The Sad Caterpillar



One night I had a dream…

I dreamed that I was in a beautiful farm, early in the morning. The cool breeze caressing my tresses. A sharp, biting nip in the air from the heavy, all night rains. A picture perfect, scenic beauty of nature.

A huge umbrella, lying unattended, caught my attention. Curious, I went to take a look. As I looked around, I spotted a tiny caterpillar, under the umbrella on the grass, sitting gloomy and dull. A butterfly flying past, inquired the reason for it being gloomy… The caterpillar said, I don’t have what I want. So, I am very sad. What is it that you want, asked the butterfly? I want to become a butterfly. I want to have colorful wings. I want children running around me and following me…..

Will all this make you happy, inquired the butterfly? Yes, of course, said the caterpillar, I’ll be very happy. The butterfly then told the caterpillar, that each stage in life is very important. You need to enjoy each and every stage of life. Enjoy your present form fully and thoroughly before your metamorphosis. When you enjoy and feel satisfied with the present, will you be able to form into the beautiful butterfly that you want to be. Are you sure, asked the caterpillar? Yes dear, a one hundred percent sure, replied the butterfly. And so, the caterpillar started munching on the leaf and felt very satisfied. It had grown fully and was ready for the next stage, to undergo the metamorphosis and turn into the beautiful butterfly, that it always wanted to be.

I wondered and wandered within my dream. I realized, we are almost very similar to the caterpillar. We have certain things, we are bestowed upon, we have certain desires, but we are all longing for what we do not have, rather than enjoying what we have. We are like the unsatisfied caterpillar.

As I woke up, I lay on bed, thinking about the lovely dream and the wonderful lesson it bestowed on me.














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