Break the loop..

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Stuck in the everyday melee,

We form loops about almost everything,

Loops of work, loops of stress,

Loops of thoughts, which have no address,

Loops of anxiousness which take us on a ride,

Loops of tension, then walk by our  side.

Loops of anger, loops of frustration,

Loops of jealousy which causes suffocation.

Lets get out of these loops,

Lets all delve into :

Loops of  smiles and loops of laughter,

Loops of spreading love and harmless banter,

Lets go easy in life and enjoy the new found joy,

And make happiness, our new toy.

It’s not that tough, it takes a little awareness,

It is bound to multiply and give us joy to harness.

Life is too short to live in the midst of complaints and grudges,

Make most of it, for YOU are responsible for shifting gears and releasing the clutches.


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