A lesson on Gender Discrimination

via Daily Prompt: Bewildered


” God feels no anger, no matter how many times we err. He is the fountainhead of limitless, unconditional love”.

The above quote, which I found in one of my surfing sprees, highly inspired, intrigued and moved me. I printed it and it found a place on my wardrobe, to serve me as a timely reminder. A reminder, to remind me, that when I err, my caretaker forgives me, showers His unconditional love on me and does not get angry at me. So following on His footsteps, when my little ones, do something, which I don’t approve of, I would glance at this message and it would serve me as a gentle reminder to calm down my disturbed nerves of anger. (It worked mostly and only when I was in my room, where I could look at it :(, sadly)

The other day, as I was busy in the kitchen, with my routine chores, my little one storms into the kitchen and tells me, “Mamma, I have made some changes to the message you have on your wardrobe”. I was obviously a bit bewildered, on how to react and what are the changes she could have possibly made, as that message was dear to my heart. Well anyways, keeping calm, I mustered courage to ask her, what changes have you made? “Mamma, there’s a lot of gender discrimination in that message”. Unable to follow, I probed further.  She said, “In school, they are teaching us about gender discrimination”. She explained a bit about the topic and then said, “so accordingly I have made changes to the quote”. I went along with her to take a look at the “appropriate” changes, which had changed “GOD” to “GODDESS”, “HE” to “SHE”. The  only place she got stuck and didn’t know how to proceed was, whether to change ‘fountainhead’ in the above quote to ‘fountaintail’ (The confusion was prevalent in her mind as, HE became SHE, God became Goddess, so, whether fountainhead should become fountaintail of love).

I couldn’t help, bursting out into laughter at the sheer innocence of my little darling and gave her  a BIG HUG !! My quote, my message actually worked as a reminder to me to shower unconditional love on my little one 🙂



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