live in the same house and do not connect with family or friends but prefer electronic media and gadgets for company. Different generations, different sounds.



Image courtesy : Pixabay.com



via Daily Prompt: Oversight


I went on a long drive, thinking, I would find what I was longing for. I went to shops, went to malls, went far and near..

Went to beaches, went to oceans, covered every inch of land, tried aiming high to reach the sky to fly high, tried gazing at the star lit night sky, but soon figured out, what I got out of all this was short lived…my search continued…

Went to places of worships, went to friends, renewed friendships, the moment I got back to work, the overwork, the stress, the frustrations managed to  wash off, all that I had got…..

Oh, all of these were so temporary, getting a bit restless, I just sat disappointed, silent and all by myself..

As I took a few deep breaths, and waves of oxygen dashed in, calm and peaceful I felt. It was then that I realized, Oh !!  I  was looking for what I wanted, all around, in different places, where it was not.

All I needed, was all that I had. It was all within  – the happiness, peace, joy, contentment, all of them.

I thought to myself, oh ! what an oversight. I carried it within me, and looked for it everywhere !!


From a tiny little infant, to a naughty mischievous child, to a mature grown up individual, you are well aware of your worldly commitments, purpose and journey of life.


Let us undertake a journey, a little different, a journey that takes you inward, deep within to interact with the real you. A journey which awakens you from the deep hypnotic slumber of life,

To discover, the purpose of your soul and your life,

To discover, the treasure of inner beauty that lies untapped within you,

To discover, the joy and peace buried within you,

To discover, the hope, faith and belief embedded in you,

To discover, the quiet warrior in you,who helps you conquer your own limitations,

To discover, and connect with your own higher self, the silence, the creator

To discover and experience the mystery, magic, ecstasy, bliss and

Discover the NEW YOU.





Image Courtesy : Pixabay