Mother Earth…


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A cry from you mother, gone unheard…

A plea from you, we simply ignored,

We smothered you and butchered you, cluttered you and bothered you, and you quietly endured,

Oh mother, you must be bewildered,

To see, what kind of  children you have mothered,

Against generations and time, your beauty has withered,

It’s agonizing and painful to see how your natural resources suffered,

From a bounty of your gifts that we unearthed,

A handful is what remains with us, undisturbed,

Your might and fury we witness, shows that you are angered,

A few of your little ones, are trying to mend ways with pleas to make themselves heard,

Come one, come all, let’s save our precious and beautiful MOTHER EARTH !!


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The heavenly gift…

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A flower from heaven, Exquisitely crafted with precision,
By the master craftsman,
Delicately woven satin ribbons…
For the millions of beings on earth,
To satiate their hunger for a taste of mirth,
A longing to belong and realize their worth,
Oh ! What a beauty to have taken birth,
And fallen directly into the lap of Mother Earth !!


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The Golden Beauty…

Golden rose

Lo and behold, a solitary rose,
Beautiful and shy, a striking pose,
Dew drops adding to her exuberance,
Her calm and serene nature,
Emanating beauty and reverance.

Each petal absorbing the golden sunlight,
Radiating and beaming positive vibrations, shiny and bright,
Best wishes bundled in plenty, in this gorgeous rose,
Lo and behold, a solitary rose !!

External & Internal Costume

via Daily Prompt: Costume

There are typically two kinds of costumes, which we all adorn. External costume is visible to all, praised for its beauty, style, flair and feel.

Internal costumes comes along, at the time of our birth. It is very personal, can be felt within and we can constantly work on its betterment. It is one costume which develops sheen and quality and gets better with time.

My first attempt at Acrostic poetry to describe the same :

External Costume :

C – Custom made

O – Outfit

S – Stylishly sewn

T – Tailored to precision, with

U – Undue attention to

M – Mask and cover up flaws &

E – Enhance external beauty.

Internal Costume :

CCosmically made

O – Outfit

S – Skilfully stitched with

T – Threads of love with

U – Universally accepted experiences to

M – Mould and maintain itself and

E – Embroidered to elevate internal beauty.

What a relief.

via Daily Prompt: Relieved


Majestic and tall, she stands as a mountain,

Swaying and dancing, she positions herself as trees,

Vivacity and calmness, she brings as flowing oceans and rivers,

Vibrance and radiance she brings with blooming flowers,

A crisp nip, she has with the ice and snow,

The freshness in whiffs of breeze,

And  invigorating droplets of rain.

But alas, she has been subjected to various atrocities by man(un)kind – tampering with her nature, beauty, cluttering, dumping, polluting the air and water, to name a few…

But, Mother Earth, feels proud of the rising sun, every morning, and also stands relieved..thankfully and fortunately, the only one thing untouched and unharmed by mankind is my “SUN”.