You feel something, you are touched by something, you experience something and you become aware of something. Our life is about different feelings, experiences, sensations, opinions and impressions.Feelings go on to make you the person you are, in a way, it shapes your life. I just felt these feelings flowing through me, a mix of positive and negative, which is required in life. It’s not exhaustive; you might have felt some of these. Do let me know what you FEEL.

Feel the laughter,

Feel the tear,

Feel the joy and

Feel the fear.



Feel the pain,

Feel the emotion,

Feel the love and

Feel the compassion.


Feel the anger,

Feel the calmness,

Feel the loneliness,

Feel the caress and togetherness.


Feel the meditation,

Feel the silence,

Feel the awakening and

Feel the bliss.


Feel the breath,

Feel the energy,

Feel the vibrations and

Feel the synergy.


Feel the pulse,

Feel the heartbeat,

Feel the rhythm of your body and

Feel the dance of happy feet.


Feel the music,

Feel the song,

Feel the beats of the drums and

Feel the melody from the gong.


Feel the breeze,

Feel the sun and the rain,

Feel the fury and pain,

When Mother Nature complains.


Feel the positive,

Feel the negative,

Feel the combination of both to

Feel the creator and His creation.






Image courtesy : reddit.com,n-lightenment.com,quotaddicts.com,7themes.com,pixabay.com

13 thoughts on “FEEL..

  1. To Feel something Abstract, means that we Truly experience it.
    Like feeling fear, – your stomach knots up.
    Like feeling victory – you get goose pimples.
    Like feeling tension – you feel very hungry or thirsty suddenly.
    Like feelings Love – your feet starts tapping, your face blushes.
    Beautiful to Feel all these Things. Shows how Sensitive we are in Life.

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