Different forms of courage

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Courage comes in different forms and different sizes at various stages in life. Probably, courage is inbuilt in the human wiring. It’s just about when we choose to use it.

A baby taking his first steps, shows resolve,

A toddler crying his lungs out on the first day at school, is a a huge problem to solve,

Taking a giant wheel ride, swimming against the tide,

A walk back at night in a lonely street, or a presentation in an official meet,

The decision to take the plunge and tie the knot,

Or the process of giving birth, which can never be taught,

Delving into the unknown territory, is it worth a slot?

Sending your child away from home for further studies,

Or sending your kid to an excursion with his buddies..

Fear factor and associated courage comes as a package,

The challenge is to let go of the fear and opt for courage.



22 thoughts on “Different forms of courage

  1. You have picked up the most difficult aspects of life and strung them into a beautiful poem, Deepika. It takes courage, but thinking of it, we never realized then about it, we just did it without much thought. But the thought of children flying away from the nest is one that will break my heart, but as much as I want to drag them back into the safety of my womb, I will have to let go. Thank God, it still seems far away.

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