I wish, I could be a child again..


I wish, I could be a child again..

Reminiscing my childhood domain,

Fun, laughter, frolic and sweet pain,

I wish, I could relive those moments again,

Oh, how I wish I could be a child again.

Friendly chatter, pleasant and innocent banter,

Simple jokes, belly hurting laughter,

A small radio or a mobile transistor,

Ever satiating our recreational hunger..

I wish I could go back in memory lane,

Oh, how I wish, I could be a child again.

Chasing dreams of flying a plane,

Or even thinking of driving “BIG” trains,

Going up and down in the lifts, over and again,

I wish, I could grow up once again,

Oh, how I wish I could be a child again !

No fancy toys, just games insane,

Be it sunshine, wind or rains,

Floating paper boats, in puddles of water in lanes,

I wish, my present, were as simple and plain,

Oh, how I wish I could be a child again.

No phone ring-ring, no remotes for channel surfing,

No laptops, I-pads or mobiles for time passing,

We delved in our confused thoughts, curious minds tossing,

Taking us to the crossroads of life without an idea or inkling,

I wish, I could continue with the “NO STRESS” chain,

I wish I could be a child again !


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Little Things….

Little things.jpg

Simple things in life are free,

A hug, laughter and a smile,

A pat on the back, wouldn’t hurt, once in a while.

A word of praise, a compliment,

A simple appreciation,

Could add to one’s emotional achievement.

A thank you note, a caring stroke,

A kind gesture to light up fellow folks,

A little practice of gratitude, wouldn’t hurt, to bring about a change in attitude.

It’s never too late to begin our journey,

To enjoy the little things in life,

Let’s extend a helping hand of kindness and laughter to someone, today,

As we spread our wings, to reach towards the sky !!


When an Awkward sound strikes !

via Daily Prompt: Awkward


Animal hides don’t create a squeaky sound as they wander in forests, when they lay down and get back on their feet, but a leather recliner might. And I experienced this yesterday at a movie theater. It was an awkwardly hilarious moment for me, (me being the anytime laughter machine).

Awkward, because the sound of the leather recliners made a squeaky sound, a sound very close to a borborygmus, flatulent sound. And hilarious, because the timing of the various chairs deciding to make the sound, based on the movements of its present owners, resulted in a grand musical sonata of sorts, which had me in a peal of laughter, much to the annoyance caused to my elder daughter, who later had no choice, but to join me in my thunder of laughter strike !!

This was an experience of sorts, which will stay in my memory for a while to come !!

Any Time Laughter Machine

via Daily Prompt: Profuse


It is said, “Laughter is the best medicine”, and I was for sure, one factory producing this medicine in bulk. Me paired with my little brother would drop a laughter bomb just about everywhere and our parents would be at their wits end trying to control the destruction, caused by our laughing riots.

Believe me, as I am writing this post, I already had a hearty laugh recollecting old fond memories of our laughing flicks together. I wonder how my parents would come up with witty remarks to get them out of the embarrassing situations I would put them in, more so, when me and my brother would burst into bouts of profuse laughter for no reason, just looking at each others face. In the Prayer room, at the doctors clinic, when we had guests over with funny accents, we could just carry it off anytime and anywhere 🙂

My mom, had a tough time handling our riots and finding a decent escape route from our laughing barrage. Now, that I am a mom, I realize, how I put her in so many awkward and embarrassing situations and what she must have gone through to get out of it. I suppose, I have a much better laughter control now, I could easily be named as the AT(L)M anytime laughter machine of the family 🙂

With Love..

via Daily Prompt: Partner


I couldn’t ask for a better time and a better prompt to open my heart to my partner while we celebrate our years of togetherness, love, craziness, fun, adventure, laughter and being there for each other through thick and thin of growing up in our marriage.

I remember the vows we exchanged on the day of our wedding and  how our love and bond grew deeper with every passing week, month and year. Together with love, we tendered and nurtured our marriage sapling and saw it grow into a beautiful tree. We saw it branch out in various directions as it allowed us to enjoy the little joys in life. We were together, as we were blessed with our wonderful bundles of joy and today we are nurturing and watching them grow as they are ready to leave our nest and spread their wings to fly high.

Together, we have crossed many hurdles, we have had our moments of arguments and misunderstandings, but the seeds of trust helped us overcome each barrier with grace and love. Together we’ve had our quiet moments, and times of fun and frolic. You’ve been a pillar of strength, when I felt low, you’ve held my hand to help me stand and gain courage when I faltered.

I want to thank you dear partner and wish to be with you and enjoy every moment of my life, today and forever !!


Break the loop..

via Daily Prompt: Loop


Pic Courtesy : Pixabay.com


Stuck in the everyday melee,

We form loops about almost everything,

Loops of work, loops of stress,

Loops of thoughts, which have no address,

Loops of anxiousness which take us on a ride,

Loops of tension, then walk by our  side.

Loops of anger, loops of frustration,

Loops of jealousy which causes suffocation.

Lets get out of these loops,

Lets all delve into :

Loops of  smiles and loops of laughter,

Loops of spreading love and harmless banter,

Lets go easy in life and enjoy the new found joy,

And make happiness, our new toy.

