A letter to God


Dear God,

Many a times I fail to understand what is the purpose of my life. I feel, I discharge all my duties towards my family to my best and ofcourse, I am unable to satisfy everyone. All I am looking for is love and love from everybody. It hurts a lot when people so dear to me – a family member, or a friend, hurts me like there is nothing between us, prioritize their ego & needs above the relationships….. God, it is at times like these, as a human being, I  get suspicious of your plan, for me and my life. It is at such times, I feel low and drained out.

I know, dear God, if you have put me through this test, I must be capable of handling  it. I know, I need to treat each experience as a learning and move forward in life. There is no prescribed syllabus in the school called life. Every person goes through experiences and learns as per his/her need as per the law of Karma. So, if this is what I need to endear, I will do so. Please give me the courage to sail forward in life.


This is my way of communicating with my God, at times of distress and troubles. When I write down my troubles and communicate with Him, I often find a solution or I get the wisdom to look into myself or think from the other persons perspective. Believe me, it is easy and it works !!

I’m sure each and everyone of us go through ups and downs of life, be it in relationships, career, finance, health….What is your way to get out of situations like these? What do you do when you feel low? Do share your thoughts. Would love to hear from my fellow members 🙂

18 thoughts on “A letter to God

  1. So beautifully put across Deepika. Yes, God does have a plan for all of us. As humans, a doubt or suspicion crops up in all of us when we are hurt or things don’t go our way. It’s just that our surrender to him needs to be complete. We have many stories to corroborate it!

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  2. Shewrites170

    I try to increase my vibrations by making an extra effort of trying to be happy. I count my blessings, achievements, love of family and friends, listen to music, eat healthy diet responsibly, go to gym and pamper myself. For if I get into the vicious cycle of counting my miseries then I go into self pity and it gets more difficult to come out. For it does not remain about that situation alone but many other things that have happened or might happen in life and that’s not a happy space to be in. And if I get too involved with the situation then I can’t think of a solution so I get occupied with doing something productive and take my mind off it to escape continuously thinking about it and feeling stuck. Writing and praying always helps. I read Rumi’s poetry when I feel low. All those things help me in pulling myself up. All the best!!

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  3. We all have been hurt at some point in a relationship with ‘ego’ being the villain mostly always. It is strange that it is during these moments that we begin to realize that there is a profound force above us who is always on our watch and best communicate with. I have a little diary that I write my thoughts, speak out my mind and sometimes even the perspective of the other person and then I have begun to feel much better.

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