The heavenly Creations

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Ah, what a creation,
So vibrant, so fragrant,
Healing and refreshing,
Calming, pleasing and soothing..

The creator would be proud of His creation,
Wrapping His blessings and best wishes, one for each emotion,
Happy or sad, love or hate,
Pouring out positive vibrations,
A heavenly creation, with love, for our mortal consumption !!💕💖💕


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Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who is the most beautiful of us all?
All you pink ones are beauties,
You are color of creativity.

You represent the epitome of affection,
You are the very essence of creation,
You are the source of inner peace and harmony,
You bring a source of joy, to girls so many !!

You represent health and happiness,
You are a color of love and tenderness,
You are the creators exceptional pride,
You are beauty and charm personified !!

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Says it beautifully, all in all,
Tune in and listen to your inner call,
You are all the most beautiful of them all !!

The Invitation…














A cluster of family members,
Standing tall, with head held high,
Their heart swells with joy and pride,
As they see their daughter dressed as a bride !!
The color of hope and sunshine,
Inviting love and blessings divine,
The bright fresh yellow roses, beckon,
Extending a warm and cordial welcome !!

Parental Love..


A parental umbrella of protection,
Displayed to portray their shower of affection,
To shield their little one from layers of destruction,
Lo and behold, the shower of love and affection,                                                                   A spectacle of beautiful admiration !!

A tribute to all parents who nurture and try their best to protect and shield their little ones from difficulties and diversities of life, often going unnoticed. A salute to their selfless service.

Mama’s delicacies..

No brand, no hype,

Pure love in every bite,

Sweets and savories,

Lip smacking delicacies,

Yummy bakes, hot from the oven,

Diving right into our wide open mouths, entering by the dozen,

Bigger bite up for grabs, siblings ready to lay the snare,

The last bit of crumbs from the tray, we wouldn’t want to share.

I’m sure you had magic flowing in your hands,

For it looked as simple as waving a magic wand,

 Mom, I guess, our crunchy bites were music to your ears,

I’m sure, for once, looking at us fighting for our share, you would smile ear to ear,

For no money can buy the pleasure and satisfaction derived thus,

Today, I confer upon you, the title  of “COOKING GENIUS”.



Dedicated to my lovely mom ❤



If Not..


If not, for the genuine tears that flow, who would care for the emotions,

If not, for the melancholy of grief, who would appreciate happiness,

If not, for the baffling complexities, who would recognize simplicity,

If not, for the hunger of needs, who would enjoy the cuisines of existence,

If not, for the bitter hatred, who would cherish the unconditional love,

If not, for death, who would care for the gift of invaluable life,

If not, for the deep desire of the soul within, who would care for the experiences !!


If everything we got or had would last forever, how would the quality of life be?

We enjoy life, because of the polarities that exist, which makes us strive for and also appreciate our blessings.

The above written post is one of my random ramblings, do feel free to share your thoughts..

When I experience…

via Daily Prompt: Luminescent



When I shed tears, I cry,

I know I can be emotional,

When I am silent, I listen,

I listen to hear the sounds within and out of me,

When I shut my eyes, I see,

I see to visualize the vast possibility that exists within me,

When I have expectations, I judge,

I understand I can be judgmental,

When I make mistakes, I learn,

I comprehend and gain experience,

When I experience, I love,

When I love, I live,

I live life and spread energy and warmth,

From the luminescent light of the infinite source !!

A lesson on Gender Discrimination

via Daily Prompt: Bewildered


” God feels no anger, no matter how many times we err. He is the fountainhead of limitless, unconditional love”.

The above quote, which I found in one of my surfing sprees, highly inspired, intrigued and moved me. I printed it and it found a place on my wardrobe, to serve me as a timely reminder. A reminder, to remind me, that when I err, my caretaker forgives me, showers His unconditional love on me and does not get angry at me. So following on His footsteps, when my little ones, do something, which I don’t approve of, I would glance at this message and it would serve me as a gentle reminder to calm down my disturbed nerves of anger. (It worked mostly and only when I was in my room, where I could look at it :(, sadly)

The other day, as I was busy in the kitchen, with my routine chores, my little one storms into the kitchen and tells me, “Mamma, I have made some changes to the message you have on your wardrobe”. I was obviously a bit bewildered, on how to react and what are the changes she could have possibly made, as that message was dear to my heart. Well anyways, keeping calm, I mustered courage to ask her, what changes have you made? “Mamma, there’s a lot of gender discrimination in that message”. Unable to follow, I probed further.  She said, “In school, they are teaching us about gender discrimination”. She explained a bit about the topic and then said, “so accordingly I have made changes to the quote”. I went along with her to take a look at the “appropriate” changes, which had changed “GOD” to “GODDESS”, “HE” to “SHE”. The  only place she got stuck and didn’t know how to proceed was, whether to change ‘fountainhead’ in the above quote to ‘fountaintail’ (The confusion was prevalent in her mind as, HE became SHE, God became Goddess, so, whether fountainhead should become fountaintail of love).

I couldn’t help, bursting out into laughter at the sheer innocence of my little darling and gave her  a BIG HUG !! My quote, my message actually worked as a reminder to me to shower unconditional love on my little one 🙂


‘Mommy Honk’

via Daily Prompt: Honk

Walk, Girl, Mama, Landscape, Nature

A mothers love is unprecedented. We’ve all heard about the immense love she provides, and the care she takes of her kids and the sacrifices she makes. Whenever, we hear of a woman/mom who has achieved great heights, taking care of dual responsibilities of work and home or that of a multitasker, our hearts swell with pride, for what a woman can achieve.

But, dealing with kids is a different ball game, altogether, where the ‘mama honk‘ starts to blow. (By mama honk, I don’t mean yelling/shouting, but repeating over and over again) It starts right from the time kids need to wake up : It goes, wake up, brush, bathe, drink milk, have breakfast, put on your shoes, Oh, you forgot your apples, hey run you are late…and mind you, mom has to re-honk multiple times, before the task is accomplished 🙂 and phew, hectic mornings !! Once, the child is packed off to school, it’s the turn of the domestic help and ‘Hubby dear’ 🙂

On the drive to work, the task of honking is delegated to the car. At work, it’s the working lady honk, and back home it’s the kids turn again for the evening dose – homework, study, pack your bags, keep the uniforms ready, go to bed……

On holidays, the mama honk works over time as kids are at home and all tasks to be done by kids need to be repeated at least a few times, if not more….Not a wonder then, that moms get to wear the crown of of a multitasker.

But, on a serious note, behind all this, is the love, care and commitment of ‘dear mom’, without whom, our day to day life will come to a stand still. She is the pillar of strength of any family.

We are all used to tolerating honking on the roads. We can definitely, show love, care and concern for our ‘mommy honk’, which is harmless and keeps nudging and pushing us ahead on the road of life !!

Who’s your neighbor

via Daily Prompt: Neighbors





My neighboring flat,

My neighboring house,

My neighboring city,

My neighboring state,

My neighboring country…

But, there’s only one world, one universe.

Here’s where we all meet, much beyond being individuals, countrymen, or being neighbors from neighboring countries…

Here’s where we meet on a common plane, the plane of love and brotherhood, where there’s no difference between individuals, all operate on one energy and one bond !!