The Invitation…














A cluster of family members,
Standing tall, with head held high,
Their heart swells with joy and pride,
As they see their daughter dressed as a bride !!
The color of hope and sunshine,
Inviting love and blessings divine,
The bright fresh yellow roses, beckon,
Extending a warm and cordial welcome !!


16 thoughts on “The Invitation…

      1. You’re welcome, Deepika. Yes, I was busy for the holidays in November and December last year. Then we had a family vacation to Hong Kong/Japan in January. My nephew got married in Hong Kong.
        Autumn is doing great. She is a wonderful traveler, slept through both ways to and from Hong Kong. She is 16 months old, loves reading and learned many words.

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      2. Thank you, Deepika. I’ll be running a promo of my new poetry book on Amazon with free download – “Songs of Heartstrings” from March 5 to 9. I’ll make a post for the announcement on Monday. I love for you to download a copy. ā¤

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