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When the clouds loaded themselves on to the sky,
When the birds hopped and flew to trees, chirping by,
When the leaves scattered and the wind blew and
There were fresh droplets of water pearls in the morning dew.

When there were flowers blooming and swaying, kissing the horizon,
My little mind and the writer in me, wanted to capture the innate beauty of the carnations,
The little devil in me bore a blank expression, unable to sprout a thought of imagination…

Complete darkness and absolute stillness,
Where the thoughts were in a state of perfect numbness,
They refused to flow out of the deep dungeon,
For, they were severely and acutely drought stricken.

An internal rupture of the crust of thoughts and emotions,
Is what it took to shake up the volcanic imaginations,
The slumbering thoughts erupting to ooze out the lava of a writers imaginations,
Hope my creative writing does not, yet again enter the state of hibernation !!


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An Amalgamation !

via Daily Prompt: Congregate

Like the roots of the tree congregate to give life to the tree,

Like the rivers amalgamate into the sea,

Like the forests, oceans, hills, mountains, flora and fauna merge into nature,

Like individuals come together to form  families,

Like families collectively make the world,

Like the world merges into the Universe…

Let’s all congregate to celebrate that power, energy and force which binds us to the Universe.

Let’s celebrate the power of being one with that power, of belonging to the Universe !!


Sunrise at a beach..

via Daily Prompt: Astral


Golden rays of the rising sun,

Kissing the now dark horizon,

The sky glowing in a golden hue,

Dressing up in the early morning gown of blue.

Golden stars dancing in the serene waters,

As though adorning the astral couture,

Oh ! what a beautiful sight to behold,

A work of beauty from natures abode.

Golden sparkly waves beginning their new day,

Bringing positive vibes along the way,

Waves gently tossing, spreading, and reaching the shore,

Waiting to narrate the tales of their glorious journey and more !!

The beautiful maiden..

via Daily Prompt: Brilliant


A beautiful maiden, strolling in the garden,

Amid the creators brilliant creations,

Admiring the beauty of dahlias and carnations,

Amid humming insects and chirping birds,

Lying on the lap of Mother Earth,

Under the vast expanse of the calm blue sky,

Covered with a blanket of soft white floating clouds.

Drifting in  pure natural bliss, she had to let go of her short lived blissful elation,

Slipping in a chain of thoughts funneling  down into the dark abyss of her mind,

As she recalled the pain and agony of losing someone she really loved,

Her big grey eyes, forlorn with unfathomable emotion,

Continuing with the turmoil of life, which was far from a peaceful completion,

Her spirit and soul had been tattered,

The inner peace was all that mattered,

She prayed to Mother Earth, to embrace her with open arms,

As it would put an end to all her uneasy qualms !!




What a relief.

via Daily Prompt: Relieved


Majestic and tall, she stands as a mountain,

Swaying and dancing, she positions herself as trees,

Vivacity and calmness, she brings as flowing oceans and rivers,

Vibrance and radiance she brings with blooming flowers,

A crisp nip, she has with the ice and snow,

The freshness in whiffs of breeze,

And  invigorating droplets of rain.

But alas, she has been subjected to various atrocities by man(un)kind – tampering with her nature, beauty, cluttering, dumping, polluting the air and water, to name a few…

But, Mother Earth, feels proud of the rising sun, every morning, and also stands relieved..thankfully and fortunately, the only one thing untouched and unharmed by mankind is my “SUN”.

Are you extra ordinary?

via Daily Prompt: Ordinary


IC : Pixabay

As a matter of fact, we are all ordinary human beings. There are billions in the world, and we  are just a drop in the ocean, just one of them. We often take ourselves for granted and do not realize our true potential. We do the mundane jobs and tag ourselves with stress and modern lifestyle ailments.

To think of  all the extra ordinary feats, a Mahatma Gandhi, or a Mother Teresa or a Nelson Mandela  achieved, being ordinary human beings? Human beings are no ordinary beings, they are extra ordinary. If they operated at maximum efficiency, they could even pluck the stars, and the above names are an example of that.

Similarly, if you take the example of mother nature, we take it so much for granted, we consider it as ordinary..we don’t realize her value..mountains, trees, rivers..are all there.. But have you ever thought of the tree, which bears the fruit never consumes it, always gives it, the river which carries water, never drinks it, it always flows to serve others. How extra ordinary is that? If we could have a combination of an efficient human being and a forever giving nature inspired by Mother nature, the quality of life on this planet would be unimaginable…

If we could even, become aware of what we are capable of and live in harmony with nature, we can provide for the rest of the living species, and still have ample of it, then we could rename our earth as ‘heaven’, isn’t it?


via Daily Prompt: Vivid


I have been to different places and have fond memories of those beautiful places. But the most vivid memories, are the ones which relate to nature, culture and people. Looking at nature, enthuses me and gives me varied lessons, one of them being, be it anywhere in the world, mother nature does not differentiate between her children.

Different time zones, different times, one sunrise – bright and radiant.

Different places, different plateaus and mountain peaks – mighty, encompassing  and powerful

Different continents, different seas and  vast oceans – lifelike and crystal clear.

Different planes, different deserts, huge forests –  Impressive, extensive and rich.

Different areas, different birds, different flowers – colorful, vibrant and realistic.

Different countries, different religions, different people – eye catching, warm and striking.

Different dialects, different origins, one language running deep all over the world – LOVE.


via Daily Prompt: Sound

bird-1911061__340   stock-photo-beautiful-smiling-cute-baby-115992457


There was a time, when sounds were simple and enjoyable :

Natures beauty, was the chirping of birds,

Oozing nectar, were a babies words,

Mama’s lullabies, were soothing balms,

Talking to friends made you calm,

Anger visited, once in a blue moon,

Parting goodbye to relatives, to come back soon.

When the postman, with a letter, would ring the bell ‘ding dong’,

The good old tape recorder, sang you a song,

Typewriters typed ‘clickety clack’,

And the alarm every morning, rang from the round old clock.

clock-1827745__340.jpg antique-1867444__340

These are the days, when,

Natures beauty, has become an update on social media,

Babies words are often considered cribbing,

Mama’s lullabies are far bygone,

Talking to friends is chatting via phone,

Anger pays a visit everyday,

Visitors are gone by end of day,

Postman’s ‘ding dong’, replaced by a ping,

MP3s and gadgets doing the sing,

Typewriters are now extinct,

World wide webs are now the new links,

Old grandma clocks, are things of the past,

“Smart” phones changing rules very fast.

internet-42583__340  iphone-37856__340.png


How I wish, somebody could gift me my good old days, those days filled with fun, joy and laughter. When distances and travel was huge, but people were connected from the heart. Unlike present days, when people live in the same house and do not connect with family or friends but prefer electronic media and gadgets for company. Different generations, different sounds.



Image courtesy : Pixabay.com