It’s not that tough, it takes a little awareness,

It is bound to multiply and give us joy to harness.

Life is too short to live in the midst of complaints and grudges,

Make most of it, for YOU are responsible for shifting gears and releasing the clutches.


via Daily Prompt: Descend


Without experiencing descend, one cannot appreciate ascend,

Without meeting sorrow, one cannot experience joy,

Without exposure to sadness, one cannot value happiness,

Without sobs and cries, one cannot venerate smile and laughter,

Without coming in contact with pain, one cannot acknowledge well being,

Without contracting an illness, one cannot treasure good health.

Life is a series of experiences, which are sent to us on a need to know and need to grow basis. I see experiences as branches of trees, growing in different directions, shaping our beliefs, our mind and our psyche.

Welcome each one of the experience by seeing it, feeling it and experiencing it because, your experience is solely yours, nurture it and grow with it !!


via Daily Prompt: Sound

bird-1911061__340   stock-photo-beautiful-smiling-cute-baby-115992457


There was a time, when sounds were simple and enjoyable :

Natures beauty, was the chirping of birds,

Oozing nectar, were a babies words,

Mama’s lullabies, were soothing balms,

Talking to friends made you calm,

Anger visited, once in a blue moon,

Parting goodbye to relatives, to come back soon.

When the postman, with a letter, would ring the bell ‘ding dong’,

The good old tape recorder, sang you a song,

Typewriters typed ‘clickety clack’,

And the alarm every morning, rang from the round old clock.

clock-1827745__340.jpg antique-1867444__340

These are the days, when,

Natures beauty, has become an update on social media,

Babies words are often considered cribbing,

Mama’s lullabies are far bygone,

Talking to friends is chatting via phone,

Anger pays a visit everyday,

Visitors are gone by end of day,

Postman’s ‘ding dong’, replaced by a ping,

MP3s and gadgets doing the sing,

Typewriters are now extinct,

World wide webs are now the new links,

Old grandma clocks, are things of the past,

“Smart” phones changing rules very fast.

internet-42583__340  iphone-37856__340.png


How I wish, somebody could gift me my good old days, those days filled with fun, joy and laughter. When distances and travel was huge, but people were connected from the heart. Unlike present days, when people live in the same house and do not connect with family or friends but prefer electronic media and gadgets for company. Different generations, different sounds.



Image courtesy : Pixabay.com


Daily Prompt: Renewal

via Daily Prompt: Renewal

Some irresistible and exciting offers on renewing your life time membership of your life!! A host of renewable items, available totally free, to improve your life dramatically.

I’m sure you are all eager to know, what they are, aren’t you? Please read on, every single one of you has it in plenty, it’s neatly tucked away somewhere deep inside. Get them out, dust them off and relive the small joys of life, they are all yours, see the change, feel the change 🙂

Renew your smiles – they lighten the mood,

Renew your hugs and kisses – spread love,

Renew your old friends – new friendships,

Renew your old fond memories – relive life,

Renew your laughter – relax,

Renew the joy of waking up to a hot cup of filter coffee – enjoy the fragrance of life,

Renew giving a helping hand to the old and needy – feel kindness,

Renew reading a book- not on kindle, feel the hold and smell of the book,

Renew your playtime with kids – create bonding,

Renew your family ties – enjoy family time,

Renew your childhood- become an innocent child again,

Renew the oxygen you breathe- take a deep breath,

The list of freebies is not exhaustive. Choose yours, to suit your life. Just a gentle reminder, of the forgotten joys of life. A little time away from the mad rush, hurry burry of work and addiction to gadgets. A little closer, to renewing your lifetime membership to live life fully and reconnect to the lost connectivity.

Make a beginning today.



You feel something, you are touched by something, you experience something and you become aware of something. Our life is about different feelings, experiences, sensations, opinions and impressions.Feelings go on to make you the person you are, in a way, it shapes your life. I just felt these feelings flowing through me, a mix of positive and negative, which is required in life. It’s not exhaustive; you might have felt some of these. Do let me know what you FEEL.

Feel the laughter,

Feel the tear,

Feel the joy and

Feel the fear.



Feel the pain,

Feel the emotion,

Feel the love and

Feel the compassion.


Feel the anger,

Feel the calmness,

Feel the loneliness,

Feel the caress and togetherness.


Feel the meditation,

Feel the silence,

Feel the awakening and

Feel the bliss.


Feel the breath,

Feel the energy,

Feel the vibrations and

Feel the synergy.


Feel the pulse,

Feel the heartbeat,

Feel the rhythm of your body and

Feel the dance of happy feet.


Feel the music,

Feel the song,

Feel the beats of the drums and

Feel the melody from the gong.


Feel the breeze,

Feel the sun and the rain,

Feel the fury and pain,

When Mother Nature complains.


Feel the positive,

Feel the negative,

Feel the combination of both to

Feel the creator and His creation.






Image courtesy : reddit.com,n-lightenment.com,quotaddicts.com,7themes.com,pixabay.com