External & Internal Costume

via Daily Prompt: Costume

There are typically two kinds of costumes, which we all adorn. External costume is visible to all, praised for its beauty, style, flair and feel.

Internal costumes comes along, at the time of our birth. It is very personal, can be felt within and we can constantly work on its betterment. It is one costume which develops sheen and quality and gets better with time.

My first attempt at Acrostic poetry to describe the same :

External Costume :

C – Custom made

O – Outfit

S – Stylishly sewn

T – Tailored to precision, with

U – Undue attention to

M – Mask and cover up flaws &

E – Enhance external beauty.

Internal Costume :

CCosmically made

O – Outfit

S – Skilfully stitched with

T – Threads of love with

U – Universally accepted experiences to

M – Mould and maintain itself and

E – Embroidered to elevate internal beauty.

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