The cowherd…

Krishna rose

In the gardens of Vrindavan,
The red roses symbolizing the adorable cowherd,
Surrounded by the mesmerizing Gopikas in pinks and whites,
Singing, dancing, playing and shining bright,
Chiding and hiding, expressing and pronouncing,
The eternal love for their beloved Lord,
Aspiring and anticipating to receive His reward !!



A figment of my imagination for the pictures sent by my aunt, which act as a daily prompt for me. Hope you enjoy the flower series !

5 thoughts on “The cowherd…

  1. Red like the soles of His Feet
    Red like His glorious lips
    Red like the source of love
    That brims from His heart
    To all creation

    We slide slowly next to Him
    With the tenderness of pink
    And purity of white
    He opens His arms
    We live in Hise embrace
    Little pink and white Gopis
    His forever and ever…and then some more

    Vrindavan Biharilal Ji ki Jai!

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